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					                   Report on review ,tips and tricks for buying GPS

    Twenty years ago we could not even imagine that technology will take a leap in every
field that we come across. However major technological changes have been observed in
Information Technology. Who would imagine 10 years ago that internet would become a
necessity of our lives and also become the most trusted source of information about
different subjects? The internet is used for other application as well, the most prominent
of then being GPS. GPS is widely known as Global Positioning System. In simple terms
a GPS is used to exactly locate where you are at a certain point of time. A GPS can mark
the exact co ordinates of longitude and latitude on your computer screen or PDA. Let's
delve further on the technicalities of GPS and the factors to be considered for buying a

    GPS, popularly known as Global Positioning System consists of a group of satellites
in space that help to relay information about your exact position on earth. The satellites
pass on information to radio transmitters on earth and the radio transmitters again pass
information back to the satellites. The GPS is not only used for personal purposes but for
commercial purposes as well. GPS has now become an indispensable tool for navigation
for airplanes, ships, trains and even vehicles on the road. Transportation and logistics
companies depend on the installed GPS on ships and trucks to keep a watch on where
their cargo has reached. Even geologists make used of GPS for several purposes like map
making and land surveying.

    Let us discuss on some tips to buy a GPS. The forts and foremost thing for buying a
GPS system is to decide whether you require a GPS in the first place. There are people
who have installed expensive GPS in their cars but seldom use it. The next step would be
for what purpose you will use the GPS. This is because there are different types of GPS
available for a specific purpose. You can browse the internet for different types of GPS
available for various purposes. Once you decide on whish GPS to buy, find out the list of
companies supplying GPS and compare them in each and every aspect right from
functionality to prices. You should not buy any cheap model available on the market.
Spend a few hundred dollars more but buy your GPS only from a reputed and a reliable

    In case you will use the GPS during night time as well, you should buy a system that
has a well lit display. A big display will also flash the figures clearly. In case you will use
the GPS system while trekking, walking, etc then you should go for a GPS that is very
light weight.
                                GPS or cars and motorcycles

    GPS is one of the most commendable production of advanced technology. GPS refers
to Global Positioning System and it is used by individuals for their personal use as well
as commercial organizations like the Government in different departments. Individual use
the GPS in their cars or in their bags in case they are going for long drive to a different
city or taking a trail in the mountains respectively. GPS gives the exact location of the
person or a thing in terns of latitude, longitude and altitude. GPS works well in any kind
of weather. The basic components required in the GPS are the GPS navigation system
that has to be fitted in the car or on a ship or in an airplane, radio station which transmits
the waves from the navigation system to the satellites in space and off course the two
dozen odd satellites that transmit information back to the radio station which in turn
transmits information to the GPS navigator.

    The GPS navigator, the radio station and the satellites work in coordination as long as
the GPS navigator is switched on. All the three components work simultaneously so that
information about the person or object is updated every second. Today we discuss more
on GPS in cars. People have been increasingly using GPS systems in their cars. When
GPS were first introduced in cars, they just relayed information on the position of the car.
However today GPS in cars have advanced to a higher level where they not only relay
information on the position of the car but other important information about places near
the car as well.

    Hence in case you are passing through a particular area in your city, the GPS will
display information on nearby restaurants, parks, gardens, departmental stores, etc. hence
with a GPS in a car or bike it is no easy for you to get lost. Not only information of the
position of the car is displayed on the screen but information of the surrounding places is
also displayed on the screen. You can also feed in a particular query in your GPS
navigator and the results will be flashed instantly on the screen. For example you can
query the system about the various restaurants around the position of your car. In a
minute the names of all restaurants and their exact location will be displayed on the

   There are over a hundred GPS models for cars and bikes. You can visit any of the
websites dealing in GPS and browse through the models and their prices. A typical car or
bike GPS costs $600 to $1000 on an average. Some of the best known GPS are
manufactured by companies like Garmin and Magellan.
                                        GPS for marine

     GPS refers to Global Positioning system in which case information on the exact
position of the object or the person can be relayed to a navigator. The GPS navigator is a
device that flashes the exact position of the person or the thing in terms of longitude,
latitude and height. The navigator continuously sends radio signals to the radio station
which in turn sends radio waves to any of the dozen satellites launched in space. The
satellite finds the exact position of the object or the person and then relays the message in
the form of radio eaves to the radio station, which in turn updates the information on the
GPS navigator. As soon as the GPS navigator is switched on it co ordinates its position
with the help of the radio station and the satellite. All the three components of the GPS
system work in co ordination so that information on the GPS navigator is updated

    GPS is used by individuals, corporate companies as well the Government. The
Government increasingly uses the GPS in airplanes and ships to know the exact position
of the airplane or the ship in terms of longitude, latitude and altitude at any given point of
time. Today we discuss more on GPS for marine use. GPS has been used in all marine
vessels since several years. Marine vessels can either be passenger ships or cargo ships.
Logistic companies also have installed GPS on their ships as they would like to know
where their cargo has reached and how much more time it will take to reach its
destination. A GPS is used in marine operations to determine of the vessel is running on
time and also what is its exact position.

    In fact the Governments of all the countries have made it mandatory to install GPS on
all marine vessels. This is because the vessels are at a little risk at sea and hence when the
vessel begins to drown in case of an accident, then the vessel’s exact position can be
located with the help of a GPS and help can be sent out immediately. The ships also use
sonar for finding the depth of the ocean floor. Sonar waves are sent by the ship under
water and calculations are made according to the time it takes for the waves to reflect
from the bottom of the ocean floor and reach the ship. Hence it is possible to know the
exact depth of the ocean floor from the surface with the use of sonar.

    Hence we see that GPS are increasingly used for marine vessels as well. Not only
does the system indicate the exact position of the vessel but also details like the distance
of the vessel from land, which country the vessel is passing through, etc.
                                           PDA GPS

    GPS refers to Global Positioning System. As the name suggests GPS is used by
individuals or organizations to find out exactly the location of the person or an object on
earth. GPS works with the help of three components namely the GPS navigator, radio
stations and satellites in space. These three components work in co ordination with each
other as a result of which the information on the GPS navigator is constantly updated.

    The GPS system was very expensive and only big corporate houses as well as the
Government of the country used it. Logistics companies use the GPS system to keep
track of their cargo while the Government uses the GPS in airplanes as well as ships.
However as the prices of GPS have come down considerably over the years, even
individuals get themselves a GPS that they fit inside their car or on their bikes. Also there
are many people who carry GPS navigators with them when they go for a walk or
trekking in the mountain side. Today we discuss more about PDA.

    A PDA refers to a Personal Digital Assistant and its size is that of a normal human
palm. A PDA has the capabilities to run similar softwares like run on a desktop computer.
A PDA is completely portable unlike a desktop computer. As mentioned before a PDA is
capable of running various softwares like office applications as well as business
applications. It can also be used as a personal digital assistant as it has an electronic
calendar and a diary.

        A PDA can have a GPS built in. In case you would like to go for a PDA GPS,
then you can order one from reputed companies like Casio. PDA GPS costs about a
thousand dollars on an average. A PDA GPS combines all the features of the PDA as
well as the GPS and hence proves to be a very handy tool. There is no need to buy a
separate GPS system now as the GPS system in built into the PDA. The PDA GPS not
only provides information on the exact location of the person in terms of latitude,
longitude and altitude at any given point of time but provides details of the surrounding
places as well.

        A PDA GPS provides information about the area you are currently present as well
as other important information like the names of surrounding streets or roads. It also
provides information about various parks, gardens, restaurants, shops, etc that are nearby.
Hence a PDA GPS is a multi functionality tool that you can use for your record keeping
needs as well as for traveling in a known or an unknown place.
                                 Handheld and radio GPS

     A GPS refers to the Global Positioning System which provides exact and up to date
information regarding your position at a particular place, no matter in which part of the
world you are. A GPS provides you the exact position in terms of latitude, longitude and
altitude. GPS was first used only by big corporate companies as well as the Governments
of various countries. However the prices of GPS have reduced a lot over the years
making it affordable to individuals as well.

    There are now handheld and radio GPS that can be used by individuals. Both these
devices can be easily held in the hand and they are very convenient to use. Handheld and
radio GPS are available from different dealers. It is very much necessary to compare the
models of different companies as well as the prices of each company for a handheld and
radio GPS. In case of radio GPS there are also two way GPS available. Do not ever buy
the cheapest GPS of a not so reputed company as there are moiré chances of them getting
spoilt after a certain period of time.

    The handheld and radio GPS are available in attractive colors in different sizes. The
shape of the handheld and radio GPS may also vary from model to model. The handheld
and radio GPS have proved to be a great way to keep in touch with other people as well
as they don’t let you get lost in unknown places. Important information about your
position and nearby surroundings is continuously relayed to your handheld and radio
GPS. Hence in case you are visiting another city or country, the handheld and radio GPS
will provide important details of the area you are in along with the street. Additional
information like the names and positions of restaurants, gardens, parks, museums, etc will
be relayed on your handheld and radio GPS.

    A handheld and radio GPS either comes with our without a backlit display. In case
you are going to use the handheld and radio GPS during night time, then it practical to
purchase a backlit handheld and radio GPS. Also there is a choice between a black and
white as well as color display. The prices of handheld and radio GPS with color display
have reduced considerably, hence you can afford to buy a color display handheld and
radio GPS.

   So what are you waiting for? Buy a handheld and radio GPS today as it proves to be
your most trusted companion for your tours as well as travel to far away places.

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