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                                                                               Republicans Have Made Up Their Mind,
                                                                               and the Winner is Clear:
                                                                                      None Of the Above
                                                                 Rudy Giuliani
                                                                 John McCain                                         No new ideas
                                                                 Mitt Romney
                                                                 Fred Thompson                                       No strategy to end
                                                                 Sam Brownback                                       the war in Iraq
                                                                 Mike Huckabee
                                                                 Ron Paul                                            No plan for America’s
                                                                 Tom Tancredo
                                                                 Tommy Thompson
                                                                 None of the Above
                                                          Nearly a quarter of Republicans                     No wonder only 1 in 5 Iowa
                                                         chose “None of the Above”, rating              Republicans “say they are satisfied
                                                           higher than any of the GOP’s
                                                            candidates in a recent poll.               with” their choices in the GOP Caucus.*
                                                              AP-Ipsos Poll - 7/17/07                    * Los Angeles Times, 8/6/07

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