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                                                          What is Iced Espresso?
                                                              By Sam Compton

    Iced ‘Spresso brings out the new iced espresso drink, which is the perfect way to cool off on a hot
summer afternoon. Coffee is a worldwide drink and it has many different varieties and flavors. Iced
espresso is one of the most popular drinks in the range of coffee. The best part about this drink is that
it has low carbs without any added sugar. It is a natural drink which brings out the true taste of coffee
while cooling you out. It is a drink that can be used for all occasions and offers the great taste of coffee.
Iced espresso is also called as specialty coffee which is based on the common espresso drinks. Iced
espresso is a new combination of ice and the espresso coffee. Ice has been around since the
beginning of human life and coffee is in use for more than a thousand years. Iced Espresso is a
combination of the two and offers the best of both worlds. Iced espresso is a form of instant coffee
which is low in calories and does not have any added sugar or preservatives.

 It comes in unique varieties of flavors and brings the authenticity of an espresso. Iced ‘Spresso brings
to you iced espresso which will change the way people drink coffee. Colombian coffee beans are used
in the iced espresso which are whipped and used as a delicious latte. Iced espresso cools you down
and you will get charged up by the strong taste of coffee. Espresso is commonly used as the basis of
other coffee drinks. It is also used as a drink in itself and is a popular drink all over the world. The iced
espresso basically includes brown sugar, almond syrup and milk. Iced espresso comes in many exotic
flavors that are sure to tingle your senses and take you to a different world. Iced espresso is a real
treat for all coffee lovers who can enjoy the real taste of coffee without having to worry about the
calorie intake. Iced espresso uses the coffee beans from Columbia and has low concentration of carbs
and calories. No added sugar is present in the drink and you can have a natural experience.

 The iced espresso drink is said to have only 70 calories which is comparatively less for an espresso
drink. It uses a robust flavor of coffee which is energizing and tasty. You can also make your orders
online and purchase iced espresso in a dozen. One bottle of iced espresso will have a quantity of 281
ml. The basic ingredients of iced espresso include milk, Colombian coffee and natural flavors. No
artificial ingredients are present in the drink and you can enjoy a completely natural drink. The iced
espresso has an authentic taste of coffee along with the cooling of an ice. There is no fat content in the
drink which helps you bother less about your waistline rather enjoy the drink. You can indulge in the
drink without the feeling of guilt.

This article was written by Sam Compton. In this article Sam discusses the quality that goes into Iced

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‘Spresso coffee drinks. If you like iced coffee you will love Iced ‘Spresso, check it out at
http://www.iceespresso.com/ and see why so many people are choosing the Iced 'Spresso brand.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                        Do You Love Iced Latte?
                                            By David Parish

Iced Latte is a refreshing drink which is a brand of espresso coffee. It is basically a strong espresso
which has a topping of steamed milk. Anyone who is a fan of Iced Latte is certain to love the unique
flavor of iced latte offered by Iced ‘Spresso. Iced latte by Iced ‘Spresso has a great combination of
Colombian coffee which we all known is the best coffee in the world. The best part about the iced latte
is that it only has 70 calories which is very low compared to other brands of iced Latte. It offers a robust
and energizing flavor which will make your day without affecting your waistline. Nowadays, everyone is
conscious about what they eat and try to reduce their calorie intake. Due to having this many people
have to give up coffee as it has high calorie concentration. Iced ‘Spresso has come up with the perfect
solution and created a new brand of iced latte which is low in calories and is a drink with natural
flavors. It does not have any added sugar or artificial ingredients and is low in carbs.

 Iced ‘Spresso uses natural flavors for its iced latte range. It comes in many different unique flavors
which are tasty and refreshing. The basic ingredients used in the iced latte include milk, maltodextrin,
Colombian coffee, natural flavors and water. Iced latte is a special treat and you can fell the strong
presence of Colombian coffee. Iced latte is rich in espresso, milk, and added flavor. Ice is poured over
the combination to give you a tasty and strong coffee latte that will make your day. The drink has a
good nutritional value and you can drink iced latte without the fear of gaining any extra pounds. Iced
‘Spresso brings you the best iced latte you will find anywhere which has only 70 calories. Many
different flavors of iced latte are available at Iced ‘Spresso out of which you can choose according to
your interests. The drink is prepared using lite latte which has the same taste like normal latte but has
lower calories. Colombian coffee is whipped into an iced latte which has a great taste of coffee and

 The basic ingredients of an iced latte include water, pectin, Colombian coffee, milk and maltodextrin.
The name of the item is Ultralite Espresso Latte which can be purchased online in a dozen and a
single bottle will cost $23.95 dollars. The iced latte comes in ready to drink bottles and you can just
open it and drink right away. It is best served when used with ice as it gives a cooling effect. Iced latte
is a refreshing drink on a hot afternoon and can even be used on regular days. You can indulge in your
favorite drink without the feeling of any guilt. You can experience a blend of Colombian coffee and
cream. All iced latte lovers can order now and enjoy their favorite drink without any extra calories or

This article was written by David Parish. In this article David discusses the quality that goes into Iced
‘Spresso coffee drinks. If you like iced coffee you will love Iced ‘Spresso, check it out at
http://www.iceespresso.com/ and see why so many people are choosing the Iced 'Spresso brand.

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                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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