; The Beer Versus Wine Debate
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The Beer Versus Wine Debate


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									                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                   The Beer Versus Wine Debate
                                                         By Lawrence Reaves

   What did the grape say when it was rolled over by a beer keg?

Nothing – it just let out a little “wine”!

What we drink says a lot about who we are – if you believe the marketing companies who target the
mass markets with multi-million dollar commercials and campaigns. But is this really true?

 Enjoying both beers and wines is not a mutually exclusive pastime – I personally drink both and
conform with neither stereotypical image of either drinker – I’m not a young stud hanging out with great
looking babes in a bar while ice-cold longnecks are guzzled by the truck load nor a wrinkly,
liberal-looking, spectacle-wearing foodie with leather patches on my elbows.

 Beer and wine have very long histories and a deep, cultural significance which is practically universal
around the globe. Who actually invented beer and wine is lost in time, but both originated from the
Middle East and probably have been made since Neolithic times (around 5000 B.C.) – certainly the
ancient Egyptians and various empires based to the East of the Mediterranean Sea have documented
wines and beers as well as irrefutable archaeological evidence.

 Certainly in those ancient times, there was no such thing as an NFL or Nascar event while cheese &
wine parties were not exactly on the social menu. The division of potential consumers using marketing,
and by extension, social stereotypes for beer and wine markets has created a false picture of who
actually drinks them. Since wine producers in California started making headway in international
markets bck in the 80’sWine was the alcoholic drink of the masses in Europe and not the upper crust –
beer was drunk as water, simply because it was safe to drink due to the alcohol content and in fact,
beer was not brewed for the purpose of getting drunk, at least, not in the beginning but to purify water.

 Mass production of beer really started in the 20th Century – in previous centuries other forms of
alcohol dominated demand for getting smashed – and wine was one of the dominant beverages. With
mass production came mass marketing and for beer sales, blue collar workers were targeted with
drinks which were ice-cold and quenched thirst after a hard day’s work. Girls, cars, smiling friends and
being Mr. Popular in the bar were all part of the marketing mix thrown at potential beer drinkers being
sold on fizzy, yellow brews. The small breweries with a good brew have been left at the margins of the

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

beer industry and appreciated by beer aficionados.

 Marketing perception is rarely an accurate reflection of reality, if you consider that wine was
discovered probably at an earlier date than beer from the archaeological evidence, wine would appear
to have been the caveman’s first choice of fermented brew. If a caveman preferred wine to beer, this
hardly matches the marketing perception that beer drinkers do not have taste nor being a hard-working
macho-man precludes you from enjoying wine. Wine is also a more potent drink than beer for those
who are looking to race to a hangover fast.

 On the other hand, wine experts and followers will probably point to the labor and skill which goes into
creating a fine wine – the reality is that brewing beer also requires just as much artistry and imagination
as producing a good bottle of plonk. The number of micro-breweries and family-owned brewers who
have maintained the tradition for numerous generations testifies to the diversity of taste, skill and
ingenuity when it comes to producing a pint.

 The bottom line – downing a beer or slurping a wine is not predetermined by social status or marketing
categorization – it all comes down to one thing no matter who you are or what you do – your own taste.

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                         How to Turn a Beer Drinker Into a Wine Enthusiast
                                        By Caroline Silverstone

If you are one of those people who happen to be matched with someone whose beverage tastes don’t
match yours, I can sympathize. I’ve been happily married to a beer drinker for almost 10 years now. I
longingly watch couples in restaurants share a bottle of wine over dinner or debate the virtues of one
wine over another. Nothing seems as romantic to me as a shared love of wine. Therefore I have taken
on the tremendous task of trying to turn a beer drinker into a wine enthusiast.

Step 1: Add Variety to His Beverages

 If your beer drinker only drinks beer and the occasional mixed drink, you can’t expect to turn him on to
wine overnight. It is a gradual process with the first step being to add some variety to what he drinks.
There are now fruit-infused beers on the market. They are the perfect drinks to offer to the beer lover. It
incorporates the beer drinker’s love of beer with a little something different. You may also want to offer
him some malt beverages that are a little sweeter or lighter than a beer.

Step 2: Start Introducing Sweet Fruity Wines

Once your beer drinker has developed a taste for the fruitier beverages out there, it’s time to add in
wine. Start with something light and fruity like a Riesling that has a hint of apricot, peach or pineapple.
This will probably be the most palatable kind of wine for him. Discuss the flavors in the wine and ask
whether he can distinguish them. White Zinfandel is also another great beginner’s wine.

Step 3: Add in Other Wines and Experiment

 Once you’ve got your beer drinker opened up to the idea that wine is not all bad, it’s time to try for a
wider variety of wines. You can gently introduce them one at a time, matching them with meals that
pair well with the wines. You can offer a robust red with a good steak or a nice yet intense Chardonnay
with poultry or cheese.

 Another suggestion is to try several different types of wine by visiting a wine bar or attending a wine
tasting. These are both great ways to sample without committing to a bottle and you are usually guided
by someone with a decent amount of wine knowledge, who should be able to tell you about the wines
you are tasting. He or she should also be able to make suggestions of things for your now-reformed
beer drinker to try.

Don’t Give Up

 This is not a process that takes overnight. It may take months or even years to move from one step to
the next. From time to time, the beer drinker may even slide backward, especially after trying a
particularly strong wine that he (or she) doesn’t care for. My beer drinker was making great progress
until we went to a wine tasting where he was tempted by an extremely expensive wine. It also
happened to be a very dry red wine. For someone still on Rieslings and sparkling wine, it was too
much, too soon. I still haven’t given up though. The process continues and one day I will get to sit and
enjoy a bottle of wine over dinner with my reformed beer drinker.

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