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      Coffee is for sure a passion for millions of people that cannot start their day without one. Coffee makes the
                   world go round and it is the second most traded commodity after oil on the planet.
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                                 Some Tips On How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee.
                                                                 By Gavin Dye

   If like me you really enjoy a good cup of coffee to get you going in the morning, or just like to relax
with a cup of coffee while reading the paper, these simple tips should help you enjoy your coffee even

 In Italian the term espresso means made on the spot, and an espresso should always be served
immediately after making. No matter what you are drinking whether you are having a latte or a
cappuccino, it will be based on an espresso. On average it will take about 42 coffee beans to make an

 What has more caffeine an espresso or a normal cup of filter coffee, you may be surprised to learn
that it is normal filter coffee. The amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee is determined by the length of
time the water is in contact with the coffee beans. That means if you are looking for a good caffeine hit,
surprisingly, you will be better of going for a normal filter coffee.

 What you should be looking for in a good espresso is a that it has a dark colour; it is rich in taste and
has a natural light brown froth on the top. The froth on top is called the crema. You will find that the
crema is the heart and soul of the true espresso flavour, and is the true sign of a good cup off coffee.

 When making a cappuccino remember to follow the rule of thirds one-third espresso, one-third
steamed milk and one-third foamed milk. If you remember this simple formula you will make the perfect
cappuccino every time.

 How your coffee will taste depends on the types of beans that are used to make it. The taste of the
bean can also be affected by the how and where the coffee bean is grown. How the coffee bean was
processed after being picked will also affect the taste. This means that you should really think about
the type of coffee bean that you buy for your home or while out at the coffee shop. You may find that
you prefer the taste of Java coffee or coffee grown in Hawaii is more to your liking. Just remember to
buy top quality beans as this will always make a difference. Whether you buy your own beans and
grind your own, or by beans already ground, how you store the coffee can have an affect on the
coffee’s taste. Always try and store the beans/grounds in an airtight container, I also like to store the
container in the refrigerator to keep them fresh.

Also remember to use good water, after all coffee is 98% water. If your tap water is poor quality I

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would try and use filtered water. You may think of using bottled water, but I would advise against this
purely based on that it isn’t good for the environment.

 If you keeping these tips in mind you should be able to make yourself a perfect cup of coffee every

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coffee beans that will help you enjoy your coffee even more.

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                            Using The Instant Coffee Machine To Brew The Perfect Cup
                                                              By Michelle Bery

 Coffee - that beverage that has most of us captured in its charm. For those of us who are official
coffee addicts, we rarely go a day without having our cup (or cups). Those machines that bring our
coffee to our mugs are revered as sacred instruments. And the instant coffee machine rank among the
many that bring us our brew every morning – and afternoon and evening as well!

Coffee machines come in every shape, color, and configuration. Whatever level of convenience you
desire; whatever brewing capacity you need; whatever time considerations are pertinent to you – it’s all
out there in one machine. But for those who want a good, hot cup of coffee – fast – then the instant
coffee machine is the thing to have.

The instant coffee machine – most often seen in an office setting – allows the user to simply add the
appropriate amount of water for one cup of coffee into the top of the machine, add the pre-measured
coffee packet into the coffee compartment and press the on switch. Your coffee comes out almost
immediately. The great part about the pre-made coffee packets is that they come in a variety of flavors
that you can keep on hand and use depending on what you are in the mood to drink.

The instant coffee machine is sold in number of retail stores. Depending on its functionality the price
will vary accordingly. Most of the larger, more commercial machines are bigger and pricier. But you can
also find a small instant coffee machine model for in home use as well. You can buy a large supply of
the pre-made coffee packets at the same time. It may be a larger expense at the beginning but it will
soon pay for itself as you save money on the pricey coffee shop lattes and espressos.

The instant coffee machine is the fast way to getting the perfect cup of coffee in any flavor that you
desire. Check out the varieties available on the market today and you can be well on the way to your
perfect cup!

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