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                                       Single Cup Coffee Makers Are A Simple Solution
                                                                By Mike Brown

   Wasting these days is something we all avoid doing, time and money are two very important things
that we take extra care not to waste. Coffee may not appear to most as something we waste but think
about it. That extra four cups of coffee, you brew just to get your morning cup of coffee, what happens
to those extra cups of coffee, well they go down the drain. To buy a container of coffee that makes 270
cups of coffee costs between $6 – $12 dollars. If you are wasting 3 – 5 cups of coffee a day you
average a waste of $1 a week! With 56 weeks in a year that is $56 down the drain. Is there a solution
to this waste? Yes there is single cup coffee makes is 1 simple solution.

 In regards to your morning cup of coffee how can that be a waste of time, most of us may not just
need that first cup but we enjoy that first cup anyway. Brewing a whole pot of coffee just to get that first
cup takes a whole lot longer, most are doing other things while it is brewing but think wouldn’t your
morning go a whole lot smoother if you could have morning cup of coffee a whole lot sooner. The
simple solution that single cup coffee makers offer allow us starting of the day on the positive side of
time rather than the negative.

 Some of us may think that stopping for that morning cup of coffee is the answer, but is it? Stopping for
that cup of coffee not only wastes time but money also, more money that wasting four cups a day at
home. First, how much time do we waste in the drive through and average of 3-5 minutes for just a cup
of coffee that we could have already had at home if we knew about single cup coffee makers. Money
how is it a waste of money, well let’s look at it. A medium cup of coffee at a fast food restaurant, not a
specialty restaurant costs $1.10 if that is one cup of coffee a day that is $7.70 a week when you can
have a cup of coffee from home for less than .10 cents a cup. So if we stopped stopping we could save
$432 a year. Wow, all that savings through one product.

 If you want to talk about savings, not only time and money can be saved but what about saving
yourself some early morning hassles. Single cup coffee makers can help you do just that.

 A simple solution to wasting time and money when it comes to our first cup of coffee for the day is
simple. A product that gives you what you need, for a reasonable price that actually saves you money
daily and may even boost your day with some extra time. Wasting time and money is not profitable for
any of us at any time, but there is a simple solution to this problem it is single cup coffee makers.

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                                               Choosing Your Next Coffee Maker
                                                          By Yvonne Volante

 A coffee maker is an electric appliance that produces brewed coffee automatically, consisting of a
hotplate, coffee pot, filter basket, and water reservoir. When it comes to coffee makers there are many,
many to choose from. But if you are a coffee lover, you are probably very discriminating in your
preferences so it's worth your time to do your analysis.

But first, determine what you want in a coffee maker. Are you satisfied with going to the nearest box
store and picking one up for about twenty dollars? That's fine, they make a decent cup of coffee. Or
maybe you're looking for something with a bit added style. Something that will fit into your kitchen
decor nicely. Or something of best quality that will outlast the 20 buck special.

What options are essential to you? Should it have a clock built in that will allow your coffee to be ready
and waiting when you hit the kitchen? Programmable coffee makers are a type of coffee maker that is
becoming additional more popular not only in the workplace, but in homes as well.

Another type of coffee maker that is gaining popularity is the single cup type. Whether you just need
one cup of Joe to start the day or you are trying to limit your caffeine intake by fixing just one cup at a
time, the single cup coffee makers are an excellent solution. They are also accomplished for the stay at
home types who may just want a single cup mid-day and don't want to make a whole pot. They also
are available in a programmable version.

There are many ways to brew your coffee using the ever-reliable coffee maker. Decaf and coffee types
that contain caffeine can be equally as appealing to the taste buds. For an analysis of more coffee
subjects, visit

As you begin your analysis of coffee makers, the first thing that you need to think about is what kind of
coffee drinks you want to make. Do you prefer regular coffee, espresso, latte, or cappuccino?
Espresso makers create a powerful and strong coffee that can really wake you up in the morning. But
maybe that's not you cup of tea. Just know that there are unique and different types of cappuccino,
espresso and coffee makers on the market.

If you are a gourmet coffee drinker, you may want to opt for a Cafetiere. A Cafetiere is a French coffee
maker that is also known as a French press. Since no filters are used, this coffee pot makes rich,
strong coffee. But beware: if you are not going to serve the coffee immediately, avoid using a
Cafetiere. If left to sit, your coffee will continue to brew and you will be left with a coffee that is very

So weather it's a single cup style, a traditional coffee maker, an espresso, capuccino, or latte type,
enjoy your down time with a terrific coffee. And here's a bonus: once you have a new coffee maker,
you will be able to save time and money by spending less time waiting in lines at the coffee shop.

Yvonne Volante, the author, loves her coffee and writes for, which is the premier coffee
resource on the internet. You can see all of the articles over at

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