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                                                   Quick Easy Snack Ideas For Kids
                                                                By Charissa Bear

   Kids love snacks. They always like it when they see snacks in their lunch bags or after school in the
kitchen. But you always find it hard to think of quick easy snack ideas for kids. You have done several
recipes already and you want to try other recipes so that your kids will not get tired of always eating the
same snacks everyday. So to help you on your dilemma, here are some quick easy snack ideas for

 Yogurt. Choose your child’s favorite yogurt. If your kid loves strawberry or banana yogurt, then use
these in your ingredients. All you need are popsicle molds, your kid’s favorite yogurt flavour, and some
berries and fruits. Just pour the yogurt into the posicle molds and put them inside your refrigerator to
freeze. You can even add berries or other chopped fruits for added flavor and texture. If you want a
colorful popsicle yogurt, add food coloring. You can also make smoothies or parfaits using the same
ingredients plus whipped cream, granola, and milk. This is a very nice snack for summer.

 Vegetable snacks. Vegetables should be presented and cooked in a very creative way if you want
your child to like them. Vegetables are probably at the top of your child’s “things that I hate” list. Instead
of tossing all the vegetables together in a bowl when making a salad, why not create a masterpiece out
of the ingredients? You can draw faces using the salad dressing and hair, eyes, nose, lips, and ears
using different vegetable for your salad. Make sure that you let your child do the ‘art’ so that he or she
will also be interested in eating it. Add kiddie ingredients like peanut butter and jelly if you want.

 Trail Mix. This is very simple not to mention easy to prepare because you just need to combine the
ingredients altogether for a one great and delicious snack. You can include granola, m&m’s, cereals,
nuts, raisins, pretzels, banana chips, and other foods for that fulfilling snack your kids will surely enjoy.

 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. These are classic quick easy snack ideas for kids but you can
add a twist to these traditional favorites. You can prepare them the usual way but cut the sandwiches
into different interesting shapes. You can use cookie cutters if you want. You can also do this with
other kinds of sandwiches such as ham and cheese, turkey, or chicken sandwiches.

 Baked bagels or muffins. If you cooked spaghetti the night before, you can use leftover tomato sauce
as a spread on muffins and bagels. Add cheese on the tomato sauce and toast it.

Fruits. You can also make a fruit salad using colorful fruits like melons, berries, grapes and other fruits

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which you can cut using cookie cutters to make them more fun and interesting for your little ones.

 Snack Bars. You will need peanut butter, sugar, cereal, and corn syrup. In a heated saucepan, put all
the ingredients together and stir them until they are melted. Add a generous amount of cereals.
Incorporate all the ingredients together. Put the mixture in a rectangular pan and pat the mixture until it
becomes firm. Slice them into desired size.

Always looking for new snack ideas? Save yourself some time by visiting http://www.easysnacks.net,
for snack ideas and recipes.

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                    Children’s Bedroom Decorating Ideas Begin With The Right Furniture
                                                         By Grace P. Fairchild

 When you are trying to come up with children’s bedroom decorating ideas, it is important that you
select the proper furniture to go with the kids bedroom decorating of your choice. It may not have even
crossed your mind that there is actual furniture out there created specifically for decorating a kids
bedroom, but these are essential for creating a child-sized space that is easy and safe for your kids to
live and play with.

There are many different styles of furniture that you can use for decorating childrens bedroom, so the
first thing that you will need to consider is the age of your child, the size of the room, the shape of the
room, and whether or not the room is being shared. No matter what, this do it yourself bedroom
decorating for kids allows your child the ability to:

* Rest well * Study in comfort * Play in a safe and attractive space * Store all belongings in easily
accessible places

Among the best children’s bedroom decorating ideas for creating space is to purchase multi-functional
furniture. These kids bedroom decorating ideas allow the furniture to be used for many purposes such
as storage, bins, bookcases, and stackable crates. Decorating kids bedroom this way allows you to
keep things off the floor, but still remain within reach of the kids.

Other real space-saving bedroom decorating ideas for kids include using bunk or loft beds when
children are sharing the room. This allows two beds to be in the room, taking only the space of one.
When your children aren’t sleeping, they’ll really appreciate these children’s bedroom decorating ideas
for the extra play space they have.

You will be certain to discover that when it comes to children’s bedroom decorating ideas these days,
the options are practically limitless.

Grace writes for http://www.GreatPricedFurniture.com North Carolina's largest online furniture store
offering premium furniture including a large selection of children's bedroom furniture

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