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                                                    How to Make Perfect Espresso
                                                              By JoBeth Levina

   After a hectic day at office, with an unimaginable load of work and your boss finding a thousand
faults in your work, do you come back home and find the relaxation of a day in a cup of espresso?
Well, then you are not the only one. Like you, there are millions around the globe who greedily lay their
hands on a cup of espresso after a hard day’s work. Espresso or caffè espresso is a very concentrated
form of coffee that has been prepared by forcing boiling water through roasted coffee bean powder (of
a consistency which is neither too big nor too fine) under very high pressure. Generally, about an
ounce and a half of dark coffee is used for this particular preparation. It is also important to mention
that only sweet-bitter coffee powder is used for preparing espresso.

 Do you often wonder as to how the coffee shops offer espresso with that top layer of aromatic oil?!
And have you often tried to make an espresso similar to that but invariably came up with your own
version that was in no way at par with the coffee shops? Your version probably, despite your 100%
efficiency, lacked that oily top part. Well, then let us tell you are not alone. You are one of those
numerous people who in vain try to imitate the coffee shops only to fail miserably. But then there is a
reason behind this universal failure and that is- the layer of crema (aromatic oil layer) that you get as
the topping of your espresso is a trick that only the espresso machine is equipped to perform. This is
due to the high pressure at which the boiling water is made to pass through the fine, rich coffee

 Talking of the coffee powder, the more fine coffee powder you use the more time the coffee machine
will take to force the boiling water through the powder. It is the expert opinion that espresso tastes best
when the coffee machine prepares it in exactly 25 seconds. Keep in mind that your coffee powder is
not over-extracted. This is a very important thing to remember if you want the perfect espresso. It is
also equally important for you to buy the very best of the coffee beans. These coffee beans then need
to be roasted until they become dark and the texture becomes oily, only then shall these coffee beans
be roasted.

 Keep in mind that the only points which distinguish your regular coffee and your espresso is the
powder’s fineness and the time for which it gets brewed, and so you must be very careful about these
two features, lest you turn your espresso into your regular coffee. An important requirement is that the
powder is uniform in fineness, this is very easy to achieve if you are using a burr grinder, since it used

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discs in rotation motion.

 So now you know all the secrets to a perfect espresso. Remember that fineness of coffee powder, the
coffee machine, time of brewing; pressure the machine is using, the roasting of the coffee beans, etc. -
everything is equally important when it comes to making that perfect shop-like espresso.

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                                            How to Find the Best Espresso Machine
                                                           By Elizabeth T James

Are you a regular morning drinker of Starbucks or any other espresso? There's a huge amount of
people out there who spend thousands on daily espresso shots when simply purchasing an espresso
machine will pay for itself many times over in just a few weeks. But what makes a top of the range
espresso machine? There are many elements involved in determining the best espresso machine and
when you put those elements together you should not only get something that can deliver the perfect
shot of espresso but also looks great in your kitchen. The first thing you need to do is set a realistic
budget before you even start comparing espresso machines and features. $500 to $1,000 is a realistic
budget for the best espresso machine. Before you hit the floor in shock at those figures sit down and
do an honest evaluation of how much you really spend each year on espresso from your local coffee

 See? If we say an average espresso from a shop is around $3, then you'll have paid off your machine
within 6 months if you stop buying from shops and use your machine. It makes a ton of sense to
seriously look at purchasing your very own espresso machine.

 When you finally figure out that what you really want in life is a good espresso machine, you are most
likely going to want to take a good look around to find the right one for you. These babies aren’t cheap
so plan and do your research ahead of time so you know exactly what you are looking for.

Making the right espresso, however, is a combination of science and art. A certain flair is desirable
when making this characterful beverage. Making espresso does require a certain amount of talent.

 Because of the value attached to the best espresso machine it only makes sense that your espresso
machine should reflect not only its value but the savings it represents for years to come. Make sure
your best espresso machine is something that you are proud to have and display in front of visitors and
friends. The best espresso machine is something that makes a statement about you before you even
start brewing the coffee.

Consistency Is Best

 Cheaper espresso machines will often use a steam method to make espresso and this can be
inconsistent and sometimes pretty terrible. When you are shopping for the best espresso machine
always consider machines, and manufacturers, known for their ability to always produce the best shot
of espresso possible and for their consistency. It's probably best to avoid inconsistent machines,
unless of course they are beautifully designed and you're buying it with looks in mind. Also consider
whether or not the espresso machine creates a creamy top to the espresso. Above all, enjoy shopping
for your best espresso machine because it may be the only one you ever have to buy. And just think of
those lifetime coffee shop savings!

Elizabeth T James is a freelance journalist and health & nutrition enthusiast. For more tips on
buying an espresso machine go to

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