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                                 Entertaining at Home - More Affordable Than Eating Out
                                                              By Georgina White

   As the state of the economy remains unsteady and families and friends are more cautious about
their spending choices, many people are going back in time and revisiting the days of quality family
time at home versus dining out and spending money on other entertainment.

 Today more and more people understand the benefits of staying at home and still having fun with their
own forms of entertainment, such as potluck dinners, card games, and family game nights. Inviting
friends and family to your home not only allows for quality reconnection time, it is also a great way to
still have fun for the budget-conscious. During such tumultuous financial times, there is a lot of worry
and depression over money. By instituting free family-friendly fun, you can keep the money blues at
bay and focus instead on how to have fun without involving cash.

Where There is Fun There Is Usually Food

 There are so many opportunities to entertain in the home and traditionally, food is always at the center
of the fun. Think about all of the memories you have as together with your family. Many of the
memories probably involve dinner of some kind, such as during the holidays. Whether it is a small
social gathering requiring finger sandwiches or a potluck dinner where each person brings a special
dish, food can really bring people together.

 Because the cost of entertainment is still high and rising, start thinking of fun ways to bring family and
friends together at your own home. There can be family-friendly events or adult-only gatherings
planned. Create a menu based on your guest list and do not be afraid to experiment with creative new
dishes. If you find you enjoy trying new things, invite some close friends over for some cooking fun.
There are also cooking courses you can take which can be a great source of relaxation and
entertainment for you and your friends, where everyone can learn new techniques and recipes for
cooking at home. When the course concludes, you and your friends can host a get together and show
off all you have learned by including samples of your tasty dishes.

Skip the Caterer – Do It Yourself

 Making your own food for kid’s parties and other gatherings can also yield a huge savings, especially if
you are accustomed to having such parties catered, even if that just involves having some pizzas

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delivered. While it may take a little extra preparation time, cooking for your own gatherings is more
cost-effective than having someone else do the work. The money you spend on the ingredients can
reduce the overall cost of entertaining to half, depending on the menu.

 Even a simple dinner with family can be a wonderful experience that brings people closer and still
keeps a budget on track. So get cooking. Dare to be different and find your creative side, using cooking
as your outlet and your loved ones as your source of unending entertainment.

Georgina White of http://SimplySumptuousFood.com.au has developed ways to make great tasting
food using healthier methods. She feels that it's important to be kind to your body and provide it with
plenty of nourishing, fresh food while letting the taste buds enjoy it too!

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                                        Cabinets For Your Kitchen - Outdoor Islands
                                                             By Bianca Bartegi

 Kitchen islands have long since been a favourite place for extra kitchen storage and cooking. You can
now get them for outdoor entertaining and cooking, providing a practical area for outdoor eating and
cooking when the weather is pleasant. It also stops the stress of rushing in and out of your home when
cooking outside.

Having a summer kitchen is a major investment. Planning carefully for your outdoor kitchen islands is
as important as planning for an inside variety. How do you plan to use it and how much time will you
spend using it? What type of climate does your area have? Will you use it just during the
summertime? If you have a warmer climate then having an island outdoors will let you use it year

Once you have established the uses for your outdoor island, survey the market for island types. Most
patio and pool stores can offer you information. Most of them have different types displayed and can
give you brochures regarding others. Be aware of what is available and create your budget.

Most islands have top quality cooking grills that are equal to indoor cook tops, and offer a variety of grill
sizes. Bigger ones are great for larger gatherings. Vegetable cooking can be done on a side burner
simultaneously as you do your meats. In fact, you can install multiple temperature-zoned areas for
regulating cooking for all your foods.

You can get these islands pre-fabricated or custom made. Permanent ones are made of masonry –
brick or stone – and are a permanent addition to a garden, but are expensive.

Custom islands can be built to match your pool area or home, with tiles that matches your pool’s. This
type greatly increase your home’s value, but most importantly are a choice that you will benefit from for
years to come, especially if you use it frequently.

Factories manufacture pre-fab islands and deliver them directly to you. All you need to do is give them
the cooking area measurements you want. You can choose from varied sizes from 5 to 6 feet
L-shaped or rectangular islands. Moreover, additional round end tables can be added for eating.

When it comes to styles, finishes and designs, there are just about the same number of choices as for
indoor islands – from tiled counters to granite tops, all in the aid of functionality and style. You can
even have multi level islands for both eating and cooking.

Cabinets for your kitchen, along with drawers, will give you storage space to keep eating items and
utensils for each use. This type of storage helps greatly when entertaining, leaving you free to relax
instead of going indoors to get your equipment.

Concentrating on latest developments in cabinets for your kitchen, Bianca Bartegi is writing primarily
for http://www.kitchen-cabinets-tips.com . His publications on kitchen islands are found on
http://www.kitchen-cabinets-tips.com/islands.html as well as other web sites.

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