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                                                          Do You Need to Detox?
                                                            By Annie Horthorne

  If you eat a good diet and follow healthy eating guidelines do you need to detox - and if you do, how
should you go about it? The human body is a self-righting mechanism and has an almost infinite
capacity to sort out most problems that occur, including dealing with the toxins we ingest on a daily
basis. If our bodies were man made machines with all the interlinking systems that are required,
someone once calculated that they would break down every 7 seconds!

 A good, balanced diet which contains all the food groups in moderate amounts will provide your body
with everything it needs to function efficiently. Provided you don't do anything to deliberately harm your
body, such as smoking, drinking to excess or taking harmful substances your body is likely to be able
to process and filter out any toxins that you take on board. If you do indulge in any of those habits or if
your diet is based on fast and junky food with lots of empty calories then your body is, in all likelihood,
overstressed and in need of some support.

 If you are feeling constantly unwell and picking up lots of bugs your immune system is likely to be
struggling. If you are feeling weary or exhausted when you wake in the morning and you can't get past
that feeling then your body is under pressure and is sending you a message. If you feel 'muzzy'
headed and unable to concentrate there is most likely something wrong with the self righting systems
in the body. All of these symptoms suggest that the body is under pressure, if they have only been
going on for a short while then you may well benefit from a gentle detox regime to improve your mental
alertness and energy level. If the symptoms have been going on for a while, or if you experience any
of these symptoms to a great degree you should check with your medical practitioner in case there is
something else underlying them.

 There are some very simple and very basic methods to help our body that don't require too much
hardship - detoxing is all very well, but if you subject your already weakened system to even more
stress you may well make yourself seriously ill. You should never undertake a radical detox without
medical supervision, however a simple dietary restriction detox which only lasts a day or two should
not be a problem.

 None of the following should be done for more than two days or you will cause more problems than
you solve. Our digestive systems don't like change very much and can wreak dreadful vengeance on
you! One of the simplest detox systems is just to cut out cooked foods for a day or so and eat nothing
but raw fruit and vegetables. It is not advisable to eat raw meats and fish unless properly prepared.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

Slightly more extreme is to only have freshly prepared juices, you can buy ready made juices but it is
far better (and cheaper) to invest in a juicer and make them yourself. You can put almost anything into
a juice to provide the essential nutrients you need whist giving your body a rest from the hard work of
digestion. Bought juices often have preservatives in them so they don't really help with the detox

 Most extreme is the water fast. Quite simply you have nothing but water for a day, two at the most.
This gives your body a total rest from the digestive process and allows it to cleanse. You should plan
to rest whilst doing this, it is certainly not something to be done whilst you are at work. You will also
need to eat sensibly after you finish your fast and to continue resting for a day or two.

 There are also some proprietary detox products which you can buy, however these can be very fierce
and strip the body of many essential vitamins and minerals and would certainly not fit in with any
sensible healthy eating guidelines. If you do feel it is necessary to detox in this way you should not do
so under any circumstances without first consulting your doctor. It is better to adopt a gentler approach
that fits in more with the mechanisms that your own body would choose to naturally cleanse and detox
your system.

Annie Horthorne grew up in the catering business and has always been an enthusiastic and highly
regarded cook.  She shares her delicious healthy eating recipes at

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                                 How Effective Are Detox Foot Pads
                                          By Eleanor Candy

In todays environment we get toxins entering our body from pollution , cigarette smoke and also
alcohol.Our body cannot always remove all these toxins from our body. The most recent form of detox
therapy is using detox foot pads.

 Using detox foot pads is one of the easiest ways to do a detox.You place the pads on the soles of your
feet before you go to bed and the pads will start removing toxins from your body.The pads will will
change color from being white to a dirty brown color. This is usually a sign that toxins have been
removed from your body.After every time you use the pads you will see a reduction in color and will
know when to stop using the pads.

 The detox foot pads work like the osmosis pressure from a plant. The roots of a plant deliver water to
other branches. When the foot pads are placed on your feet the heat from the pads absorb sweat from
the soles of your feet. Also the bottom of the feet is where most of the nerves in our body end.It is
important you do not wear the pads for more than 8 hours at one time.

 When we have too much toxins in our body it can be very harmful and symptoms may appear such as
a low immune system,feeling tired and a lack of energy.Using detox foot pads over time will help
relieve these symptoms and boost your immune system which will give you more energy.Detox foot
pads work so well because they draw out toxins, heavy metals and chemicals from the skin.

 On the bottom of the feet their are points which respond to every organ of the body and by placing the
detox pads on that particular area you will be removing those toxins from that organ. You will get better
results from this detox by placing the pads on the arches of the soles of the feet.

 Detox foot pads always use natural ingredients such as bamboo vinegar, tourmaline and chitin and
are easy to use and are hassle free. There are no diet requirements that you have to follow and you
can just place them on your feet and you know the job is being done to remove toxins from your body.

 They are also the cheapest ways of doing a detox compared to going to health detox esxtablishments,
which could cost you well into the hundreds of dollars. You can buy detox foot pads online as low as
$20 to see if they are for you. The best quality of detox foot pads are usually made in Japan.

 There are many different types of detox foot pads to choose from which target different ailments such
as weight loss, treatment for diabetes, arthritis and many more.

 If you are looking for the best and safest way to detox your body, using detox foot pads is the best way
to start a detox program.

Make sure you visit my site on helpful information on detox
foot pads and other types
of natural detox

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