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									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

      Home brewing is fast becoming a very popular hobby. Many larger cities have specialized stores catering to
        beer making supplies. Home brewing kits are great but as with everything reading the instructions are
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                                Commercial Coffee Makers Offer Great Coffee Solutions
                                                                By David Bryan

   Commercial coffee makers and coffee brewers are hotter than ever in the office coffee and home
use world. Coffee machines that were once only seen in restaurants have migrated over into the
everyday office and home setting. These commercial coffee makers are much more reliable over
longer periods of time and brew a much better cup of coffee compared to those made for home use
coffee brewers. Commercial coffee makers brew coffee at an optimum brewing temperature and offer
maximum coffee taste extraction from the coffee grounds. These commercial brewers often brew at
10-20 degrees hotter than the made for home models.

 Some of the top commercial coffee brewers on the market are made by Bunn, Bloomfield, Curtis and
Newco. These companies have been pioneers in the commercial coffee maker industry for up to 40 or
so years. Most of these commercial coffee makers come in both pour over models and automatic type
brewers that hook up to a water line. These commercial brewers operate quite similar to your home hot
water heater as most machines have an internal tank and thermostat that hold the water at or about
191 degrees, which is the optimum brewing temperature for coffee. The automatic brewers are very
easy to install to a water line and all connections needed are found very easily at your local Home
Depot or Lowes store. Most commercial coffee manufactures make parts very easy and affordable to
get, although most models can operate for years and years without the slightest little problem.

 Also, most of the commercial coffee companies have free maintenance and repair manuals that are
easily downloaded straight from the company's website. With office coffee companies constantly
raising their prices in light of fuel and rising economic cost, an office could save quite a bit of money
over a year buy owning their own commercial coffee maker. Most wholesale clubs like Sams and
Cosco carry the size coffee filters and replacement bowls at a very affordable price. They also carry
fraction packed coffee and filter packs designed specifically for commercial coffee brewers. Auction
giants like eBay have quite a full selection of these coffee machines listed all the time at incredible
savings. Make sure that when you do by one that needs to be shipped that the seller drains the tank
before shipping. Also you might want to check and make sure that the thermostat is turned off or down
before the initial use. Make sure the brewer tank is full of water and the thermostat is turned back up
before plugging in and using. My doing this, you will prevent damaging the heater element inside your
coffee maker tank. If you live in an area that has heavy lime deposits in the water, you might want to
consider using a water filtration system on your coffee maker. Heavy lime build up can occur in the
tank of the coffee brewer causing premature maintenance problems. So next time you are thinking

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

about purchasing a coffee brewer for home or office make sure to consider upgrading to a commercial
coffee maker.

David Bryan is an ex office coffee business owner and now sells commercial coffee makers including
Bunn coffee makers and Bloomfield coffee machines. Visit his store at

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                                   The Ideal Coffee Machine For The Coffee Lover
                                                      By Samantha Clark

 Coffee machines is a machine that is found in all homes, dorms and offices of coffee drinkers.
Different types of coffee machines are built to be used in different places; there are also coffee makers
that can be used in a RV, a big rig and to take along with you when you go camping.

The different types of coffee machines in the market today have individual features in a variety of
colors, size, price, size and finish. The different types of coffee machines found today are automatic,
French press, expresso coffee maker, vacuum, stove top, drip coffee makers and the pod. These
different coffee machines are found either as hot or cold brew coffee machines. Some coffee machines
are a combination of both grinder and coffee making capabilities.

Nowadays, different companies manufacture different coffee makers; and these coffee machines are
known by the company name like delonghi coffee machine, jura coffee machine, sunbeam coffee
machine, breville coffee machine, saeco coffee machine and senseo coffee machine. You can find
these coffee machines in different colors that include black, white, red and practically any color you
want to match your interiors. They are also made of different materials ranging from plastic to stainless
steel while most of them come with a shatterproof glass carafe.

You also find coffee machines in the market that produce more than twenty cups of coffee, called the
commercial coffee machine. These coffee machines are best for use in commercial establishments like
offices and stores. Different coffee machines have different features that may include frothing systems,
electric timers, digital/programmable, thermostat, filters and warming plate. The price of the coffee
maker varies according to your preference and functionality of the coffee machine.

When choosing the right coffee machine for yourself, you have to look for the coffee machine that first
fits your budget. Then you have to consider if the coffee machine has all the features required to make
the type of coffee you enjoy drinking like expresso or cappuccino. With the wide range of coffee
machines in the market, you are sure to find the right coffee machine that creates coffee that suits your
taste buds.

Samantha Clark heads consumer reviews at One of the web's most
popular Online Shopping sites.

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