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                                                    Breaking the Caffeine Addiction
                                                                   By Zak Rowe

   If you find yourself needing a soda, chocolate or even tea every few hours you may actually have a
caffeine addiction. Many people haven’t even heard of this but it is real and it does exist in more people
then it is documented. Most believe they can quit at any time, but the reality of them actually doing it is
another story. Can you stop having your daily caffeine or are do you have a caffeine addiction?

 Caffeine addiction is just as hard to break as any other addiction, if not more because you have it
widely accessible and it is legal to have. Prices are cheap and it is around every corner whether it is in
a machine, at a restaurant or inside a store. Enter a store and look straight down the aisles, you are
sure to see an entire rack of nothing but chocolate candy, donuts and in the freezer side you’ll find soft
drinks galore, chocolate shakes, teas, coffee and even chocolate milk. How easy is it just to walk away
from all this? It isn’t.

 Breaking the caffeine addiction is hard. Items such as a chocolate éclair, candy bars or even
chocolate ice cream seem innocent but these too fuel the caffeine addiction. Even something that says
it is “Caffeine-free” contains a small amount of caffeine in it, which means you are still using it. Many
prescribed medicines contain doses of caffeine in them, so if you are trying to quit you’ll need to let
your doctor know ahead of time.

 Why would one want to break away from caffeine? One big reason is their health, it is possible to get
heart disease or even fibroids from drinking too much caffeine. Some people may try cutting back on
sodas that contain lots of carbonation because they rot your teeth. Diabetics normally cut out soft
drinks as well as candy and if they were already addicted to caffeine it is much harder to break. Some
may do it all at once while others do it gradually depending on the degree of diabetes they have.
Another is to lose weight, that’s right if you replace your daily soda with water you can actually lose

 Cutting cold turkey from caffeine means to take anything that has caffeine in it and never eat/drink it
again. But as doctors state it can put your body through withdrawls and you’ll experience everything
from the sweats, shakes to possible fainting. Caffeine is actually a chemical compound that leaks into
your system it is harder to quit. Doctors recommend if you are going to break away from your caffeine
addiction to do it little by little but never to do it all at once. This will only cause a caffeine withdrawl to

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

an extreme. There are several ways you can actually quit an addiction such as cold turkey, easing off
or getting help through a professional. But the only way to break the addiction to caffeine is by realizing
you actually have a problem. Once you have, you’ll be ready to overcome the addiction.

To learn more about caffeine and caffeine addiction, visit: ( Zak Rowe is a freelance writer.

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                                       How to Quit Caffeine For Good – Part Two
                                                   By Tim Whiston

You can quit caffeine for good using the simple, powerful techniques revealed in this article.

In our last piece we covered the first two steps in the formula for successfully quitting caffeine. They

 1. Accept the fact that you have a real addiction that's serious business.

2. Find as many people as possible to support your effort to quit.

 In this article we’ll have a closer look at the final two steps for quitting caffeine. Take action on these
simple steps and you’ll be on your way to a caffeine-free life.

Change Your Routine

 A routine change is critical when you want to quit caffeine or any other addictive substance. By
breaking the predictability of your daily pattern you decrease the likelihood of compulsive actions.

 In this case, by eating breakfast in a different part of your house, and even changing the order of
mundane activities like showering and shaving, you create unfamiliar territory for yourself. Once you
are out of your normal routine you decrease the odds of simply reaching for your cup of coffee where it
normally rests on the counter, for instance.

 Removing this sort of compulsive, automatic action from your day goes a long way toward relieving
the stress of abstinence and helping you to quit caffeine for good.

 If you don’t currently exercise in the morning, you should seriously consider starting. This will elevate
your heart rate and give you a healthy charge of energy to replace the standard caffeine fix you’ve
become used to.

 You might even want to try an herbal energy drink in the morning. This will take the place of your usual
caffeine beverage and leave you with a healthy lift.

Always Take One Day At A Time

 Avoid thinking in terms of “forever” and “never again”. These attitudes have enormous implications
that can exhaust your energy and make you feel very small and vulnerable.

 Instead, simply take one day at a time. All you really need to do to quit caffeine for good is not drink
any today!

 This technique drastically reduces the scope of what you need to do in order to succeed. Who
wouldn’t be intimidated with the idea of keeping something up for the next 50 years? It’s much easier,
both practically and emotionally, to manage a 24-hour period of time.

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 Anyone can quit caffeine for just one day. All you need to do is start a new day every morning when
you wake up and renew your motivation and enthusiasm.

 By breaking your long-term goal down into a more manageable frame of time you increase your
chances of success exponentially. And you take an enormous amount of pressure off yourself, making
it possible to actually enjoy the process of quitting caffeine.

 Armed with these simple but highly effective steps caffeine will be no match for you! These tactics are
taken directly from many of the leading addiction treatment philosophies, which are used to help
people who are hooked on drugs like alcohol and heroine.

 If these simple steps work for people who are addicted to life-threatening chemicals and hard drugs,
they will certainly help you quit caffeine and stay caffeine-free for as long as you want.

For more powerful tips on quitting caffeine and staying caffeine free long-term download the author’s
proven system right now. This simple but powerful method has worked for many serious caffeine
addicts and it can help you as well:

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