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     Binge eaters who have a genetic propensity tendency towards addiction often report a craving and sensitivity
     to carbohydrates, so that the more they eat, the more they crave.Binge eating may also cause heart problems
                                          due to excess weight and insomnia
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                                                Binge Drinking -- What Can Happen?
                                                             By Susan DeAngelis

  That's Life: Advice by Susan DeAngelis at
Jay from Maryland asks, “Is it okay to binge drink at parties?”

What can happen when you binge drink?

 Binge drinking, also known as heavy episodic drinking, is the massive consumption of alcohol in a
short amount of time. An average person is said to have binged, when their blood alcohol
concentration reads 0.08% or more. For the blood to reach this level males consume 5 or more drinks
quickly, a female 4 drinks. This is known as the 5/4 rule. Height, weight, and other factors can alter this
rule. Extreme drinking has been defined as the rapid consumption of 10 or more drinks for males and 8
for females.

 In the United States, although the legal drinking age is 21, most individuals are likely to binge drink in
college. Studies show over half of male college students and 40% of females have participated in
binge drinking in the past few weeks. Nearly one-third of freshman in college have experiences with
binge drinking before returning home for the holidays. Unfortunately, excessive drinking is not limited to
the over 18 crowd. It was been reported that a quarter of high school students have binged in the last

 Some methods of binge drinking are shots, shooters, chugging, shotguns, funnels, and drinking
games. In the United States, two popular games are quarters and pong, where failure to get one of
these objects in a glass after bouncing it off a table leads to chugging beer or the consumption of a

 A common Canadian drinking game is Wizard Stick. After finishing a beer, the empty is stacked and
taped underneath the current one. In New Zealand, Edward Wineyhands and Scrumpy Hands is a
drinking game in which a 40 or 80 ounce can is duct taped to the hands and cannot be removed until
completely consumed. The Pub Crawl first became popular in the United Kingdom where drinking
establishments close by Midnight. Drinking from pub to pub, by the end of the evening, the binge
drinker is crawling home. Botellon, passing a big bottle amongst a circle of friends in a public place, is
common in Spain.

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Regardless of the method, on the average, those who binge drink miss more classes, get lower
grades, are sexually irresponsible, have been accidentally injured or date raped, and have or
developed health ailments. In addiction, most alcoholics or addicts at one time were binge drinkers.

After binge drinking, a person is likely to

1) Have an argument or altercation
2) Fall or Pass out
3) Vomit, perhaps choke to death
4) Get into an automobile accident or fatality
5) Overdose (Alcohol poisoning)

 During a blacked out state, urination on oneself is common. In extreme cases, however, a binge
drinker’s bladder can rupture and cause septic blood poisoning.

 When asked about his binge drinking experiences The Unknown Drunk replied, “I used to drink hard
and fast… If I got drunk fast, I thought everyone would think I was cool. Thinking back, I just looked like
a drunken idiot.”

Today, there is a movement in the United States to return the legal drinking age back 18.

 “I was legally allowed to drink at 18,” the Unknown Drunk continued. “Maybe that’s why I started
drinking heavy by the time I was 12.”

Susan DeAngelis is a author, teacher and considered an expert in the field of Addiction and other
family issues. She has teamed up with The Unknown Drunk to bring awareness to these issues
through an advice column and video at

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                                Alcohol Problems and What You Can do About Them
                                                         By Patrick Meninga

 If you think you have an alcohol problem then the first thing that you should do is to get specific with it
and nail it down. What is the true nature of your problem and what is the extent of it? Is your problem
really with drinking too much or does your problem really get nasty when you actually start to go
without alcohol?

If the answer is the latter then you don't have an alcohol problem, you have an alcohol addiction. This
means that you are not so much a problem drinker as you are an alcoholic with a serious addiction.
Now if you want to get help with your alcohol problem then the first thing you have to do is to get
honest with yourself and really assess what is going on with your life. Can you walk away from
drinking for 30 days without making much of an effort at it? Does doing so create resentment or make
it hard to enjoy yourself? If so, then you are probably addicted to alcohol and should consider getting
professional help for it.

On the other hand, there are people out there who are truly just "problem drinkers." This means that if
you give them a bunch of alcohol, they might overdo it at times and get into trouble, but they have no
problem abstaining when real consequences are at stake. For the true alcoholic, major life
consequences will not really deter them from drinking.

Now this can be a bit tricky at times to diagnose because there is the case of the binge drinker. Binge
drinkers are those who will drink heavy amounts for days on end, but then might go for long periods of
time without any drinking at all. Binge drinkers can still be alcoholics and the effects of this behavior
can still be quite devastating. It becomes tricky to diagnose though because the binge drinker can
regularly go for long periods without drinking anything at all.

So if you think you have a problem with alcohol then the first step is to get honest with yourself and
really diagnose where you are at with it. If you are really not sure what your level of dependence is,
you might try the following 2 experiments:

1) Have one drink every day for the next six months; never to exceed the amount of one drink per day.
No exceptions allowed.

2) Do not drink at all for six months. No exceptions.

If you can get through both of those experiments without cheating at all then you are probably not
addicted to alcohol. But if you find yourself resenting the experiment itself then it might be the case
that you are an alcoholic. If you are a problem drinker then you will fail on the first experiment and not
be able to control your intake at some point. If you are an alcoholic then you will fail at the second
experiment and not be able to abstain for six months without some sort of recovery program.

If you determine that you have some problem with alcohol then it is best to ask for help. If you are a
true alcoholic then this might involve seeking treatment in a facility with a full detox unit. This is
recommended because alcohol withdrawal is extremely dangerous and can actually kill you.

On the other hand, if you are a problem drinker, then you might seek counseling or therapy in some

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way. This can help you identify if you want to take steps to reduce or stop your alcohol consumption.

And now I invite you to download my free ebook about overcoming addiction and dealing with alcohol
problems. Visit

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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