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Online DVD Rental Revolution


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									                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

      The growth and popularity of online movie rental can be tied to several advantages over the tradition movie
        rental store. This model of business has revolutionized the movie rental industry for several reasons.
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                                                      Online DVD Rental Revolution
                                                                  By Kyle Gentile

   Today, the standard of online movie rental is Netflix. The company has over 6 million subscribers
not bad for being established in 1997. Their closest competitor is Blockbuster and is report to have 3
million subscribers at the beginning of 2007.

 The basic premise of online movie rental is pretty simple. First, a customer must join the service and
then they create a list of titles they would like to see. Then the DVD’s on the list are mailed to the
customer. The customer then watches them and sends them back in a prepaid envelope. The growth
and popularity of online movie rental can be tied to several advantages over the tradition movie rental
store. This model of business has revolutionized the movie rental industry for several reasons.

 The first reason is the idea that you can join a club and not a DVD one at a time. The effect on this is
you are charged no matter if you take advantage of the service or not. This is a way to provide a
consistent revenue stream from online DVD rental. The opposite is true as well. Since many programs
offer unlimited rentals for a flat monthly fee, the consumers who rent a lot of movies become losing
propositions for the company. This is because the cost of the prepaid envelopes will exceed the fee
paid by the customer, but for the majority of consumers it is profitable.

 Second is the idea of no late fees. You can basically keep the movies as long as you would like. You
will still be charged so the online DVD rental program doesn’t care. They actually will save money
because they will not be paying for any postage. So the long you keep the more profitable it becomes.

 Third reason is the selection. Consumers ten years ago had to go there local store to pick from the
movies they had. If they want some obscure title they could be out of luck. The options you had for
movies was limited to the amount of shelf space that your rental store had. Since the internet has the
ability for limitless shelf space the choice of movie is seemingly endless. Netflix alone boasts over
100,000 titles and Blockbuster online lists 80,000. These libraries will continue to grow and consumers
now have so much choices it is overwhelming.

 Does this mean the end of your local DVD rental store? The market will decide and the local DVD
rental stores are more than likely at risk compared to than the big chains. Now, large chains such as
blockbuster have an online DVD rental program while continuing to maintain their over 6500 locals.
Having this infrastructure allows Blockbuster to offer something that the other online DVD rental
programs do not, in-store exchanges.

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                                           Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Even with the option of in-store exchanges, Blockbuster is not the market leader in online DVD rental
and they really are playing catch up to Netflix. Their business model has revolutionized the DVD rental
industry and the market will decide what business model consumers like.

 A new way to rent DVD has happen in the last ten years. There are three reasons for online DVD
rental revolution. Find out what they are and why this industry will continue to grow.

If you are interested on reading more about http://www.netfilmrental.com online DVD rental, you can go
to Kyle’s website where there is more information about http://www.netfilmrental.com Blockbuster DVD
rental online.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                  How to Rent DVD Movies Online
                                                               By Weera Kunti

If you are a avid movie fan then you probably enjoy renting DVD movies. However, renting online
rather than shops is fast becoming the most popular method for movie lovers. If you are unsure of
renting your DVD movies on the internet, then here is a quick guide to doing so.

The Cost of Online Rentals

 There are many different online rental services available, and the costs will always vary. They all offer
various different packages and membership levels to suit different needs and budgets. For example,
you may choose the lowest membership price which allows you to rent one DVD movie at a time. You
may also find the most expensive packages allow you to rent perhaps 8-10 or even an unlimited
number of DVD movies a month.

Waiting for Your Movie

 Perhaps online DVD movie rental does not seem like a good idea due to the waiting times. However,
you can choose your rental picks up to months in advance and the service will deliver them whenever
you have a free rental slot open. This will work out even more speedy than rental stores, as you will no
longer have to drive to pick up your titles or worry about them being in stock. Most services will use fast
shipping to make sure your DVD movies are always delivered on time.

Watch Movies Instantly

 Though all movies can be delivered as DVDs, rental services nowadays are also offering instant
online movie viewing. This means that you do not need to wait for your disc to arrive in the mail. Rather
you can start watching movies at the click of a button! The number of movies you can watch as part of
your membership will vary, as will the movie titles available via this method.

Buy Discounted DVDs

 As well as rentals, most online services will also give you the option to purchase DVDs directly from
their website. You can usually make big savings here since these DVD movies have been used before
and as such are greatly reduced in price. You could be saving around half the cost of the brand new
DVD, which is great if you come across a movie that you feel like watching over and over again.

Movie Reviews and Recommendations

 Movie rental services can even send you personalised recommendations to help you discover new
movies. This is great for movie lovers, though if you want to choose the movies yourself then simply
read the reviews to decide on which movies to watch. These sites benefit from both official and user
reviews to help you make your decision. Online reviews and rental services can really open your eyes
to movies you would never have considered before.

 As you can see, there are many benefits to using an online DVD movie rental service over a traditional
store, and it is extremely easy to get started and benefit from the great choice available! Many of these

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

rental services even offer a free trial so you can decide for yourself whether the service is right for you.

The article written by Weera Kunti, please visit the website for more information at
http://www.themoviedownloads.net or http://www.themoviedownloading.org

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