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                                               How to Paint a Car
                                               By Kenny Leones

  It is not only auto enthusiasts that must learn how to paint a car. It is, in fact, a skill that anyone who
owns a car must acquire to refrain from always shedding out a sum of money. After all, painting a car is
not at all difficult. You just need to learn the tricks, find the right materials, and presto, you are ready to
become an expert on how to paint a car.

Usually, one’s knowledge on how to paint a car is challenged when the owner finds the current
color of his drive not attractive anymore. It also pays to know how to paint a car when accident
happens and your crisp car paint is tainted. Besides learning how to paint a car, your other available
option to change your car’s appearance is bringing it to an auto shop and getting the job done
there. But the latter can be pricey. If you do not have that much money or you just enjoy doing things
yourself, you can paint your car, by all means. Of course, it would not hurt if you take some cautions in
doing so. This is your car we are talking about, after all.

If you want to be on the safe side while going through this how to paint a car project, take a cue from
the following tips:

Tip #1: Wash your car well before painting. Removing grease and any amount of dirt that may be in
your car’s body will help you achieve a seamless finish.

Tip #2: Do not paint on a dirty or wet surface. Make sure that you dry your car after cleaning it and
before you start painting it.

Tip #3: Tape the parts you don’t want painted. Masking tape is enough to conceal those areas that
you do not want to be stained.

Tip #4: Use sandpaper to scrub the surface. This is an important note worth taking because it will help
you smoothen out your car’s surface. Sandpaper is also useful after you apply the primer. It is your
important aid in evening out the amount of primer that you applied.

Tip #5: Find the right paint. It is important that you choose the color that you like with a quality that is
sure to last. Before painting your car in your desired color, you must first apply a primer. After that, you
will need to apply at least two coats of color paint.

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                                Removing Unwanted Paint From a Car
                                          By Brenda Williams

Buying a new car can be draining yet rewarding all in one. Once the new car is off the lot and in the
driveway it is like bringing home a new toy. The beautiful glisten of the brand new paint, the new car
smell of the interior and the smooth acceleration of the brand new engine can make any new car owner
fall head over heels for their new car. You’ve been taking care of that car since day one; not getting a
scratch on it and washing it once a week. But you can’t avoid everything. Driving to work one day you
see paint splattered on the roadway but you can’t move into the oncoming lane of a two lane road
because you are approaching a blind bend. The paint is unavoidable. You drive the car right through
the paint and it still has its strong scent. That can only mean one thing. The paint is fresh and it is now
all over your brand new car.

 How do you remove unwanted paint from a car? This method works but it takes a lot of time and a lot
of elbow grease. The first step in removing the unwanted paint is to get the car out of the direct rays of
the sun. If the paint is only on one side of the car; turn that side of the car away from the sun. Make
sure you wash the car before doing anything else. There are plenty of different items that can be used
for removing unwanted paint from a car. Some of them are paint thinner, goo gone and anything with
acetone in it such as nail polish. Paint thinner can work but you have to be very, very careful. The paint
thinner can ultimately remove the original paint from your car.

 After applying these substances to the vehicle make sure you rewash the car and then put a coat of
wax on the area that was covered in the unwanted paint. When removing the unwanted paint from the
vehicle make sure you don’t use your fingernail to scratch off the paint but use a soft rag dipped in
soapy water. Spray the paint remover onto the areas of the car you are working on at the time and rub
gently but with some elbow grease. Also, don’t work on the same area for an extended period of time
or the original paint job will begin to wear off. Move from area to area, slowly removing the unwanted

 Since you drove through the wet paint on the roadway, it is splattered on the tires and on the plastic
covers above the wheel attached to the body of the car. Those plastic covers can be removed to clean
them. Also, take off each wheel and clean it with soap and water. That should be enough to get the
paint off of the wheel. If not, you can use paint thinner since there is no other paint on the wheel.

The process works but it takes a good handful of hours to get the paint completely off of the car
without ruining the original paint job. Nashville Automobile Shipping Nashville Auto Transport

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