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                                             How to Choose a Good Horror Movie
                                                             By Weera Kunti

   There are so many horror movies it’s impossible to count. Indeed, the horror movie genre is one of
the most popular, generating a massive amount of new releases each year either in mainstream
Hollywood cinema or in classic B-movie style.

 For those who enjoy horror movies it’s a great idea to decide exactly what kind of horror movie you
like best. Whilst they can be broadly categorised by the terms “Hollywood” and “B-movie” this is rarely
enough to account for the true horror movie connoisseur’s taste. Think about whether it’s suspense,
gore, supernatural, sci-fi, zombie, psycho, thriller or any number of other sub-genre’s which you most

 With such large numbers of horror films being produced you could easily discover one which you will
enjoy each year, or if you’re lucky you might even discover several. Whilst these account for new
releases, there are an incredible number of horror films already out. Most good movie stores will sell a
large selection of titles in the genre, so go in and have a look at the different choices. This might
provide further inspiration into the genre which you enjoy so much.

 The main way of discovering your horror movie preference is to simply watching as many as possible.
You’ll quickly realise whether you enjoy watching zombie hordes lurch down the streets of deserted
cities or if you prefer to see psychopathic madmen loiter in the dark stalking their pray from a distance.

 The internet hosts a number of excellent movie website, and even some which specialise in the horror
genre. The internet makes it easier than ever to find something which really takes your fancy. There
are professional reviews and reader reviews available, as well as preview information about upcoming
titles and even top-lists of the best ever horror movies. With so much information at your finger tips it
shouldn’t be a problem to choose a horror movie.

 Of course, if you do want to look further, then try signing up to some forums on the internet or joining a
local club for enthusiasts. These are great ways to find out more and meet new friends. You’ll quickly
get a sense for what you like and be able to enjoy a quality horror film in no time.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

your favourite horror movie is to attend a convention. With the horror movie genre being so popular you
can find conventions and fan-gatherings occurring all the time, especially in big cities. You’ll meet
many enthusiasts here who can offer you advice.

 The most important thing is to enjoy the film you watch and to make sure your friends enjoy it as much
as you. Keep in touch with others who may have information on upcoming releases, and ask your
friends for their opinions on a film. Sharing opinions is often a great way to learn about something and
to find out more about your own tastes as well as making good friends.

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                                    Horror Movie : What’s The Good One Look Like?
                                                           By Mark Samantha

 Some people loves to see horror movies and many amongst them loves horror movies in different
style and the people who do not like horror may be because of you will be very terrified after watching it
and have trouble sleeping. I am also the one who always have trouble sleeping after watch a horror
movie but still love to see them (must be a good one). So I am writing this article about what a good
horror movie should be like. I have to tell that I am not a horror movie critic expert but I have seen
almost ten thousand of horror movie, so here is the guideline based on my own opinion.

Ghost is the legend of horror movie, do not separate them.

I think that this is the first rule of thumb. There are many style of horror movie that made from different
plot stories. A lot of horror movie producer may try to produce many style of movie, sometime they do
not have ghost in their movie. If they miss this rules you are able to know exactly what is going to
happened throughout the movie and this is kind of boring. But if they have ghosts in the movie watcher
will always have questions about the movie and this is the critical point to judge whether the movie fail
or success. The good example of this kind of movie in my opinion are The Blair Witch Project and The
Sixth Sense.

Simplicity is the king.

I have seen many of horror movie try to create the story plot to be very mysterious and complicated by
use many of characters and tricks. I’d like to tell you that the selling point and main objective of horror
movie is to make people fun by being terrified not to get them deep down to very complicated quiz. So
the good horror movie should stick with that rule and should focus on special effects and plot of story.
However, effects, sometimes less is more when it comes to the horror movie there should not be loads
of special effect to make people feel terrified but they can use sounds and visualization to make the
movie exciting and scary.

Gory or Scary : Don’t be confused

Some movies has nothing but only bloodbath scene, full of guts spread around, vomiting and tons of
decapitation. Wait wait wait, don’t be confused. If you think that these thing will make you feel terrified,
you are completely wrong. These bloody scenes do not generate fear, they do generate disgust. If you
are looking for a good horror to make you feel fear and scare, make sure that you do not choose the
movie that has loads of these disgusting scene.

The mystery of costume.

This is quite difficult and not practical to explain and you may think that it may not important. It may a
bit hard for you know which movie you which style of costume for characters, but one thing is for sure
that using flashy and dirty ragged costume, especially for ghosts may help on inspire fear but should
not be overwhelm by them.

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