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                                                How Do Pro Guitar Players Play Live?
                                                               By Logan N Young

   Listening to a pro guitar player play live gives the biggest kick to a guitar lover. Do you want to know
how these players create this magic? One can take solace in the fact that all pro players were
amateurs once upon a time. Yes, almost all guitar players start by learning to play a few guitar strum
patterns. You really start enjoying playing the guitar once you have mastered the basic patterns. This
sounds easier than it is to achieve. There are a few special guitar strum patterns, once you master
these patterns your music really comes alive, and your playing sounds better than it actually is.

Upstrokes And Down Strokes

 Initially your strum patterns will invariably consist of some upstrokes and some down strokes. A stroke
is known as upstroke when a pick is moved towards the player in an upward manner. By the same
logic the down stroke is that stroke which starts at the top and goes down. Various variations of these
basic strokes form different guitar strum patterns. The playing starts sounding really good when the
player starts adding different variations and timing patterns into the play.

 A beginner must always start with a simple strum pattern. These consist of even up and down strokes.
In these patterns every thing is even. The strum patterns are neither too hard nor too soft. Once a
player finds the right balance of strumming, it starts sounding good.

Speed And Tempo

 Speed and tempo play a great part in your picking. The feel of your music depends upon the tempo
that you play in. Try this simple trick. First play a simple pattern slowly, and listen to the sound
carefully. Now play the same pattern but double your speed. Feel the difference in the overall quality of
the music. You are playing the same strum patterns, but the speed has made all the difference.

 Once you are confident of mastering all the basic patterns, move on to more innovative and better
ways of playing. A teacher can help you learn advanced patterns. Books and videos can be of great
help. Online search on guitar strum patterns can reveal a lot of information.

 A few different strum patterns will make your music come alive. You can choose to play any style or
form by mastering the right patterns. But you will need to work hard at it. The next step is to become a

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pro, but this takes a lot of dedication, talent, and perseverance.

The Right Guitar Strings

 Professional guitar players are very particular about the jazz guitar strings that they choose to use.
They are very clear about the exact sound that they want to produce. There are many types of guitar
strings to choose from. Jazz guitar strings may be flat wound or round wound.

 The flat wound ones are like flat ribbons. These have a polished nickel surface. These strings give an
increased flexibility to the player to produce the kind of smooth sound that he wants to produce.

 The round wound strings are not really favored by traditional jazz players, but some jazz players are
using them now. These strings are thin, dense, and play well at high frequencies.

A Final Word

 Playing good music takes a lot of practice and a lot of love. Take your time and choose the best way
to learn guitar playing. Once you have made your choice, spend time practicing. Before long you will
be producing the most beautiful music. Remember, if you really want to play like a pro guitarist, you will
need to give it your all.

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                           Learn to Play Guitar Online - Discover Guitar Lesson Tools.
                                                             By Anna Rowe

You can learn to play guitar online - and it's never been easier.

Whether you wish to become a jazzy crooner, a country strummer or a jamming rock star, the guitar is
one of the easiest instruments to learn. There are a variety of lessons, tools and help out there in
cyberspace. And, you can learn enough to strum along with your first song after only one lesson!

To learn how to play guitar online, you need several tools in addition to your guitar. Some guitar
lessons and tools designed to assist you in learning how to play guitar online, include:

- Step-by-step guitar lessons.
- Chord lessons and chord charts.
- Guitar tab lessons.
- Song lyrics with chords.
- Guitar lesson ebooks and software programs.
- Sheet music
- Sound files and guitar jam tracks.
- Online guitar site forums.

If you are a beginner, look for online guitar lessons directed toward the new guitar player. These
lessons should include the basics, such as; how to hold a guitar, choose a guitar, basic chord
instruction, learning frets and how to choose guitar accessories.

Of course, the beginning guitar player will need charts for learning the various chords, so, at the very
least, look for these visual aids. With practice, it won't be long before you'll be ready for intermediate
guitar lessons.

The intermediate guitar player can also benefit from quality online guitar lessons and resources which
illustrate the many chords. Furthermore, intermediate guitar players will be interested in learning to
read guitar tablature.

There are many websites that offer free guitar lessons, but you may choose instead to get help with an
online guitar lesson program. Although there's nothing wrong with teaching yourself guitar for free,
many beginners find that it's easier, and faster, to learn to play guitar from a pro.

With professional guitar instruction, you'll learn how to play guitar the correct way, while learning which
mistakes and bad habits you must avoid. It's truely a highly effective way to learn to play guitar. You'll
learn valuable tips and techniques designed to reduce the confusion and frustrations that many people
experience when learning to play a new instrument.

By choosing a guitar lesson program, developed by a professional guitarist, you'll get all levels of
training needed. Most professional online guitar lesson programs are very affordable, and come with
all the "bells and whistles" of proper guitar learning.

In Closing:

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It's never been easier to learn to play guitar online. Of course it takes practice, but many of the greatest
guitarists taught themselves most of what they know about guitar playing. Because of the Internet, you
can play along with guitar jam tracks, learn unusual chords, find chords and lyrics for songs you want
to learn, and even learn to read guitar tablature.

You can even join an online guitar players forum to get one-on-one help, support and to ask questions.
 And because of the high demand of learning guitar online, if you choose to invest in an online guitar
course, the prices have never been lower than they are today.

Article by Anna Rowe. Visit her online guitar lesson reviews site to compare the best guitar learning
programs. Get free guitar lessons and guitar playing tips.

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