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					                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

       Halloween does not have to be the same old costume choices year in and out. Make it fun and original.
     Halloween costumes used to be just for kids but really had become a huge adult event over the past several
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                                      Dress up as the Ghostbusters This Halloween
                                                            By Andrew Doyle

   Ghostbuster Halloween Costumes

 One of the most popular costumes at Halloween always seems to be the Ghostbusters costumes, if
you are inspired by the classic Ghostbusters films from the 1980’s then there are various ways in which
you can dress as your heroes this Halloween. There are various options available for people looking to
buy a Ghostbuster costume over the internet. Usually the costume consists of a beige all in one
jumpsuit with Ghostbuster logo on the sleeves, front and back, also many costumes come with an
inflatable gun and backpack so that you can truly feel like a Ghostbuster. Also some added extras are
needed which include black boots or shoes and black gloves, these can also be purchased from army
surplus shops.

Making your own costume

 The Ghostbuster costume can be a difficult costume to make but can be done relatively cheaply.
Firstly you need a beige/white jump or flight suit, these can be found at most army surplus shops and
then attach the Ghostbusters logo to the sleeves, these can be bought online. You will also need some
black gloves and some black shoes or boots. Don’t forget about the red and black name tags attached
to the front. If you are interested in creating the full back pack then it can be made using wood and
plastic and eventually painted black with added green and red buttons. Use house hold implements
attached to a wooden board such as washing up bottles or toilet rolls. Obviously this is the hard part
and I thoroughly recommend fully studying pictures and the film before attempting to do this element of
the costume. If you use a wooden backing don’t forget to sand down the edges in order to make it
completely safe and use light wood such as MDF in order to make it as easy as possible to carry.

Family Costume Ideas

 If you want to go as a family of Ghostbusters there are various characters from the film you can go as,
including Dana Barrett from the film played by ‘Sigourney Weaver’, or you could dress up as Slimer
which would be perfect for children or if you are feeling particularly adventurous you could try out a
‘Stay Puft Marshmallow Man’ costume. This can also be a difficult costume to make for yourself and
there are few sites that sell the Stay Puft costume, so it will probably be a very unique costume at any
Halloween party. Firstly it should start with a set of painter’s overalls, make sure you buy the biggest

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

size you can, and then fill the inside of it using billows. Then buy some blue felt for the bib around the
neck, some white material to stitch into it and then some red cloth to tie around the neck. Finally buy a
sailors hat and stitch ‘STAY PUFT’ using white thread into the front of the hat. Again make sure you
study pictures from the films in order to make the costume as authentic as possible.

The author is a contributing writer for All Fancy Dress are a leading provider
of halloween costumes and Ghostbusters costumes online.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                      Making A Petrifying Entry
                                           By Ajeet Khurana

 Ever wondered how it might be to have a Jekyll and Hyde kind of a transformation? Well, Halloween is
one occasion that allows us to find out. It allows us that one evening in the year when we have the
freedom to dress however we like and walk the streets without wondering about what others will think.
Of course, if our outfits are attention grabbers, there is great fun in watching others stare in envy and

Of course, getting dressed for Halloween has little to do with finding clothes that are in vogue. Rather,
the point is to make a statement, and dress in a way that would surprise all those who think they know
us. Only few of us can be Frankensteins in our daily lives. Yet, that does not stop us from donning the
garb of a Frankenstein monster to get people's attention at that big Halloween bash.

Costume rental stores are the biggest winners around Halloween. There is always a mad rush for witch
costumes, mummy costumes, and the like. Those who start looking for their Halloween costumes a
little too late usually end up with costumes that make no impact at all. That would be a sad thing. After
all, the point of most Halloween costume parties is that everyone wears a scary costume. There really
is no point in dressing up as a fairy (unless one is a little girl) for Halloween.

That is where masks come in. Even if one does not have a terribly frightening costume, a scarily
realistic Halloween mask should be a terrific solution. These days, manufacturers of Halloween masks
take great care in creating very real-looking Halloween masks (if zombies and mummies can ever be
made "life"-like). Earlier on, masks were commonly made with materials such as latex. These days, a
large number of masks use silicon as their basic material. This tends to make their textures a lot like
human flesh.

Yes, it is natural to feel revulsion when you have a very realistic Halloween clown mask with blood
oozing out and flesh hanging down from the sides. But then, that is the point of getting dressed for
Halloween! One's worst nightmares have to be recreated. If you are most scared of being bitten by a
zombie, it should be lots of fun to wear a Halloween zombie mask while you go "trick or treating".
Halloween masks help us become our own worst nightmares. Halloween is a great excuse to get into
the world of the scariest horror movies.

Halloween masks at can help you have a stellar celebration. Get a
Halloween clown mask at or a Halloween zombie mask at and see the expression on people's face.

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

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