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    Musical instruments are divided in the categories of string instruments (e.g. Psaltery, harp, Viola, violin, guitar,
     oud, mandolin, Banjo, fiddle, etc). Some are suitable for all types of players, while some are for beginners.
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                                               Country Styled Musical Instruments
                                                              By James Brown

   Any social event that features music played with country styled musical instruments is sure to draw
large crowds. Musical instruments such as the fiddle, banjo, and guitar have been featured during live
performances at the Grand Ole Opry and are favored by country music artists in recording studios
around the world. These musical instruments are not easy to use at first, but they are the most
preferred musical instrument modes to bring country styled music to people around the world.

 People believe that guitars, banjos, and fiddles should be easy to play if they are meant to supply
country styled music sounds. That outlook changes when players must figure out how to make the
music tones change after a few strums on the chords. Then aspiring musicians realize that there is a
lot of practice involved to produce quality country music sounds worth listening to.

 The effort of learning to strum each of these musical instruments might be too much for some,
because the intricacies of playing the musical instruments is greater than expected, and people do not
want to waste money learning how to play them. It takes months of practice to render music of better
quality, and even more practice will be required to play good enough for a public performance. Most
students learn the basic chords while playing these music instruments in high school.

 To an untrained ear, country musical instruments might sound in tune when they truly are not. A
country music fan will know if the musician knows their stuff when they are able to play country styled
musical instruments such as the violin and banjo and produce musical sounds that sound just like a
train coming down the tracks. When this type of country music sound is produced on a stage in front of
a live audience, the crowd will typically show how good the music feels by clapping hands and
stomping feet while the chords are being released in unison on the stage.

 Country music gets even livelier when drums are introduced to the music score. Audiences are likely
to get up and start dancing when these country styled musical instruments are heard. The clapping is
likely to get very loud during some portions of a country music show and fans will show their
appreciation for a good performance by giving standing ovations at the end of the show. Drums are not
down home country music instruments but are percussion styled instruments that can be used to
create country styled spirit in music scores.

 The true sounds of country music can be derived from two country styled musical instruments. Early
settlers used to rely on everyday items around the house to produce musical sounds at social events.

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Items such as a washboard and a jug of moonshine have been used to spice up parties in many ways.
After the daily wash chores were finished, women could be seen congregating with friends for a
mid-afternoon party. The rhythms created after many days of wash would be introduced to guests
when they came over for a Saturday night filled with dancing.

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                                                  Stores For Musical Instruments
                                                            By Linda Polansky

 Different people like to play different types of musical instruments. In fact, there are a wide range of
instruments available today. A person can like the sound produced by any of these instruments. Each
of these instruments is again found in a wide range of models, each differing in shape, size and cost.
Hence, the choice of the right instrument is a little difficult.

All types of musical instruments that have existed for a long period of time can be found in a few
musical instrument stores. These stores help to reflect the culture and tradition of the country by
promoting the sale of the old musical instruments that people might have even forgotten about. Some
of these instruments might be traditional and the others modern. All of these musical instruments can
be found at the musical instrument stores.

Musical instrument stores are of two types – online and offline. Online stores refer to the stores for sale
for musical instruments present on the internet. Purchasing from the online musical instrument stores
is advisable because they have a wide range of models to show you. They even offer information
regarding each model on their website. Hence, it becomes easy for you to read the information and
choose the model that you want.

Another advantage about buying from online stores is that they offer musical instruments at prices less
than that of the offline musical instrument stores. They can afford to give more discounts because they
don’t have to bear the overhead costs associated with shop floor maintenance and employee salaries.
Some of these stores also provide you a chance for return and replacement of your musical
instruments, in case they are damaged or you don’t like them.

Secondly, you can also buy your musical instruments from an offline musical instrument store. This is
the best thing to do if you are not very sure about giving your personal information on the internet to
the musical instrument selling websites. This method is not so bad because the salespersons present
in the store are usually experienced ones and they can guide you on matters relating to the type of
musical instrument required for your level of expertise on that instrument.

Many musical instrument stores also give away free accessories when you buy musical instruments
from them. These may include guitar amps, keyboard controllers, computer music hardware,
headphones and headphone amps, covers, and many more.

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