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                         Blackmore's Night Secret Voyage - First Studio Album For Years
                                                          By Marek Adam Norvid

   If you're a fan of Blackmore's Night then you're going to love Secret Voyage - the first studio album
from the band for many years.

 As they have done with previous works, Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night have used traditional
melodies and uniquely blended them with contemporary music to produce a style of music best defined
as Renaissance Folk Rock. As before, Ritchie Blackmore's brilliant guitar is complemented by Candice
Night's lyrics and vocals.

 The album Secret Voyage consists of twelve brand new tracks. Their latest offering has apparently
been inspired by nature and incorporates both acoustic and electric guitars, strings and renaissance

History of the band:

 The ban originated in 1990 when Candice Night was working at a New York radio station. She met
Ritchie Blackmore at a soccer game in which he was playing. The two realised they shared an interest
in the Renaissance and subsequently entered into a relationship.

Ritchie Blackmore left Deep Purple in 1993 and two years later he recorded the album Stranger in Us
All. Candice Night sang backing vocals and contributed to some of the lyrics.

 It was at this point that Blackmore became interested in the idea of bringing Renaissance music to a
contemporary audience. He decided that Night's personality and voice made her the natural choice as
lead singer. They launched their new band in 1997, with session musicians rounding out the line-up.

 The first album, Shadow of the Moon, was a success. As the band continued, rock guitar became
more and more influential although - paradoxically - Night contributed more in the way of Renaissance

 The group performs at Renaissance events, as well as touring in their own right. They tend to favour
castles as venues and their audience will typically dress in period costume. The success of the band

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has even spawned two tribute bands - Renaissance Night and Italian Morning Star.


Shadow of the Moon (1997)
Under a Violet Moon (1999)
Fires at Midnight (2001)
Ghost of a Rose (2003)
Past Times with Good Company (2003) (Live)
Beyond the Sunset: The Romantic Collection (2004) (Compilation)
Castles and Dreams (2005) (DVD - Live)
The Village Lanterne (2006)
Winter Carols (2006)
Paris Moon (2007) (DVD - Live)
Paris Moon (2007) (Live)
Secret Voyage (2008)

Current band members:

Ritchie Blackmore - guitars, mandolin, domra
Candice Night - vocals, horn, flute
Bard David of larchmont - keyboards
Squire Malcolm of Lumley (Malcolm Dick) - drums
Gypsy Rose - Violin
Earl Grey of Chemey - Bass, mandolin and guitar

Former band members

Sisters of the Moon: Lady Madeline and Lady Nancy (Madeline and Nancy Posner) - backing vocals
Lord Marnen of Wolfhurst (Marnen Laibow-Koser) - violin, flute, recorder
Chris Devine - violin, flute, guitar
Carmine Giglio - keyboards
Mike Sorrentino - percussion
Sir Robert of Normandie (Robert Curiano) - bass, guitars
Tudor Rose (Tina Chancey) - violin, flute
Mick Cervino - bassist
Marci Geller
Adam Forgione
Alex Alexander
Jessie Haynes - guitars and backing vocals
Lady Rraine (Lorraine Ferro) - harmony vocals
Baron St James

Marek Norvid has been in the music business since he was the entertainment officer at Newcastle
University back in the 80s. In the late 80's he set up RPM Music which is one of the few independent
records stores still in existence in the UK. You can visit to check out the
latest classic rock releases. Or visit to find out more about the

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                                             The Chemical Brothers Go Organic
                                                          By Colin Galbraith

 The Chemical Brothers are made up of childhood friends Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, and are a
Grammy Award winning electronic music sensation. Originally referred to as the The Dust Brothers
until a legal threat from another band of the same name, they changed their name in 1995 after a
successful tour of the U.S.

The Chemical Brothers are one of the few bands that successfully made the transition to arena-sized
concerts, and the fact they are an electronic act makes this feat even more impressive. Along with The
Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers have become known as pioneers of the big-beat electronic dance
genre, and have a reputation unsurpassed for their use of complicated sound and light effects to
produce amazing live gigs.

In the studio, they have been releasing albums since 1995, when they first put out Exit Planet Dust.
Shortly after its release they were snapped up by Virgin Records, under which they started their own
offshoot label, Freestyle Dust.

During that year's Glastonbury Festival, Rowlands and Simons met up with Noel Gallagher from Oasis,
who told them how much he liked their debut album, and that he would like to sing on a future track.
They got together and recorded Setting Sun, the song being released in October 1996. It gave the duo
their first number one single, and also starting a popular trend they would continue, of working with
guest vocalists.

In 1997 the Chemical Brothers released their second album, Dig Your Own Hole, after recording it at
their studio in south London. During that summer they toured extensively, playing clubs and festivals,
particularly in the United States. In Tokyo, they became residents in the Liquid Rooms.

After a break of almost two years, the Chemical Brothers returned with a new single which signalled a
subtle change in direction. Hey Boy, Hey Girl was immediately a more commercial record, and as a
result went to number 3 in the UK charts and gained them huge publicity.

The third album, Surrender, was released in June 1999, again featuring the likes of Noel Gallagher on
backing vocals. The album reached number 1 in the UK and received widespread recognition from all
sections of the music press.

Memorable gigs at Glastonbury and a UK tour followed. The album Come With Us was released in
2001, but it was less well received than any of their previous work. This didn't prevent it topping the UK
charts in its first week of release however, as they proved their fan base was loyal to the core.

Early in 2003, the Chemical Brothers went back into the studio to work on new material, including The
Golden Path, a collaboration with Wayne Coyne, lead singer of The Flaming Lips. This came out in
September 2003, around the same time their Singles 93-03 (best of) album was released.

The following year, they were back in the studio to work on their fifth studio album, Push The Button,
again featuring collaborations with Tim Burgess, Kele Okereke and Anwar Superstar, amongst others.
The album was released in January 2005 and saw good initial sales, but it wasn't until July 2007 that

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the Chemical Brothers released their best-selling sixth album, We Are the Night.

To help promote this, the Chemical Brothers embarked on a hugely sucessful UK tour this December.
Their latest single from the album, The Salmon Dance, is out now.


1995: Exit Planet Dust 1997: Dig Your Own Hole 1999: Surrender 2002: Come With Us 2005: Push
the Button 2007: We Are the Night

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