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Baby Shower Invitations and Party Ideas For Couples


									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                  Baby Shower Invitations and Party Ideas For Couples
                                                                 By Amy Carter

   Baby showers used to be thought of as parties for Mommies, ladies and girlfriends. These days that
seems to be changing. More and more the husbands, fathers and guy friends are getting in on the act.
Every loves a baby and why shouldn’t everyone be allowed to celebrate at the baby shower. It’s easy
to include both parents with clever baby shower invitations and party ideas

Baby shower for Mom and Dad

 Traditionally, the baby shower has just been for Mom, but why not get Dad involved, too. Send baby
shower invitations not only to couples, but to Dad’s friends and get them in on the act. Why not
encourage them to bring a gift that Dad will like too? It’s not just Mom having a baby, they will both be
adding to the family, the baby shower should celebrate both Mom and Dad.

Beyond baby games

 Not all of the guys are interested in opening baby gifts, so plan something with a wider appeal. While
Mommy is opening gifts, plan a card game or tournament for example. Anyone – boy or girl – who is
interested can enjoy a game of cards and when it’s over you can donate the proceeds to the new Mom
and Dad fund. Or invite Moms and Dads to give their best parenting advice. Lots of Dads have great
advice, just ask. Another fun idea is a baby pool in the style of a football pool. Sell squares based on
birth date and baby weight. The winner could get a big windfall, or donate the money to the new kid in
town. Or skip the games all-together and just invite everyone to mingle and catch up. This might be the
last time you see the expectant parents for a bit as they settle in with a new baby.

Themed baby shower

 Let’s face it, Dads and even some Moms might not be that interested in the traditional baby shower
themes and. Consider tailoring your baby shower invitations and party to something everyone will
enjoy. Why not have a baby shower barbeque? Or try a Hawaiian-theme with interesting accents and
menu. If you’re expecting a boy, plan a sports theme. It might seem cliché, but most guys love sports
and this will get them involved and engaged. If you’re expecting twins why not go all out with a ‘twins’
theme baby shower invitations asking your guests to come dressed as their favorite ‘pairs.’ Baby can
be the focus, but your can still has fun with the theme.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

World’s Best Dad

 Times are changing and most Dads are almost as involved and Mom when it comes to baby. Why not
host a ‘World’s Best Dad’ shower. Send baby shower invitations with Dad as the focus. Invitations can
be sent to couples and include Dad’s friends – anyone who would have a fun gift and great advice for
the new Dad. While it’s important to recognize both parents, just this once, Dad might need a little extra

 Make room ladies, its time we include the guys in this tradition. Adding dad, grandpa, uncles and other
Dad friends can be fun for all involved. Think of ideas that will get everyone involved and you’ll have a
unique and memorable baby shower.

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                                    Baby Shower Invitations: Creative Tips And Ideas
                                                             By Jennifer Adair

 When you're planning a baby shower, don't fall into the trap that many do and settle for less than
impressive baby shower invitations. It can be very amusing especially if it aims to invite friends and
relatives to celebrate with the would-be parents in rejoicing for the arrival of the new baby.

In fact, most people contend that a baby shower invitation is the most important thing in a baby shower
because no one will know about the celebration if not for it. Hence, the party will never be successful if
there will be no baby shower invitations to guide the guest as well as the host of the party.

Good enough, finding baby shower invitation ideas are no longer hard these days. This is because
technological advancements had definitely provided the humanity with utmost services that can be truly
worth it. Simply put, you can now find hundreds of baby shower invitations ideas if you will just browse
in the Internet.

In this way, you will have many ideas to choose from and come up with ideas that are perfect for the
baby shower. These particular sites on baby shower invitations do not just provide you with themed
ideas or other concerns of the invitation but also offer some practical tips on the other aspects of baby
shower parties.

Generally, people who usually organize baby showers use general baby shower invitation themes. This
is because in most cases the gender of the baby is yet unknown.

That is why, another aspect of baby shower invitation, which should not be taken for granted, are the
wordings. It is the one responsible in setting the mood of the party.

Today, you can find many tools online concerning the choice of baby shower invitation wordings. You
can either find them as quotes or as literary pieces like poems. Just be sure that before you decide on
the final product, do not forget to proof read the wordings and spelling or typographical errors to avoid
problems that may occur.

Whatever way you want it, you just have to be very careful on your wordings so that you get the best
results that you want to have. Best of all, careful choice of words would be safer technique in order not
to hurt or insult the would-be parents.

Moreover, when making baby shower invitations, please do not forget to include the important details
of the party and to whom the invitation is for. These things are considered the core of the invitations.

For this reason, it is important to take note of the name of the guest of honor, date, time, and place of
the party. It is important to indicate as well whether the party will be a surprise or not so that the guest
will not be confused about the real motive of the celebration. Do not forget to include also an RSVP
with the date and phone number included.

Lastly, make it a point to distribute baby shower invitations 4 to 6 weeks earlier. This will give the
guests enough time to fix their schedules and find time for the said celebration. In this manner, it would
be better to make the invitations earlier so that there will be enough time for any minor adjustments,

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when needed.

Indeed, creating baby shower invitations can be a daunting task, with all the preparations, research,
and everything. But what matters most is that these invitations are the ones that will initiate the idea of
the celebration, therefore, it should be well taken care of.

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