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									                                                          Bhayani Securities (Pvt) Ltd.

                             BSL Online Services Bhayani Securities (Pvt) Ltd offers a comprehensive range of
                                                 services to its clients and investors. BSL provides integrated
                                                 services including equity sales, research, wide-ranging
                                                 corporate finance services and advisory.
              vices Manual

                                                   Professional staff is highly specialized in their respective
                                                   departments. Investment in communication and technology
                                                   has allowed the firm to build an efficient and transparent
                                                   system that is relied upon and trusted by clients and other
                                                   market participants. Internet-based share trading platform
                                                   allows clients to trade in shares listed at the KSE on their
                                                   own computers from anywhere globally.

                                                   Bhayani Securities (Pvt) Ltd has always tried to bring
                                                   convenience in business for the clients. In this regard BSL
BSL Online Serv

                                                   recently started its online trading solutions. We offer two
                                                   different kinds of solutions namely:

                                                                  1 CATS
                                                                  2 Trade - Cast

                                    CATS           CATS is a new generation Automated Trading system
                                                   designed to improve your business practices and provide
                                                   value added information services to investors / clients /
                                                   CATS allows you to enhance your organization processes by
                                                   incorporating exposure management in automated trading,
                                                   increasing control over the trading environment and
                                                   Analyzing Trends in the market with the exceptional
                                                   scalability of the system, You can have unlimited trading
                                                   terminals, giving you the ability to increase your terminals
                                                   and client based to unprecedented levels.
                                                                                              Bhayani Securities (Pvt) Ltd.

                                                                                       The system enables you to unleash your true potential by
                                                                                       fostering growth and helps you to manage this growth
                                             chitecture is shown below in figure 1.1

                                                                                       through automated processes highly flexible and robust
                                                                                       architecture of the system enables swift operation and support
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                                                                                       to your organizational processes with accuracy and
                                                                                       reliability. Key features of the system includes:

                                                                                       Real Time Market Feed
                                                                                       Reliable Order Transaction Processing
                                                                                       Accurate Pre-Trade Exposure Management Per Trader
                                                                                       Centrally Managed Trader Profiles
                                                                                       History Maintained Trade Inquiries
                                                                                       Remote Terminal Operation Over The Internet
BSL Online Serv
                                      CATS Arc

                                                                                       In addition, the system offers a comprehensive list of Value
                                                                                       Added Services this includes: Tickers, Real Time Graphs and
                                                                                       many more.

                             Trade - Cast                                              BSL Trade - Cast is an online tool for customers anywhere in
                                                                                       the world to keep them connected to their portfolios through
                                                                                       our Online Engine.
                             Trade - Cast Architecture is shown

                                                                                       BSL Trade - Cast is a JAVA based applet which provides
                                                                                       Real Time Stock Rates, Instant executions, Risk Management
                                     below in figure 1.2

                                                                                       and confidentiality. BSL Trade – Cast also includes some of
                                                                                       the features available in CATS.
                                                                                       In short, CATS is a Branch Connectivity Solution and Trade
                                                                                       – Cast is a stand alone single user solution.
                                                           Bhayani Securities (Pvt) Ltd.

                                                     Architecture of BSL Branch Trading Solution using CATS

                                            BSL Servers
              vices Manual

                             (Figure 1.1)

                                                                                                           VPN Connectivity

BSL Online Serv

                                                                    Unlimited Branch Clients

                                                       Architecture of BSL Online Customer using Trade - Cast
                             (Figure 1.2)

                                                                                               Home User / Client
                                            Simple Dial Up Connection or
                                            Cable Net
                                                       Bhayani Securities (Pvt) Ltd.

                             Risk Management   At BSL, controls are set and monitored at senior management
                                               level. It is essential to control over individual trading limit,
                                               market risk, credit risk, legal risk, operational risk and
                                               liquidity risk.
              vices Manual

                                               The I.T department also involves in developing effective
                                               techniques for Risk Management as it’s a very important
                                               pillar for a sound brokerage house.

                               SMS Service     Trade Executions of our clients are instantly sent by our SMS
                                               Service. Through our software, the executions are sent within
                                               a minute of the transaction time. This is sent in order to keep
                                               the client aware of the executions immediately. Besides BSL
                                               also entertain its client with SMS Alerts which includes:
BSL Online Serv

                                               timely upper / lower cap alerts, volume leader alerts,
                                               company announcements and important news.

                                          Registered Office                        Contact Details
                                  Room # 512 - 514, 5th Floor,            PABX : 021-2429774-5
                                  Karachi Stock Exchange                  Fax : 021-2421755
                                  Off: I.I Chundrigar Road                Email :
                                  Karachi, Pakistan.

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