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									                         Olexandr Ostapenko.
                         Software Developer / Software Architect
E-mail: cv{-at-}ostapenko{-dot-}com
Cell phone: +49 172 2373896


              25+ years in software development.
              C++, C etc. for Unix and Wintel platforms.
              Sound knowledge in Internet technology field, from TCP/IP to the whole range
               of top-level Internet protocols and BGP.
              TCP socket communications.
              Multi-threading and near-to-realtime tasks under MS Windows.
              Ability to develop a project from the ground up.
              Object-oriented analysis and design.
              Diverse programming expertise - from programming controllers to multi-tier
               client/server applications.
              Large spectrum of programming languages: from Assembler for OS 370 to C,
               C++, Java, Python.
              Banking technologies and tools: Equities trading, Market making, Algorithmic

Additional skills:
      Trolltech QT 4.
      Rogue Wave Objective Grid.
      Reuters SFC.
      fidessa OpenAccess.
      Front AEL.
      MFC.
      IBM MQ Series.

January 2004 - present
WestLB AG, Duesseldorf, Germany
Advanced IT Specialist
      Algorithmic Trader, the tool to automate equities trading by choosing from the
       set of predefined trading tactics, like VWAP etc., with a fine tuning (C++,
       Trolltech QT4, Reuters SFC, Fidessa OpenAccess).
      Quote Machine for XETRA designated sponsors (market makers) - C++, STL,
       MFC, Reuters SFC, XETRA VALUES API.
      Fidessa Application Server - a set of interfaces between Fidessa Trading System
       (http://www.fidessa.com/) and third-party systems, like Atlas, Gloss, Trax etc. -
       Java, Python, fidessa OpenAccess, IBM MQ Series, AMB (Arena Message
      Front Arena extensions - AEL, Python, C++.
      MiFID (the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) OTC trades reporting
       tool - XETRA VALUES API, IBM MQ Series.
September 1999 - December 2003
Kespret & Lang AG, Moers, NRW, Germany
Software developer.
      December 1999: Java front-end for Oracle database, used for online verification
       and maintenance of handwritten signatures. Personal responsibility: the whole
       application from scratch.
      Software for trading floor (WestLB Panmure) of Westdeutsche Landesbank
       (WestLB), Duesseldorf, Germany (MS VC++, MFC, STL, XETRA/VALUES
       TCP/IP, Windows sockets).
       The software is used to interact with Xetra (Exchange Electronic Trading) system
       of German Exchange during continuous electronic online trading.
          o   May 2000: Put into production quote machine for warrants trading.
              Developed by team of two persons. Personal responsibility: main
              framework and complete client's part, e.g everything except the Pricing
          o   May 2001: Put into production Quote machine for XETRA designated
              sponsors (market makers) online trading. Developed by myself alone.
              Personal responsibility: the whole application from scratch.
          o   July 2001: Cooperation between Kespret & Lang, WestLB Systems and
              WestLB Panmure produced a Brand i*Quote.
          o   November 2001: i*Quote runtime license (for Quote machine for
              designated sponsors) acquired by Morgan Stanley Bank AG, Germany. In
              use in Production on this client's Trading Floor since that date.
          o   January 2001: i*Quote runtime license acquired by Equinet Securities
              AG. In use in Production on this client's Trading Floor since that date.
           o   March 2002: Reuters API (SFC) interface incorporated into i*Quote.
               Market Data requests via Triarch or RMDS Architectures now possible.
           o   March 2002: i*Quote runtime license acquired by N.M.
               FLEISCHHACKER AG.
           o   March 2002: i*Quote runtime license acquired by Concord Effekten AG.
           o   June 2002: i*Quote runtime license acquired by HypoVereinsbank AG,
               Muenchen. In use in Production on this client's Trading Floor since that

March 1999 - September 1999
independent software developer.
      VC++/MFC projects for win32 platforms.
      Java projects.

May 1997 - March 1999
Alkar Teleport, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
first, postmaster, then Technical Director.
      A number of software projects, including network monitoring tools using GNU
       C++ under UNIX (FreeBSD) and Java.
      A client software for a call-center of a local paging company, including the
       performance monitoring tools - VC++/MFC for win32.
      Several Java and VC++/MFC projects for third party customers.
      The whole Unix system administration lifecycle.
      Internet routing configuration - Cisco IOS, BGP 4.

1994 - May 1997
Independent contractor, remote software developer on a subcontractor basis.
      Software development using Borland C++/OWL and Visual C++/MFC, Java,
       Visual Basic, ASMx86 et cetera. For IBM PC - compatible desktop computers,
       mostly under Windows95, MS Windows 3.1-3.11, MS DOS.
      Internet related software (standalone nntp client etc.) for Windows95 -

1991 - 1993
NPO "Orbita", Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
first, leading engineer-programmer, then main expert on software.
      Was engaged in electronic cartography, from creation of electronic maps,
       including digitizing, to solution of applied tasks. All projects were realized for
       IBM PC, programming languages Assembler, C, Borland C++/OWL, Pascal
       were used.

1987 - 1990
Dniepropetrovsk State University, Ukraine.
           Trained in speciality "Dynamics, ballistics and control of flying objects". Under
            supervision of professor German V. Mozhaev continued to be engaged in
            research of problem of observations of the earth surface from Space.
           The parts of tasks have begun to solve PC Iskra-1030 (Soviet analogue for IBM
            PC XT). Programming languages C (Borland's Turbo C) and Assembler for IBM
            PC began to use in development from 1987.
           Conducted lectures, seminars and practical lessons with students in mathematics
            and programming courses for technical specialities of universities.

    1984 - 1987
    Yuzhnoye SDO, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
           At the beginning was engaged in processing and analysis of telemetering
            information, received as a result of testing of complex systems (ballistic missiles
            test launches). Programmed on languages PL/1 and Assembler in System/370.
           Then investigated the problem of design of satellite constellations, ensuring
            continuous and periodic coverage of the surface of the Earth. The behavior of
            systems, designed using the theory of groups and theory of symmetry was
            simulated with the purpose of selecting the best ones by the given criteria.
           The languages PL/1 and Assembler for OS/370 were used, computations was
            conducted on System/370.

    1979 - 1984
    Odessa National Polytechnic University, Ukraine.
    student and engineer.
           Was engaged in the study of problem of adaptive digital filtering, in particular, at
            construction of phased-array antennas. The behavior of filters was simulated on
            computer and the received results were compared with those analytically
           The computations were conducted on ES EVM (soviet analogue of IBM
            System/370), programming languages FORTRAN and PL/1 were used.


            Dniepropetrovsk State               Post-graduate course "Dynamics, ballistics
            University, Ukraine.                and control of flying objects".
            Odessa National Polytechnic         M. Sc. in Radiotechnic systems of
            University, Ukraine.                transmission of information.
                                                M. Sc. in Science of theory and practice of
            State Patent Institute, Odessa,
     1984                                       patenting and protection of author's rights,
                                                cum laude.
            General educational school #34
     1979                                       Physics, mathematics.
            in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

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