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The Video Professor - Is it a Scam?


									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                   The Video Professor - Is it a Scam - Honest Answers
                                                               By Brandi Yates

   One of the most popular jobs that can give us better chances of getting extra bucks each month are
jobs related to computers. Being knowledgeable on computers can land us thousands of computer
jobs, whether they are online or offline opportunities. This is one of the reasons why there are a lot of
online courses that offer computer lessons and trainings. One of which is Video Professor, which had
recently been talked about by a lot of people.

 Video Professor offers online computer tutorials, which according to them will allow you to learn
computer skills easily and quickly right at the comforts of your own home. They also offer over 60
lesson titles like Photoshop, Online Investing, Excel, eBay, QuickBooks and Windows that are ideal for
all types of skills, may it be novice, intermediate or advanced. While this is still an excellent product,
there have been some complaints.

 Why did I say that Video Professor had recently been talked about by a lot of people? It is because a
lot of people are saying that they are a scam. You may wonder how an educational product can be a
scam. I'll tell you why.

 If you look closely at their website, they are claiming that they are giving out free CD's without any
further obligations, PERIOD. That's as clear as crystal since they even printed the word PERIOD in all
capital letters. But how come thousands of customers are complaining that Video Professor is taking
money from their credit card even if they did not subscribe any further? That's the trick. They are using
the word FREE just to attract customers and after that they would get money from their accounts.

 If you search the words 'Video Professor' in search engines, you will see arrays of customer
complaints- thousands of them. Now, come to think of it, "no further obligations, PERIOD." Where are
their words of honor?

 Not only that. There are also people who have been double, triple, or even quadruple charged on their
credit cards for the services that they had ordered from Video Professor. The worst part is many are
saying that they are being charged for packages or services that they haven't even ordered at all.

 A lot of customers have been complaining that Video Professor have been taking money from their
bank accounts and credit cards. They had been trying to call Video Professor's customer service but to
no success at all. It's either that no one will be answering the call or you will be put on hold for so long.

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 If you will not file a report on your bank, they will keep on getting money from your account. That's
something that shouldn't be tolerated. They may be doing these errors on purpose. You know why?
Because if it is a glitch on the system, the error can happen once or twice but never a thousand times!
Since a lot of customers have been trying to reach them, then they should have fixed the error a long
time ago.

Those who have purchased this and were aware that there cards were going to be charged, are happy
with the product, in fact, the software itself has excellent customer reviews.

 There are other ways to buy Video Professor other than the number on the TV and it is much safer
this way.

Here you can buy The Video Professor Safely and up to 50% OFF!

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                                Video Professor
                                                             By Regina Stevens

Video Professor by Regina Stevens

I am sure you have heard of the famous Video Professor training CDs. If not, these CDs are your
personal instructor for learning many popular programs.

You can learn at your own pace! No need to pay for a class, rush through, and forget the information
you payed for. With the Video Professor, you can go back and try the lessons again until you are
comfortable with the program.

There are over 25 online learning titles to choose from, but to give you an idea, some of the titles are
Access, Excel, HTML, Internet, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and WordPerfect. If you are looking for
another job, these titles will help you considerably.

You can use the online lessons or order the 3-CD set if you have a dial-up modem.

Good luck! Visit our helpful articles section located at

 Regina Stevens is the owner of Keep It Simple Websites ( She writes
helpful computer articles for new computer users.

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