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The Difference Between IELTS and TOEFL


									                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                             The Difference Between IELTS and TOEFL
                                                               By A Nutt

   You have spent many hours learning English, whether for your work or school situation. Now you
need to prove that you do, in fact, know the language as well as you need to for the program you are
entering. How can you do this? You can prove your knowledge of the language by taking a test. Two of
the most popular are the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the International English
Language Testing System (IELTS). While these two tests have a similar goal – to show that you know
English – they are different in many ways.

Difference in Intent

 One difference in the two tests is in the intent. The main intent of the TOEFL is to determine whether
or not the test taker can speak, read, understand, and write English well enough to attend college in an
English-speaking program. The questions, reading material, and listening material are all designed on
a college level.

 While there is one version of the IELTS that is designed for college applicants, the Academic Version,
the IELTS also comes in a General Training Version. This is used for those who are looking to head to
an English-speaking country for work or immigration. Many companies who are looking to hire
non-native English speakers need to know that their employees can speak and understand English,
and they require a test to show this. Also, Australia and Canada require those who are immigrating to
their countries to pass the test as part of their citizenship requirements.

Difference in Focus

 Another difference between the two tests is the focus. The TOEFL is designed for North American
speakers and hearers. The spoken portions are read by native North American speakers. The
questions of form and style are based on North American English. On the other hand, the IELTS is
designed to fit a variety of accents and situations. The writing styles and accents incorporated into the
test are designed to mimic the accent and style of many different countries. This makes this test ideal
for those who are looking to test their ability to speak and read English, but do not necessarily need to
speak and read North American English.

The Structure of the IELTS

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Candidates who are taking the IELTS are required to complete four modules. These are speaking,
reading, writing, and listening. Once complete, the applicant will receive a band, or score, which will be
displayed on the IELTS Test Report Form. The highest possible score is a 9 band score, which means
the individual is completely competent in all tested areas.

 The Listening and Speaking Modules are the same for both the academic and general versions of the
exam, but the Reading and Writing Modules are not. The test takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to
complete. The Listening, Reading, and Writing Modules must be completed in that order on the same
day without a break. The Speaking Module can be completed within a week prior to or following the
written portion of the test.

 The Structure of the TOEFL

 The TOEFL can be taken online or at a testing center. When taken online, the applicant has four hours
to complete the Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing sections of the test. Each section has its
own time limit. The paper-based test is similar in structure. However, it has a structure and written
expression section rather than a speaking section. These test similar skills, just in a different format.

 The Internet based version has a highest possible score of 120 and a lowest possible score of 0. The
paper version is scored in a range between 310 and 577, with each section scored separately, but the
writing section not included in the final score.

 While the TOEFL and the IELTS have significant differences, both are good ways to judge whether or
not an English speaker truly knows the language. If you are trying to decide which test to take, contact
the school or company with which you are applying to see which test they prefer.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                     How to Pass the TOEFL Exam
                                                                   By Jason Kay

Passing the TOEFL exam is a critical step in getting into college, obtaining professional certifications
needed for work and even getting a job in certain cases. For anyone whose native language is not
English, the TOEFL exam is often something they face if they plan to live or study in an English
environment. TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language is a standardized test of academic
English that is administered worldwide. It is available in an Internet-based form and a paper test.

 The TOEFL exam is not an easy test. It is comprised of 4 parts: reading, listening, speaking and
writing and takes 4 hours to complete. The test taker must have a very good understanding of the
English language including grammar, idioms, listening skills and vocabulary. It is very important to
prepare for the TOEFL exam in order to pass it. Below are some tips on how to pass the TOEFL.

 1. Know what to expect. Read all you can about the topics tested in the TOEFL and how they are
tested. Get sample questions and even full sample tests. This way the format and type of questions
you will encounter will not be a surprise to you.

2. Review all your grammar rules and idiomatic expressions that you have learned to date in English.

 3. Invest in a TOEFL preparatory book. It is a structured, easy to follow method of reviewing all the
information necessary to pass the TOEFL test. Such books typically come with sample tests to help
you prepare.

 4. Practice for the exam by taking a practice test. Time each section as it would be during the real
exam. Use the correction key to correct it afterwards and to identify any mistakes you made. Review
the rules for those mistakes and be sure you understand why you made the errors you did.

 5. Work with an English tutor or teacher who can help you understand the areas you are having
difficulty with. A good teacher will be able to provide explanations that you can understand, as well as
memory tricks to help you retain the information.

 6. Take additional TOEFL practice exams until you achieve a high passing grade on several. Now you
are ready to take the test.

 7. Get plenty of sleep the night before the test, so that you arrive in good shape for one of the most
important tests a non-native English speaker will ever take.

 8. Pace yourself as you take the test. Don’t go so fast that you neglect to read instructions and don’t
dedicate too much time to any one question.

 They say that practice makes perfect. Nowhere is that more true than with a test like TOEFL. The test
does a very comprehensive job of analyzing a person’s ability to learn and work in their second
language. Therefore, it is essential to review, study and learn all the skills needed in order to pass the
TOEFL exam. Acing this test will open numerous doors for you.

Take a sample Toefl test to help you prepare for the Toefl exam at

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                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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