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									                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Learning Japanese is certainly what many people want to do but never get round to doing. Learning Japanese
      is very simple but unlike English language, so many English speakers find it difficult to learn Japanese.
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                                              Learn to Speak Japanese Quickly!
                                                             By Yuki Shoji

   The Japanese language is one of the widely used Asian lingoes in the world. Statistics have it that
more than 130 million people speak Nihongo all around the globe. Like any foreign language, it is
always difficult to learn something that is not your native tongue. Here are a few pointers that may help
you learn to speak Japanese in the easiest way possible:

 1. Find the time to learn. In any aspect of learning, it is always important that you devote time into
studying the language. Assess your reasons as to why you want to learn to speak Japanese and draw
determination from there. In order to gain comprehension, you have to have the dedication.

 2. Get an audio book that will aid you in your knowledge. The best way to learn to speak Japanese is
for you to read and understand the words and their meanings, as well as listen to how they are being
said. You can browse the internet or go straight to a nearby bookstore and look for the best book that
may suit your needs.

 3. While listening to the tape, try to catch key phrases phonetically and notice how vowels are being
pronounced. Unlike English vowel accents, Japanese vowels are more pure in pronunciation and have
no short sounds.

 4. Try reading the words and phrases aloud. You can face the mirror while mimicking the words so as
to see the movement of your lips. Make sure that you make a mental note of the meaning of the words
as you say them. Memorize simple Japanese conversation phrases first such as: “How are you?” or
“What is your name?” It is best to learn to speak Japanese in phrases or sentences so as not to have a
hard time translating English sentences word per word.

 5. Remember as you learn to speak Japanese that their language has a system in respect to formality
and politeness. These prefixes or suffixes are often used to refer to different types of people. Try to
also take note of the meaning of the verbs as the Japanese language emphasizes on the action.

 6. If you can watch Japanese children’s shows, observe how these various phrases are being used.
Japanese children’s shows often use basic Nihongo words that are understandable and relatable. You
may use pointer #3 here and try to respond to their statements based on your understanding. You can
also go back to your book and check on new words you have learned.

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 7. Practice. The more you practice, the easier it will be to learn to speak Japanese. This action will
help you memorize and improve your vocabulary in their tongue. You may do so by speaking to
Japanese-American citizens in your area. Do not focus on the possibility that you will not be
understood, instead concentrate on their responses and go with the flow of the conversation. Do not be
afraid to ask if you cannot understand. The Japanese people appreciate efforts of people who try to
learn their language.

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                             Rocket Japanese Review – Learn Japanese Fast Online
                                                             By Rick Lee

Most of us would like to learn a new language, which can be very useful especially when you travel
from one country to another for business or other reasons. One of the languages that people would
most likely want to learn is Japanese and the easiest way for people to get access to a Japanese
learning course is online.

Rocket Japanese is one such online Japanese learning course. It was developed by Rocket
Languages which sell other popular language learning tools such as Rocket Spanish, Rocket French
and Rocket Chinese.

Rocket Japanese is a very useful interactive audio lesson which anyone can easily follow. You do not
need to sign up for courses which will require you to show up in their classes everyday and will take up
much of your time. You can go at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

Learning Japanese has never been easy with this interactive audio course, because it is the closest
thing that you could get to a one-on-one lesson. Rocket Japanese boasts of 31 lessons with each one
as long as about 25 minutes. The audio course provides easy lessons on conversational Japanese
which you can easily follow.

If you are a traveler and would like to visit Japan sometime, or if you would just like to learn a new
language, then the course offered by Rocket Japanese would be perfect for you. The audio course will
provide you the basic things that you need to know about Japanese grammar, vocabulary and even

They bundle in a few software such as MegaVocab which trains you on the Japanese vocabulary,
MegaAudio learning audio software where you can learn to speak and recognize over 1000 commonly
spoken Japanese words. MegaHiragana is another bundled software that trains you on the Japanese

There is also a forum as well as technical support provided. Although there are other language courses
online such as Rosetta Stone, Rocket Japanese is cheaper and it provides a good foundation to learn
Japanese fast online.

If you want to learn to speak japanese fast, check out the rocket japanese review. For the best online
japanese learning course, check out my rocket japanese review.

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