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					                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

     Learning French will greatly improve your chances of success in the job market. After English, French is the
    second most frequently taught language in the world. Also, learning French is step one to achieve the ranks of
                                                  the cultural elite.
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                Learn French in Under Three Months - The Secret to Learning French Quickly
                                                              By Lynn Halladay

   Learning French seems impossible to some people, but we're to break that myth. Learning French
isn't hard - today we show you how to become fluent quickly and have fun at the same time.

 No doubt learning French can be more difficult as an adult, when compared to a child or a high school
student. This is largely because as you grow up your means of learning undergo a distinct change. If a
grown up is learning a language he or she will learn it by comparing it to the language they already
know. A child on the other hand, just takes in whatever he is taught and as and when he is taught.

 As an adult you will want to know and understand the logic and reasoning behind each and every
utterance. You would want to know why something is said the way it is said. And being in a traditional
classroom language-learning mode might be frustrating to say the least. As we grow in age, our
abilities to pick up a new language become weakened, than say compared to when we were in school.

 But this does not mean that as an adult you can't learn the French language. The French language is
fluid and exciting and you can pick it up easily, no matter how old you are. You just need to find a
course which suits your specific needs and can be worked into your daily schedule. In recent years
great and significant developments have been made in the area of language education.

 All you need to do is to keep certain things in mind, which can make your French learning experience
enjoyable and fun.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

 Practice as much as you can: If you want to learn to speak French fluently, you need to practice it as
often as possible. One thing you can do is put up notices in your work place or in your locality to find
people who would be interested in practicing French with you. Or you can join Alliance Françoise. You
can join classes with a friend, and you can practice both inside and outside class.


 One useful way to learn French is passively listening to it. Even though you might not be able to
comprehend all that you listen to will still get familiar with pronunciation and usage of words. You can

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

also listen to French music tapes while commuting from one place to another. To keep you occupied
and entertained while also helping you learn.

Varying Your Practice

 Work out a schedule for the whole week. Do different things everyday. With monotony, you might get
bored quickly and loose interest in Learning French.

Do it everyday

If you are seeking to become fluent in French language you have to practice it everyday. You might or
might not have the best method but you will learn quickly if you practice the daily.

Take help from the Internet

 There is a possibility that you might not be able to find regular classes that can be fitted into your work
schedule or something similar. But if you are still determined about learning the language you can use
help of the Internet. There are a lot of good courses online that you can make use of. Look around, find
something that suits your purpose and practice daily. You will see that you start speaking French,
fluently, soon.

Go to http://www.learn-to-speak-french.org to learn how to start a free trial of the top-ranked self-study
French program online. It`s a great way to learn French online on your own without any expensive tutor

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                     In Learning To Speak French
                                           By Shareen Aguilar

 The French language is the first language of people living in France and other former French
territories such as Quebec, a Canadian province. To date, French speaking people have already
reached its more than 75 million mark and there are still a lot of individuals who are interested in
learning and soon speaking the French language.

When a person is doing or learning something for the very first time, there is a certain level of difficulty
before familiarity and ease come in the picture. Since the English speakers have gotten used to
pronouncing words as they see it, French may become a little strange. But of course, everybody knows
that there are specific points of differences between the English and French language.

One can still create a simple method to take French lessons with little baby steps at a time. Starting
with French pronunciation is an option to how a person can begin learning the language. Familiarizing
the French letters and how each one is used in a French word can start small but also become
extremely valuable when learning the proper grammar later on.

Also, observe that the French language has certain distinction when it comes to some words or person.
This distinction is that the first person singular subject pronoun and the words days, weeks, months
and languages do not start with capital letters. Once you have accomplished this part of the French
language (though it may seem simple); you will be ready as well to take on other French conditions of
the language. Just keep in mind that you are not trying to learn English again, it's French. You will
never be able to learn the French language properly if you stick to your English roots.

Another fact in learning French is that there are words you will encounter which are spelled exactly like
words in the English language but you have to be careful in using it since most likely, it means
differently. Take your time in learning the French language; Rome was not built in a day and so will
your knowledge of the French language. Patience is still a virtue.

Shareen Aguilar is a writer for Learn French Program http://learn-french-program.com which has
Memory Improvement Books and Memory Game Software for better French language memorization.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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