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									                                                    Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                           Improve Your IQ- 16 Steps
                                                                  By Vlad Stivenson

   The brain is the organ that is responsible for our thoughts and to enhance our mental ability, there
are various ways that we can develop IQ accordingly. Take note of the following because these things
may help you in discovering how:

Writing Is Essential

 Do you write more often than you do? Somehow make it your hobby or a part of your job maybe? If
not then you should start doing so, why? Because writing is good for the brain and it's beneficial to it in
a lot of ways including the following:

 1. It's a memory enhancer because it allows your memory to work to tell you what is necessary and
that will make the process of remembering things easier for you eventually.

2. Same way in practicing your ability to create as well as enhancing your logical abilities.

 You can then engage in various writing activities such as article writing, creative writing, news writing
or even the simpler ones for instance writing diaries and some poetry. engaging in these writing
activities would absolutely be beneficial to enhancing your brain's inherent ability.

Try Getting Into Speed Reading

 Aside from writing, reading is also one way of enhancing your brains ability to comprehend. Speed
reading can contribute by learning things in just a nick of time. This could be a very good exercise for
your brain. You speed-read by reading just the initial and the ending paragraph of a certain literature to
get just the necessary information you need. Try this with any reading material available for you and
you'll see the effect after some time.

One Should Learn Something In An Efficient Manner

 For every learning session one should be able to formulate self questions that would create an
abstract thought as well as practice logical thinking. from the beginning of the study session one should
be able to write down notes for a specific outline of what has been discusses. Of course you need a

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

little time to stretch out so the whole session won't be that boring.

Practical Methods for Clear Thinking Should Be Applied

 The initial response to this is to be organized. If you are organized, the possibility for you to work with
a clear mind would be endless. If you will be working on a tough job that involves difficult intellectual
process you should breath in deeply and then breathe out before beginning your work. What you need
is time and space for a non-disturbing brainstorming activity.

Stay Clear From Food Where You can Acquire Allergies

 Food usually are the main source of allergy and these may include peanuts, dairy products, corn as
well as wheat. If you are having doubts with one of those listed above then you have to double check if
you are allergic with food that contains them. Having food that you are allergic to ingested to your
system may cause further issues as well as mental exhaustion.

Take In Fish To Speed Up Your Brain

 We all know that food contributes to the performance of the organs in out body and the same thing
applies with our brain. There are some research about fish providing the ability of the brain to produce
more waves that produces the constant diligence and attention of the brain to something. They say that
fish bears a reciprocal relationship with decreasing the relative degree of depression.

Consider Compounds Like Creatine To Help The Brain

 Creatine is an amino acid which supplies energy to the muscles and is usually a substance found in
meat. Athletes actually us this compound for supplying more energy for their muscles to work
accordingly. One can engage in taking creatine supplements and is said to be beneficial for the brain

Herbs May Help

 Are you aware that herbs can actually contribute in enhancing the brain's consciousness? many would
say that a herb called Rosemary can awaken ones senses including awakening the brain itself. There
haven't been any studies that have proven this as a fact but you may try by sniffing the herb to see if it
definitely is effective.

Exercise is a Must

 Do you exercise more often than you usually do? You should do so because exercising over a
relatively long time would not be only beneficial for your over all health but to your brain as well. Having
been able to get into a ten-minute aerobic session is said to be beneficial to enhancing the brain's
cognitive role. You may try going up the stirs and then down afterwards as a bit of exercise for you and
your brain.

Brain Entertainment and Exercises As Tools

 There are certain tools that would definitely help you both via entertaining your brain as well as prove
your brain a state of readiness and alertness in doing its role for whatever purpose. You will be able to

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

encounter certain products that would help your brain waves go through a customary way of behavior
that tends to bring about good intellectual thinking.

 On the other hand, brain exercises like performing computation while driving in your car would be very
beneficial for your brain. The brain doesn't only appreciate entertainment but as well as maximizing it's
usage would definitely give good results for your brain being active enough. if you exercise your brain
more often, you will not be suffering from memory gap that soon.

Speed Up The Brain In Doing What You Enjoy

 Whatever you enjoy doing yourself either if it a physical activity or something that you enjoy by just
sitting in a chair would be fun for your brain too. Although you have to take note that watching the
television is not part of being beneficial for your brain. If you engage in an enjoyable activity and you
don't worry that much, you clear up you brain and that is where you get to improve your thinking.

Conform Yourself To Various Conditions

 Believing that your brain can do what is more expected of it would actually turn out to be a reality wen
time comes. Let's say that you have an achievement where you have obtained success, you should
look into to it and pay close attention to it. Being able to collect your achievements that has been
obtained because of your intellectual ability would make you experience more of it's nature in the time
yet to come.

Assume The Same Functions of Role Models

 Aside from yourself there are other people who we can say is intelligent, creative and marked with
great fruitfulness. take note of what others do and then emulate them. This is somehow what they call
neuro-linguistic programming. but if you prefer talking to them personally beware that these successful
people don't merely have the understanding what they tend to be successful so don't rely much on
their word of advice.

Talking as an Exercise

 Your Brain will benefit from talking if you actually using if for exercising purposes. Let's say you are not
that comprehensive about something, try to take the challenge by explaining to someone you know to
help you in making everything clear for your perception.

Keep Away From Inessential Arguments

 If you would really like to improve your IQ you should always have an open mind to things. certain
arguments that involves stepping into someone's ego may not be beneficial on your part. So when you
reason out just for the sake of winning a conversation that there really is no intelligible meaning then
this will not be a valuable activity for your brain.

Vlad Stivenson, author of many IQ tests:

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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In other words, all the tips you can possibly learn about how to improve gas mileage are all actually
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They're easy too, for the most part.

There are quite a few tips, tricks and tactics you can employ. They don't have to be difficult or involved.
Some very basic and simple concepts can dramatically improve gas mileage.

If you only give just a little thought to what you are doing, amazing strides can be made to improve gas

One tip that comes to mind is parking your car. Were you aware that gasoline can and does evaporate
from your tank? Over time this can mean a substantial decrease in the mileage you get from each tank
of gas. To improve gas mileage, be aware of this fact and whenever possible, park in the shade.

Parking in the shade will keep your gas tank cooler and help to slow down the evaporation process and
improve gas mileage - right now!

No shade available? In that case, watch HOW you park.

Obviously heat is the culprit here, so park in a way that your gas tank is not towards the sun. Parking
with your tank away from the sun will help to cut down a little on the evaporation.

Oh, by the way, by gas tank, I mean the actual physical tank that holds the gas, not the valve area
where you plug in the nozzle at the gas pump.

This is a simple tactic that with virtually no effort, we can all employ - immediately.

If you have a couple bucks to spare, a new cap on your gas tank can help slow down the evaporation.
Get one that locks to help keep your neighbors honest.

So, to improve gas mileage, here are a couple steps to take. Start first by paying attention to where (in
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Think of it! 54 ways to improve gas mileage! here's a few examples…

Did you know that the day of the week you buy gas will save money and thereby improve gas mileage?
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Did you know there is a day that you should NEVER buy gas? Violate this and you will definitely NOT
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There you have it…safe driving.

Feel free to republish this article - and pass it along to your friends - at will as long as the ENTIRE
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Dan Eitreim is a location photographer. With gas prices at record levels and still climbing, he had to
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