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      Drums have always been essential musical instruments for thousands of years. They add meaning to music
                          and have made music worth having as a form of entertainment.
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                                                          History of Drums Overview
                                                                        By A Nutt

   Throughout the history of human civilization, musical instruments have played an important role in
shaping most cultures. These instruments have been used as a tool for communicating feelings and
meanings. One instrument that has played a major role in musical history is the drum. When studying
the history of the drum, one will discover its historical influence on many societies and cultures from
around the world.

 Drums emerged at almost the same time as Man. The origins of the drum is said to have occurred as
early as in 6000 BC. Mesopotamian excavation teams discovered small cylindrical drums that dated
back to 3000 BC. The American Indians used gourd and wooden built drums for their rituals and
ceremonies. Early drums were made by hollowing out a log and tightly covering the hollowed section
with a membrane.

 Drums have been a very important influence on Africa’s culture and customs. They have been used in
African religious ceremonies and rituals. Early African tribes used drums to express important
meanings in their culture and practices. The drums made their way from Africa to America during the
slave trade. African drums had a major influence on western rock and roll music. The early African
rhythms still influence today’s music.

 When people realized they could play more than one drum at the same time, they began to play two or
more drums simultaneously. Drum players began placing different drums together to develop a variety
of beats and rhythms.

 Cymbals and tom toms were invented in China. They were added to the various set of drums for new
sounds and beats. Eventually chimes, wooden blocks, and cowbells were added to the musical mix.
The famous Ludwig Drum Company is known to be one of the most important historical influences on
the evolution of the drums. The Ludwig Drum Company was started by a young man who had a
passion for playing the drums. He could not find a bass pedal that would keep up with his vigorous
drumming technique. He searched every store and shop in an effort to locate a proper pedal, but could
not locate one. He decided to make a bass pedal out of wood. The pedal turned out to be better than
any other product on the market. With the help of his brother, Ludwig created a stronger metal bass
pedal which was better than the wooden one. In 1909, The Ludwig Drum Company was created. By
the 1930’s, the drum kit had been born. The kit included a foot pedal and bass drum, snare, hi hat
cymbal, tom toms, and large hanging cymbals.

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 During the 1950’s, rock drummers became popular and they began expanding the drum kits by adding
more cymbals and tom tom drums to the kits. This resulted in the modern drum kits we see today.
Technology created the electronic drums which produced the sounds that standard drums could not

 There have been many types of drum kits that contain a variety of drums and other drum accessories.
Yamaha and Tama are two companies who have played a major role in shaping the drum that we see
 Drums have played a major role with influencing the cultural evolution of music. The early methods
and sounds of drums can be seen in today’s drummer. Although new and innovative technology has
improved drum sounds and provided a clearer and more accurate beat, today’s new drummers still
have to develop rhythm and drumstick techniques. Practice is still the best way to achieve excellent
drumming skills. Imagination and innovative technology will certainly influence the future and diversity
of the drum and its role in music.

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                                                   Native American Indian Drums
                                                        By Craig Chambers

 When one visits an Indian reservation pueblo or village, you can very likely hear the beautiful melodic
tones of an Indian drum. Tradition plays a strong part in Native Songs and culture. The instrument that
produces the most powerful sound is the Indian drum.

The type of Indian drums varies. Each Indian tribe constructs drums to their particular desire. Drums
may be created with carved images of people. Or, other Indian tribes may choose animal designs to
adorn their Indian drums. Some use jewels and color in northwest Indian drums. Drums are designed
by hand and are particular to each drum maker.

Indian drums are very popular today. Many people of a variety of ethnic backgrounds use Indian drums
in drumming groups and as rustic home décor. It is no longer difficult to find authentic Indian drum
because of the use of the internet. And, in many locations and regions of the country, Indians
drummers have businesses, offering their Native hand drums and hand crafts. In the western United
States, and southwest, Indian drum are common in stores as well. A large number of Indian tribes
inhabit New Mexico and Arizona.

If you do not live close to Indian reservations, locating an authentic drum is not as easy, but can be
accomplished easily online. Indian drums are come in many sizes and styles from small hand drums to
large ceremonial drums.

When ordering an Indian drums, you can choose between shaman drums which are one sided hand
drums like the plains Indians use or Tarahumara Indian hoop drums which are double sided. Most
drums may be played with the hand or by using a drum beater or tom tom like . For ceremonies and
drum circles pow wow drums are most desired for their deep low tones. Good powwow drums also
have a base to hod the drum during use. Unlike frame drums or handdrums, ceremonial pow wow
drums are always played with a beater. Some of the nicest Northwest Indian drums and most unique
drums are created with cedar for a rich red and blond color.

Northwest Indian Drums in one sided and two sided styles for drumming and decor. This article may be
freely distributed with live html link included. http://www.northwestindiandrums.com

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