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					                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

    English grammar is complex, partly because English has been influenced by various languages throughout its
      history. English grammar and punctuation can be tricky - not just for those learning English as a second
                                       language, but also for native speakers
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                                             Easy Language Learning Techniques
                                                      By Paul Kessler

  When researching about language learning, you’ll inevitably hear some folks refer to the language
you want to study as “simple”. They’ll say things like, “Oh, that’s a simple language compared to
Mandarin, you’ll pick it up in a month.” But, as anyone who studied a second language knows, you
don’t pick up an entire vernacular in a month.

 English, for instance, is a very “simple” language. The English alphabet only has 26 letters - certainly
much less than that of many other international dialects. Yet, is it really that easy to learn compared to
other languages?

 According to many language experts, the difficulty of learning a particular vernacular will depend more
on its relationship with your native language as opposed to any other innate challenge. If it features
sentence structures and grammar constructs that resemble your native tongue, it will undoubtedly be
much easier to familiarize with.

 Even though you’re studying what is supposed to be a “simple” language, never expect to cruise
through it. You’ll still have to go through the same learning phases - mastering the vocabulary, picking
up syntax and working through nuances. Chances are, you’ll have just a difficult a time with spoken
Korean as you do with spoken French, regardless of which language learning software you use.

 Simply put, don’t let appearances fool you. While a language may seem simple, it doesn’t change the
fact that you’ll have to work through every facet of it to integrate it into your skillset. Simple is not
always easy.

 There are a thousand techniques for studying a new language. Remember how many strategies
people came up for their studying back in high school and college? Almost every single one of those
can be applied to language learning, with potentially similar results.

 Personally, I encourage students to develop study techniques based on their personal strengths. Even
the best techniques can get you mediocre results if it’s not a good fit with the way you naturally learn.
The following items are some things you can do to ensure a better experience of learning a new
language, whether you’re working on the skillset using an audio course or a language software.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 1. Acquire an ear. Even before starting your lessons, try to listen to songs or watch videos in your
target language, without attempting to decipher or speak it. That will help you develop a familiarity with
hearing it - an invaluable tool as you progress towards your overall skill development.

 2. Think phrases. The best way to learn a language is to work on phrases, instead of individual words.
That’s the reason why early language practice usually involves common phrases, instead of
single-word lessons. Phrases give the words context as well as start you on the path to adopting the
nuances of grammar.

 3. Imagine stories around words and phrases you learn. As humans, we learn better when there’s an
emotional component to anything we try to master. Stories crafted around your target language can
make learning all that much easier - not to mention more fun.

 4. Involve your life. If you can find a way to involve the target language into your life, the faster the
learning will be. If you are living in a foreign country where the target language is the local vernacular,
this becomes a default part of your everyday studying. Under different circumstances, though, you’ll
have to be creative and find out how you’ll best be able to integrate it into your daily activities.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                  How to Learn a New Language
                                                        By Laurianne Surchoix

Learning a new language is fun? Doubt it? You are wrong doubting then. If you have been thinking
about learning a new language, but you do not learn a new language because you don’t have anyone
in your life who can teach you and you do not have much money to pay for a tutor each week, then you
should not worry. If you have looked up how to learn a new language on the Internet, then you will find
many different ways on how to learn that language you have wanted to learn. Out of all the techniques
on how to learn a new language, we believe one of the best ways to learn a new language is by using
the language learning software.

 When you are choosing a language learning software, you should make sure you choose the software
that will teach you the language using different types of lessons. Written and spoken are as important
as regular tests. In many cases, depending on the language you want to learn, you will be able to get
the software for free. For instance, if you want to learn Spanish, then on the Internet there are many
different web pages that will help you out with learning the Spanish language. When you are learning a
new language, you will need to learn about the uses of grammar and how they structure their words.
Don’t worry because language learning software will help you out with all of your problems you may
have and you will be able to learn that language in no time.

 All right, so you are not a natural English speaker, your mother and father isn’t even English speakers.
In fact, no one in your family is English speakers, but you may have many friends that speak English.
However, having friends that speak English will not help you out when it comes to writing in English. If
you have noticed, there are a lot of clients demanding work to be done in English and if you are not an
English speaker, they are not going to want you. You sit behind the computer all day typing up those
articles and you are trying your best to succeed in the writing world. We do not want you to fail in the
writing world and that is why we are writing this article on the language dictionary software. We believe
with the right type of language dictionary software, you will be able to find all of the words you are in
need of.

 If you are like many non English speakers, then you have a hard time trying to figure out that word you
want to write down. You can’t quite think of that English word that describes what you need. If this is
your problem, then you should look at the language dictionary software. In many cases, you will be
able to have the software installed in your writing program and sometimes, writing programs come with
the language software. You can look like an all natural English speaker, as long as you play all of your
card right and invest in good software.

Using language learning software is a smart decision. It's cheap and effective in the surrounding of
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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

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