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									                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                    Common Article Writing Mistakes You Must Avoid
                                                             By Danny Topping

   While article marketing is easy, and effective, there are mistakes that you must avoid if you are to do
this successfully. Making some of the following mistakes can cost your credibility. In the world of
Internet Marketing, your credibility is all you really have to fall back on! Protect your reputation and your
credibility by avoiding the following pitfalls:

1. Do not allow your article to become a sales letter. The readers are not stupid people, they recognize
sales letters and ads when they see them, and trying to pass such off as an informative article will lead
to your failure – very quickly.

2. Don’t make your article too short. Your article should be no less than 300 words long. Anything
less does not count as an article and probably will not be taken seriously. Alternately, do not make your
article too long. 750 words is the maximum length for a good article.

3. Check your spelling and grammar! Poor spelling and grammar has been the downfall of many
hopeful Internet Marketers. There are many word processing software titles on the market that will help
correct any spelling or grammar mistakes you might make. Check and double check spelling and
grammar before submitting your article!

4. Avoid a sales pitch in your author’s resource box. This space is for information about the author,
and should be used as such, with a link for more information on the topic included at the end of the
author’s information. Don’t turn the author’s resource box into an advertisement.

5. Avoid hype in your headlines, sub headlines, summaries, and in the article itself. Also avoid stating
facts that you have not researched. You can bet that someone who actually knows the facts will read
the article, and they will call you out on facts that are not stated correctly!

6. Do not plagiarize! Plagiarism is the act of copying work word for word, or even paraphrasing. Do
your research, then write the article based on what you have learned, or quote and acknowledge your
sources. You will never get ahead by stealing someone else’s work!

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                      5 Ways To Ruin Your Marketing With Articles
                                                      By Glenn Alan Buckman

 Marketing with articles can be a great way to increase your traffic volume and raise the amount of
sales you are generating. Just as with anything else in internet marketing there are certain things you
want to avoid when writing your articles. Here are five sure ways to ruin a perfectly good article
marketing campaign.

1. Long articles - The best way to get results by marketing with articles is to keep your articles short
and concise. No one wants to read a 1,500 word article that goes on and on. If you have that much
information you will want to consider breaking the article into different parts. You can take a 1,500
word article and make it a 3-part series. Not only does this make it easier to read, but it will also keep
people intrigued to see the next two parts.

2. Poor title - When promoting your articles, people are going to see your title and the brief description
first. Because of this, you want to come up with a title that sells. Come up with something that is going
to stand out but get to the point at the same time. People should know exactly what to expect prior to
reading the article.

3. No breaks between paragraphs - One of the worst things you can do with your articles is include no
breaks between paragraphs. Similar to long articles long paragraphs that drag on with no form to them
whatsoever have a negative effect. Having sub-headings and bolded keywords can help people find
what they are looking for within the article.

4. Bad grammar and spelling mistakes - If you want to ruin your marketing with articles, write a bunch
of articles with poor grammar and numerous spelling mistakes. How can people trust your knowledge
of anything if you cannot accurately write about it? After every article you write, make sure you read
over it a couple of times to check for any mistakes.

5. No consistency - Perhaps the worst thing you can do when marketing with articles is write and
submit off and on. If you are going to market your business using articles, you had better be writing at
least a few articles every day and submitting them. Even if you write two articles every day and submit
them to one-hundred directories that is 1,400 backlinks you will have generated in one week. Think of
the kinds of results you can get from that.

Marketing with articles can be effective if you are careful with how you approach it. This article
highlights a few of the costly mistakes you can make when writing and promoting your articles.

Glenn Buckman is a successful full-time internet marketer from Chandler Arizona where he lives with
his wife Oksana.   He is the founder of Synergy Cashflow Systems,LLC, a business dedicated to
educating online marketers in the newest techniques making the learning curve much shorter. Check
out our website at

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