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					                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

       Learning Spanish will expand your sense of culture. While learning Spanish, you will most definitely be
      exposed to the history, the pictures, the food names, and an overview of what Spanish life is like. Learning
                                                   Spanish is not hard.
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                                                     Basic Spanish Lessons
                                                          By Stephan Uys

   Spanish is the fastest growing second language in the United States and it is also maintaining its
clout in many other parts of the world. In the United States, 41% or more of the general population
speaks fluent Spanish. This can be attributed to the close-proximity that the US has with Latin America
not to mention the culture ties that it shares with its Spanish neighbors. The percentage of 41%
translates to a formidable number and not to mention that since the US is the leading industrial power
in the world, this Spanish-speaking block represents billions of dollars worth of goods and services. No
wonder many businesses are scrambling cater to this ever-expanding market. This means businesses
can no longer ignore this segment and their customer service departments are now fielding
experiences Spanish-speaking representatives. Because of this, many people are learning the Spanish
language because a multilingual job applicant has more of a competitive edge that a non- Spanish
speaking applicant.

 Why are people scrambling to learn Spanish? One of the reasons is because Spanish is the largest
growing language in the United States and other countries as well. One need not travel far before he or
she sees the numerous Spanish restaurants, businesses, schools, hospitals and more. The Spanish
culture is deeply entrenched in the United States and learning Spanish makes communication better.

 Another reason why people are making the switch to learn Spanish is because in this tight job market,
being multilingual is definitely a great asset under your belt when searching for a job. It is also no
secret that Spanish-speaking reps are paid more than their counterparts who are not multilingual. This
is the edge that many are looking for because with the slow economy, there are more job seekers
seeking fewer jobs than there were a few years ago.

 If you are a business person, knowledge of Spanish gives you an edge over your competition because
it opens your horizons to more business from the Spanish-speaking segment of the population. It also
ensures that you successfully attract Spanish-speaking employees. There are a variety of ways to
learn Spanish. One of them is off-course to interact more with Spanish-speaking people. Another is to
enroll in Spanish classes at your local community college or training center. This option can be
expensive and time-consuming because you may need to spend more time in class before you
graduate and there is no guarantee that you will learn everything. The other way is to acquire
Spanish-learning software such as Rosetta stone, Fluenz, Instant Immersion and more. This software
has become very popular because it is interactive, intuitive and also visually engaging. The software

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

costs anywhere between$20 and $400 but there are many varieties in between. Many people are
going the software route because it is convenient to learn Spanish in your spare time and at your own
pace. The software is also a fraction of the cost of attending Spanish-speaking classes which may also
take a long time to complete.

Stephan Uys Highly recommends these sites: They provide the most comprehensive
reviews on Spanish Software

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                      Spanish Immersion Isn’t The Only Choice?
                                                        By Shareen Aguilar

 It's always the best choice to expose yourself to a Spanish-speaking community while learning the
Spanish language. You only not gain friends but are also forced to speak the Spanish language at all
times. Compared to staying in an English community, you may speak and practice the Spanish
language for a short period of time and completely use the English language throughout the day. This
makes adjusting to use the Spanish language more difficult to achieve.

But immersion isn't the only way to learn Spanish.

Remember the four basic skills of learning. Regardless if it's Spanish or not, you always need to look in
to four areas of learning concerns such as speaking, listening, writing and reading. These are the main
factors which can help you distinguish whether you are making progress or any progress at all. Don't
worry if you're not getting all four areas perfect in learning Spanish though; you will surely be able to
cover all of them in the long run.

Start practicing the Spanish language (even if you only know the most basic greetings) to your day to
day activities. A classic example is when you meet a friend on the street; greet the sales man or lady
upon entering an establishment or when you ask a small favor from any of your family members at
home using the Spanish language.

Also, it doesn't matter if you only have a few minutes daily to study Spanish. You have to realize that
understanding what you're trying to study is even more important. Better be sure that you know how to
use the word in its most practical way. Quality is better than quantity here that's why it is advisable to
discover and learn whatever you can about a certain Spanish word before jumping on to further
Spanish terms to avoid confusion later on.

And of course, a primary factor in dealing with lessons such as that of the Spanish language is the
mere interest itself in learning what pantalones or bocadillo means. The initiative and continuing
interest to learn the subject matter helps in keeping you curious, thus leading to an anticipating mind of
the next lessons for learning.

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Books and Memory Game Software for better Spanish language memorization.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

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