A Guide to Writing College Admission Essays Using Movies as Themes

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                     A Guide to Writing College Admission Essays Using Movies as Themes
                                                             By Nancy Haverford

   Going to college is a major turning point in your life, and getting into a good one ensures that you
are making the right turn. While the main principle in writing is “to express, not to impress,” you need
to do both when writing a college admission essay. Although it really is the content that matters,
creativity sure counts, especially since the Admissions Board has to go through hundreds, and
sometimes even thousands, of essays from those aspiring to be college freshmen. Half the work is to
stand out from the rest.

There are several ways that you can go about constructing your essay. You may write about your
childhood and travel experiences or even an ordinary but profound conversation with someone, all of
which have made significant impact in your life and career choices. Some applicants have achieved
success in gaining entry to colleges of their choice by using their favorite movies as the theme of their
admission essays.

Why movies make interesting topics for college admission essays

A movie is a story about people and their motivations. Therefore, it is easy to find a film that you can
relate to. If so, you may wonder, why use a movie when you can write your own story? Most people at
this stage are yet to embark on their own adventures and create their own stories, so using a movie as
a theme is often easier.

What important elements should be included in your essay

Choosing the right movie for your admission essay is important. Keep in mind that the purpose of your
essay is to persuade your readers, that is the Admissions Board, to approve your application. Make
sure that you choose a movie that represents your personal goals and beliefs. Remember that you are
not doing a literary analysis of the film, so at the pre-writing stage, brainstorm more about the character
and his or her motivations and values. Take note of twists in the plot which are similar with what you
have experienced, especially those that prompted you to make the decision to go back to school or
choose a particular course. You need not focus on one character. If your personal beliefs could be
best explained by comparing and contrasting two characters, then do so as long as you keep the flow
of your essay tight. Do not get too caught up in the storytelling that you miss out on the objective of

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showing your readers that your thoughts are well-organized. For this reason, it is important to make a
good outline before you start writing.

What movie genre helps make a good essay outline

Students who are into writing may be so good at it that they can make a good outline, no matter what
genre or theme they use for their essays. If you are not that much of a writer, choosing a road movie
can make the task a lot easier. A road movie is a film genre in which the plot takes place during a
journey, and the character evolves into a better person in the end. It has a distinct, episodic structure
which can help you outline your essay better. First, you can begin with writing about certain challenges
that you have encountered in your life. You may point out which obstacles you were able to overcome
and why you think you were not able to go past the others. After discussing your major points, you
may end your essay in two ways: one, tell how you would want to “return home” wiser from your
personal journey in college; or two, how you think a college degree would help you embark on a new
and bigger destination.

About the author: Nancy Haverford provides tips for effective and free college admission essays. In
this article, she helps aspiring freshmen to write
college admission essays using movies as themes.

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                              Let Other People Critique Your College Admission Essay
                                                        By Thomas Suh

 Every year thousands of students face the challenge of submitting their applications to their dream
schools and submitting their masterly crafted College Admission Essay. Before you can ever step on
the pavements of the university, an aspiring student’s acceptance letter may be largely dependent on
the student’s college admission essay. Admission essays and College Application Essays are very
vital for one's entry to a good reputable university. The admission essay can be the determining factor,
of whether or not one is to be admitted to a certain college or university. Many students never make it
to their desired schools not because of their grades or lack of extracurricular activities. They fail
because of the admission essay they submitted. An admission essay does not really have to be Nobel
Prize for Literature-like essay. It just has to be creative and one of a kind.

Year after year, admissions officers read thousands of College Admission Essays from all over the
country (and the world). The probability that they will remember everything a student has written is one
to a thousand. The only way that a student could make a mark and imprint his words to the admissions
officers' minds is to be unique. This means to say that the essay should be creatively woven to bring
out the real persona behind the student. Admissions officers don't want to read essays that are written
already in one's resume like achievements and personal particulars. They are interested in what's
behind those achievements and grades. They are after the essence and soul of the particular student.
Writing about one's experiences is a good material to start one's essay with. This will help bring out the
spunk and creative genius in a person while baring his soul for the admissions officers to read.

There are ways in which the student can check if the College Admission Essay he has written can
catch another person's attention and to see if the essay is grammatically correct. For one, he could let
his family, friends and teachers to read the essay and have them critique it. In this way, the strong and
weak points of the essay will be brought up and can be corrected. If more than three persons consulted
say that the essay lacks color and life, or if the essay is not coherent and has no unity, then something
must be very wrong with it. Don't be offended by the criticisms received for they are only constructive
ones and it will also help improve the essay. There's a tendency that a person can't see errors in one's
own writings. Therefore, it is important to let others read and critique one's work. In fact, their
comments and criticisms may be the very same comments and things that the admission officers will
take note of as well.

Preparation for college requires a lot of patience and great deal of imagination. College Admission
Essays as well as College Application Essays are the necessary essentials that could make or break a
student's future. Remember that one's future is at stake with these essays. Needless to say, when one
is writing every word in the paper, he should think about the future. Accordingly, there are three parts
of college admission essays: the introduction, body, and conclusion. It's always good to begin one's
essay with a bang to hook the readers to continue perusing the essay until the very last period. Make
use of humor and wit, but never forget to be honest and true to one's writing.

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