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					   The Magical Formula
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                               The Magical Formula

             The Magical Formula
                                   For Creating

           Life-Changing Income
"Discover How You Can 'Crank Out' $61,212.00 In Profits
    -- NO Money, NO Computer Skills and NO Selling
      Experience Required, In Just 12 Weeks Flat..."

                                  LEGAL NOTICE
The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creation of
this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent at any time
that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.

While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, the
Publisher assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of
the subject matter herein. Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or
organizations are unintentional.

In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there are no guarantees of income
made. Readers are cautioned to reply on their own judgment about their individual
circumstances to act accordingly.

This report is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial
advice. All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal,
business, accounting, and finance field.

You are encouraged to print this report for easy reading.

    Please, let others benefit from the information given in this report. You are
             encouraged to give it away for free to help build your list.

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                      The Magical Formula


First Week -- 5 FREE Resources To Get Your…                        4

Second Week -- 3 Key Ingredients Necessary…                        5

Third Week -- The SINGLE-MOST Important "Golden Rule"…             6

Fourth Week -- 12 "Stupid-Simple" Tips To Prevent You From…        7

Fifth Week -- "Four Under-Utilized 'Profit Nuggets'…               8

Sixth Week -- One Ultra-Resourceful, Underutilized, Low-Cost…      9

Seventh Week -- Discover A Jealously Guarded 'One-Two' Punch…      10

Eighth Week -- Five Steps To Instantly Unleash The 'Super Salesman… 11

Ninth Week -- Discover Three Insider "Warp Speed" Techniques…      12

Tenth Week -- You're Only Days Away From Escaping…                 13

Eleventh Week -- The 'Master Marketers' Online Formula For Success… 14

Twelfth Week -- Three... Two... One... Blastoff!…                  15

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                                The Magical Formula

                                     First Week

               “5 FREE Resources To Get Your Website Built, Online
                         And Profiting -- In 7 Days Or Less”

Each and every chapter in this report will build upon the previous chapter, so I hope
you'll follow along closely.

The next several issues are going to be a real eye-opener!

I decided to put most of the content online in order to keep it up to date for you at all

Ok, ready for the first part?

You can read it by going to the following link…

                                Click Here For Week One

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                                The Magical Formula

                                   Second Week

   "3 Key Ingredients Necessary To Snatch Up Instant, Highly Responsive
                 Traffic To Any Website On A ZERO Budget"

I going to go out on a limb here and make a brass prediction...

Once you're finished reading the second chapter... you'll be hooked!

In this chapter you and I will begin building a "Virtual" e-store together from scratch.

And not just any e-store... but an e-store that kicks butt!

Are you ready?

You can access the second part by going to the following link:

                                Click Here For Week Two

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                                 The Magical Formula

                                      Third Week

     ”The SINGLE-MOST Important Golden Rule For Building Your Website
                       On A ROCK SOLID Foundation”

In this chapter you and I will continue building our "Virtual" e-store together from

I think this chapter is one of my favorites because it finally "turns on the lights" for so
many who have been struggling to build a profitable website.

So, let's get building... shall we?

Are you ready to join me?

You can access the third part by going to the following link:

                               Click Here For Week Three

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                                 The Magical Formula

                                    Fourth Week

          ”12 Stupid-Simple Tips To Prevent YOU From Getting Sucked
                         Into The PRICE WAR Game!”

In this chapter, I'm going to provide you with a quick change of pace...

We are going to discuss one "surefire" tactic that will almost always land any business in

So please... heed my warning!

                                You Never Want To Do This!

Plus, I'll share with you a true story that I think you get a real "chuckle" out of!

The best part? --It's 100% true!

There's a lot to be learned in this chapter...

Are you ready to get started?

You can access part four by going to the following link:

                                Click Here For Week Four

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                               The Magical Formula

                                    Fifth Week

    "Four Under-Utilized 'Profit Nuggets' Guaranteed To Snag Up Highly
   Responsive Customers And Send Your 'Hit Counter' Into A Spin Frenzy!"

You know, folks don't call me the "Duke Of Dinero" for nothing!

Isn't it great to finally have somebody REALLY explain in "NO BS" terms how to setup a
profitable Internet business?

I sure hope that by now you're beginning to appreciate the tremendous value you're
receiving from this training.

Nothing... and I mean NOTHING makes me happier than to help folks succeed online!

My motto has always been...

     "If you help enough folks succeed, you too will find your own success!"

And all I ask in return for the information and techniques I'm sharing with you is your
feedback. So please, when you have a moment, take the time to write and let me know
your thoughts about this e-course. Good or Bad -- I can take it ;-)

In this chapter, we're not only going to discuss some key components necessary
to continue building upon our "foundation", but we're also going to watch a series of
videos that I know you'll really appreciate.

Plus, I've got a special "surprise download" for you to enjoy!

As the song goes...
                               "We've Only Just Begun!"

Are you ready to get started? - You can access part five by going to the following link:

                               Click Here For Week Five

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                                The Magical Formula

                                      Sixth Week

 ”One Ultra-Resourceful, Underutilized, Low-Cost Stealth Marketing Tactic
 That's Guaranteed To Increase Your Traffic & Sales... In Ten Days Or Less!”

This chapter is so "Ultra-Informative" that you might want to take out a pad and paper to
takes some notes...

I kid you not!

Not only are you going to discover one insanely profitable way to use your brain to make
instant cash...TODAY...

But you're also going to really appreciate some of the FREE downloads that I provided.
Real neat stuff...

Yup! I just keep givin and givin...

Are you ready to tackle this beast?


To get started with part six, just jump on over to the link below...

                                Click Here For Week Six

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                                The Magical Formula

                                  Seventh Week

  "Discover A Jealously Guarded 'One-Two' Punch That Will Spellbind Your
     Customers And Have Them Instantly Raving About Your Business!"

If you haven't yet noticed... we're starting to get into some real serious stuff now...

... And this chapter is no exception!

You're really going to have to put your thinking cap on today... my friend... because
chapter 7 is..

And on a side note...

I think you're really going to appreciate the story about Mrs. Morris as well (what a sweet

And how someone could do something like that to her is beyond me...

Are ya fired up? Good!

Here's the link to read all about it…

                              Click Here For Week Seven

                                           - 10 -
                               The Magical Formula

                                   Eighth Week

    ”Five Steps To Instantly Unleash The 'Super Salesman' That Has Been
            Silently Lurking Inside You... Just Waiting To Explode!”

In this chapter, we're not only going to cover some of the best information you'll ever
discover about how to sell online (the right way)...

                       But we are also going to have some fun!

Can you say...

"Wheel Of Fortune"?

But seriously... In today's lesson you going to get a back stage pass and take a look at
some of my most closely-guarded tips for putting an easy $1000 in my pocket with a few
clicks of my mouse...

Don't believe it?

Wanna bet?

See for yourself at the link below…

                              Click Here For Week Eight

                                         - 11 -
                                 The Magical Formula

                                     Ninth Week

 ”Discover Three Insider Warp Speed Techniques That Are Instrumental In
            Driving Traffic To Your Site -- And Building Your List”

Does this training course pack a punch or what? It still humbles me when I see the
constant outpouring of email I receive...

But to be perfectly honest...

... That's why I do what I do!

Are you familiar with the "Law Of Reciprocity"? If not, you'll be glad this lesson landed in
your lap today!

We still have so much ground to cover and only a few chapters left... so let's get to it...
shall we?

You can access part nine at the link below…

                                 Click Here For Week Nine

                                          - 12 -
                                The Magical Formula

                                    Tenth Week

         "You're Only Days Away From Escaping Life's Biggest Delusion
                            Of Working For A Living!"

Did you happen to catch that title for this chapter?

          "You're Only Days Away From Escaping Life's Biggest Delusion
                            Of Working For A Living!"

No words are more true!

These last three chapters are going to put any confusion or doubt you might have about
your ability to succeed to rest!

Let just jump right in and get started!

You can access part ten at the link below:

                                Click Here For Week Ten

                                          - 13 -
                                 The Magical Formula

                                   Eleventh Week

              "The 'Master Marketers' Online Formula For Success...
                           In Any Niche' You Choose"

In this chapter we're going to go over some incredibly ingenious techniques for staying in
constant contact with all your customers...

... without you ever having to lift a finger!

Yup! Autoresponders...

And we're going to dissect this stealth marketing tool so you understand - completely
how brilliant this marketing tool can actually be.

In addition to that.. we going to talk about a way for you to generate huge commission
checks each and every month...

Oh well... I don't want to spoil all the surprises...

But trust me...

                        You definitely don't want to miss this one!

Unlock part eleven at the link below:

                               Click Here For Week Eleven

                                            - 14 -
                                 The Magical Formula

                                     Twelfth Week

                             "Three... Two... One... Blastoff!"

It's time to step onto your launching pad to internet wealth and success

This last chapter is so incredible... that I think I'll just leave the web page speak for itself!

I will say one thing... however...

Make sure you're sitting down, relaxed and undisturbed for this one!

If you don't believe in fate, I think you will now because fate brought you to this training...
…but now the rest is up to you!

I talk to you at the link below so…

                                      GO THERE NOW!

It's that important...

                               Click Here For Week Twelve

           Congratulations on your success!

                                            - 15 -
                      The Magical Formula

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