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					GFLDF Gemfields sets up emeralds cutting, polishing unit in Jaipur                                                         

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                                               Gemfields sets up emeralds cutting, polishing                                                                     [GFLDF]
                                               unit in Jaipur                                                                                                     Gemfields sets up emeralds
           Trading News                                                                                                                                           cutting, polishing unit in Jaipur
                                               Mon. February 16, 2009; Posted: 03:20 AM
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                                               Mumbai, Feb 13, 2009 (Asia Pulse Data Source via COMTEX) -- GFLDF | Quote | Chart | News |
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                                               PowerRating -- Gemfields Resources plc, a UK-based mining and processing company, has set up a state-
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                                               of-the-art cutting and polishing facility in Jaipur, a top company official said.
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                                                                                                         "In order to support and influence the entire channel
           PowerRatings                                                                                  from mine-to-market, Gemfields has set up a state-
             Stock Ratings                                                                               of-the-art cutting and polishing facility in Jaipur,"
             Upgrades                                                                                    Gemfields (India) Executive Vice-Chairman Rajiv
             Downgrades                                                                                  Gupta told reporters here today.

                                                                                                         "India has a huge potential and we are looking at
                                                                                                         selling one-third of our cut stones valued at USD
                                                                                                         15-million in the Indian market. The global emeralds
           Markets Worldwide
                                                                                                         market is estimated at USD 40 million," Gupta said.
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             Stock Trading                                                                               India is traditionally a big market and today ranked
             Stock Picking                                                                               third after the US and Middle-East in the emeralds
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             Futures Trading                                                                             Zambian emeralds are known for their deep green
             Emini Trading                                                                               crystal and clarity of stones.
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             Online Trading                    The Gemfields Kagem collection is the largest-ever of its kind seen by the human eye at one time and is
             Stock Market Analysis             priced at Rs 5-lakh for a single piece and Rs 6-crore for an exclusive suite or layout, Gupta said.
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             View More Topics >>               There is a huge demand for emeralds amongst elite groups across the globe, he said.
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                                               Gemfields has a strong focus on Zambian emeralds. With an USD 100-million invested in emerald mining and

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GFLDF Gemfields sets up emeralds cutting, polishing unit in Jaipur                                                        

                                              processing, Gemfields now plans to become the leading source of premium coloured gemstones through
                                              consolidation and vertical integration on an international scale.

                                              "The coloured gemstone industry is one of the most fragmented in the mining world. In addition, it does not
                                              presently have the diamond industry's relatively well- structured supply channels," Gemfields' CEO Sean
                                              Gilbertson said.

                                              The Kagen mines host the world's largest emerald reserves to last over 25 years and they account for almost
                                              15-20 per cent of the world's emeralds.

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GFLDF Gemfields sets up emeralds cutting, polishing unit in Jaipur                                                                                      

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