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                                                                                          26 OCT 2008
Report of the League Director 2008 (acting also as President)
         League Committee of 2008
           The President and secretary that was elected last year, Terry Quirk and Saskia Geoffreys
         ( both of the Randburg Club) got married in March this year and then moved to Sedgefield
         in the Cape. The duty of the President was then taken over by the League Director, Elise
         Ryan Stephens, who was elected to take over the duties of secretary, emigrated to
         Australia in August. The three remaining members of the GCL Committee were Johan de
         Lange, the Treasurer, Graeme Plint and Ike Tladie both additional members.


          A total of 376 players played in 36 teams from April to August in the three divisions. We
         have one new Club to welcome this year, the Tshwane Central Chess club. Though they
         struggled to get a permanent indoor venue for the cold winter months of the league, they
         managed to play all their matches and organise several tournaments. This new club is a
         good example of what good chess organisation can achieve.

          The major challenge for the league administration this year, as in previous years, was the
         fact that teams from tertiary institutions were generally very poorly organised. That led to a
         great number of disqualifications, one in the Premier and five in the second division.

      See also the summary of the final results attached.
      Full results of teams and team members may be viewed on the website (in letterhead). We
      trust that these results will help Clubs to reward, at their various club functions, the individual
      players and teams that illustrated good performances in the league

       Rating of results of the League

        All the sections of the GCL were submitted for rating purposes by the end of August and duly
       accepted and rated by the CHESSA Rating Bureau. However, despite several requests for
       players’ identification some team captains still neglected to adhere to this request.
        Members must note that in the matches played in the league in which one of the two players
       were not properly identified, that particular match may stay unrated because there is no way
       that the Rating Bureau can process it.
        The disqualification of teams in terms of the GCL Rules for not showing at more than two
       matches did not affect the rating of the matches which those team players actually did play.


       2.1 Premier Division winners
        Congratulations to the A Team of the Brooklyn Chess Club that managed to beat a very
       strong field the Premier Division. Last year’s champions Centurion A, though scoring the
       same points as Phoenix A (i.e. eventually after VUT’s points were deducted), had to take third
       place on tie break.

     Congratulations Brooklyn A , the League Champions of 2008.
     Well done Phoenix A , who worked really hard to maintain a high standard of play this year -
     keep up the good work and be an inspiration to other Clubs who thought that after seven
     years Centurion will never be beaten. Centurion was unlucky to be placed third on tie break;
     they actually scored more points than Phoenix.
       From this division will be relegated to the First Division the teams of Centurion B, Pretoria B
     and VUT A.
     The Premier Division, showed a truly strong field of Gauteng club players with an average
     rating of above 1750. The round by round results are also attached.

      2.2 The First Division winners
          Promoted to the Premier next year will be the three top achieving teams for the First
     Division. In the first place is the Team of Kempton B. Well done and congratulations!
      In the second place is UJ A and the third place goes to Kagiso A. All three teams are
     promoting to the Premier Division next year. Kempton B had played in the Premier in the
     past, but for the other two the Premier will be a grand first time experience.

     The teams of the First Division to relegate to the Second Division next year are Randburg C,
     Pretoria D and Springs Royal. The average rating of the first division was 1424.

       2.3 The Second Division winners
          Promoted to the First Division next year will be the winners, the team of Medunsa A who
      did a wonderful job this year of coming back into the League, and getting themselves
      organised. In the second and third places were the teams of the new Club in Pretoria – the
      Tshwane Central Chess Club who showed very early on that they were a force to be
      reckoned with. Well done and may you keep going from strength to strength in future.
        Unfortunately no less than five teams, that of UJB and UJC, Monash, VUT B, Medunsa B
     had to be disqualified due to not showing for at least two matches. The scores of these teams
     were deducted in terms of the rules.


      Club chess, sadly, is not high on the agenda of development in the ranks of CHESSA or the
     chess unions yet. Who is to blame?
      Clubs surely also need to have a good look at themselves, their aims, their recruitment
     methods, their successes and their contribution to chess in general – in order to be noticed as
     a bargaining power in chess in South Africa.

      In the past chess administrators on the higher levels came from regular chess playing club
     members. However, today, the club member chooses not to get involved and sits back,
     waiting for eager beaver parents to organise events and take the lead. The result of that is
     quite clear – the practising chess player is no longer in charge of his own sport – and that by
     his own choice. It is therefore no wonder that existing chess clubs and the establishment of
     new community clubs are low on the agendas of unions or the national body.
      However, sport clubs per se are high on the agenda of the government – and the
     government would like to see sport clubs grow and contribute to the sport of their
     communities. The Government also will support initiatives regarding clubs – are we prepared
     to meet this challenge?


     1. Second Division – This year again, too many teams in this division did not play all the
        matches that were scheduled. Some captains were inexperienced, made administrative
        mistakes and were ignorant of the rules. Nevertheless, the Tshwane Club organisers,
        Bongani and Simon showed that with a little enthusiasm they could overcome obstacles
        and challenges that take other clubs years to master.

2. First Division – The absence of Wits this year made this division so much stronger.

3. Premier Division – Hardly any problems here, the captains were all very punctual in
   logging their points and all went quite smooth. The team of VUT clearly showed that it was
   not ready for the Premier; although they had strong players their team mangement was
   very poor.

4. Administration
    4.1 As usual some clubs were very slow to enter their teams and submit the necessary
particulars. Our policy is to include rather than exclude teams, but one late entry means every
other club who entered in time is being disadvantaged and the League Director pressurised
    4.2 Some captains still never bother to read the rules, I trust their teams suffered for this.
    4.3 The logging of results on the web page works fairly well. There is a strong correlation
between the good management of a team and the actual logging of the results. Some clubs
left the logging to one person which also worked well.
    4.4 About 50% of the captains simply ignored the request to notify the LD of a new player

5. Disputes
   I am glad to report that only one dispute was logged this year.
Some of the team members of Springs arrived a little late, and board 1 did not show at all at
the venue of UJ A, though he indicated he would be late. It was noticed by Springs’ captain
that the players at board 1 were both absent. As the first hour progressed the captain of
Spings then claimed the point at 21:00. This was disputed by the captain of the UJA team
who claimed he was present, though not physically at the board. Both captains afterwards
informed the LD they would drop their claims. The League Director ruled that no point for this
board will be given to either team.
  The FIDE Law Art 6 applies –
Art 6.5 The clock of the player with white must be started (it was unclear if this happened)
Art 6.6 If neither player is present, the player with the white pieces shall lose all the time (it
was unclear if white made his first move, noted that on his score sheet and then pressed the
clock- waiting for black to arrive) The GCL competition rules have no other rule overriding this
FIDE rule.
Art 6.7 The player arriving an hour late shall lose the game, unless the arbiter rules otherwise.

 LD Comment: Let it be noted that in Nov 2008 at the FIDE Dresden Conference this
“allowance for lateness” will probably be reduced to 15 minutes (time allowed to be late) OR
NO lateness at all. This may have serious implications for the League and is perhaps worth
discussing and modifying the GCL rules in 2009 or 2010. The revised FIDE Laws will be
applicable only after July 2009 – therefore may not be a problem to implement immediately
next year.
  The Western Province League had a very serious dispute a year or two ago about coming
late for a match and that had implications for promotion and relegation. In their rules starting
late was completely out of the question, all teams started at the same time in the same hall.

The administration of the League

(a) From 1 Jan 2009 the paying of CHESSA Registration fees and paying of rating fees will
not be two separate operations. That will facilitate the administration of rated tournaments
 All players who play in a rated tournament will be registered automatically provided the
event organiser who submits the results includes in the electronic version of the files also the
full personal details or CHESSA ID number of the participants. The rating fee will disappear
also and in the place of the player registration and rating fee combined CHESSA will require
the event organiser to pay a 20% levy on all entry fees payable for the event. This amount
will not really be very different from what the League is presently paying for rating fees, but, it
means that players will no longer be required to register with CHESSA prior to playing in the

league. This rule in the GCL Rules needs to be modified accordingly after 1 Jan 2009, when
CHESSA announces such.

(b). It is proposed that registration and payment of entry fees must be finalised on 1 March
2009 – if no payment AND no details of the captain of the team was received the team will not
be included in the fixtures. Teams that withdraw after 1 March 2008 will not be refunded.

5. AWARDS for 2008

A. Premier Division
1. League Championship Trophy (floating) -- BROOKLYN A team
    Miniature trophy to keep
    10 gold medals for the team members

 2. Second place in the premier – Phoenix A
    10 silver medals for the team members

 3. Third place in the premier - Centurion A
    10 bronze medals (50mm) for the team members

B. First Division
 1. First place – Kempton B     - Trophy to keep
     10 gold medals for the team members

  2. Second place - UJ A
     10 silver medals (30mm) for the team members

  3. Third place - Kagiso A
      10 bronze medals (30mm) for the team members

C. Second Division
  1. First place – MEDUNSA A - Trophy to keep
     10 gold medals (30mm) for the team members
  2. Second place – Tshwane Central A
      10 silver medals (30mm) for the team members
  3. Third place – Tshwane Central B
       10 bronze medals (30 mm) for the team members

  D. Best captain award (floating trophy) and a miniature to keep.
    This is awarded to Johan de Lange of the Pretoria Chess Club. Johan did most of the
  administration of all five teams of his club and took great care to see to it that all results
  were submitted. The captain of one of the Pretoria Club teams sadly passed away during
  the League and a new captain had to be appointed within a few days. Since Johan started
  to manage the teams of the Pretoria chess club there was a noticeable improvement in the
  number of active teams of the club as well as quality of the teams and therefore I consider
  him a worthy candidate to receive this prestigious award.

   Finally, a special word of thanks to all the captains who managed their teams well this
  year. If not for you the GCL would not exist, thank you for bringing good times to hundreds
  of chess players.
   On a personal note, I shall not be available to manage the League as director next year,
  but shall not mind serving as a member of the League Committee for the sake of
  continuation and consultation.

  Elise Steenkamp
  League Director and acting President for 2008

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