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     There are many forms of prayer that we can concentrate upon.
We get the “Free-Style” Prayer.
We just come to the Lord and pray according to the desires of our heart. This will bring
you wonderful fellowship with the Lord.

“Goal-Minded Prayer”
In this kind of prayer there will be persistence when you prayer to achieve a goal.
In Luke.18:1-8 we read of the widow who came to a judge who did not fear God. This
woman went to him over and over saying “get justice for me” She did what the Jews did
when they went around the walls of Jericho over and over until the walls fell down. Then
the judge said “Though I do not fear God nor regard man, yet because this widow
troubles me I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me”
This is a goal-minded prayer.
Jesus used another example in Luke 11:5-10 when a man came in the middle of the
night and asked his friend for bread. But the friend said he was in bed with his family
and he didn’t want to be troubled because it was midnight. But because of his
persistence he stood up to give to his friend what he needed. And in verse 9 Jesus
says:”So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and
it will be opened to you.”
Be “Goal-Minded” when you pray for salvation for someone; for healing; for finances
and whatever the need are.

The “ Tabernacle Prayer”
This kind of prayer will help you to pray at least one hour.
In Gethsemane Jesus said: “Can’t you be awake one hour with me together in prayer so
that you may not fall into temptation.”
The Brazen Altar
The people brought animals to the Tabernacle to offer for their sins. This was done on
the Brazen Altar. They laid their hands upon the animal and confessed their sins.
You begin hear with your prayer thanking God for the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross
and the shedding of His blood for your sins. Thank Him that He cleansed you from all
your sin by His blood and made you His child. We overcome satan by the blood of
Jesus. (Rev.12:11) The devil is afraid of the blood of Jesus Christ. In Heb. 10:19 we
read these words: “Therefore, brethren, having boldness to enter the Holiest by the
blood of Jesus” So thank God for the blood of Jesus.
The Laver
In the courtyard you move from the brazen altar to the laver. Here the priests washed
their hands and feet before they went into the Holy Place.
After you were forgiven you sanctify yourself. Lay down what is not right before God.
As a servant of God always cleanse yourself when you come to worship your God.
Pray: “Lord help me to forgive and to love with all my heart” (Matt.5:23,24)
The Golden Candlestick
There is no other light shining in the Holy Place except this one.
When you step into God’s Holy Place you must only allow the light of the Holy Spirit to
be your light. Other kind of “light” will destroy the revelation of God. In John 4:24 we
read: “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”
Yes, we must worship God with our spirit but also through the Holy Spirit.

The Shewbread
This is a symbol of the Word of God. You can’t live with yesterday’s Word. You need
fresh revelation everyday that’s why you should read His Word daily.
Dr. Yonggi Cho once said: “I have been in the ministry for 38 years but I still struggle for
next Sunday’s message. God only gives me daily bread, so I am forced to pray every
week for a fresh message.”
Incense Altar
The burned incense 24 hour per day. The sanctuary was filled with this lovely fragrance.
Pray in the spirit when you worship the Lord because the bible says in Rev.5:8 that the
prayers of the saints is like incense to the Lord. If you can really pray you can worship !

Thank God the veil is torn apart ! We can now enter the Holy of Holies. Our worship
must take us into a place where we will experience the glory of the Lord. In Lev. 16 we
read what happened on the day of atonement. In Heb.9:11-14 we are told that Jesus
our High Priest went into the Most Holy Place with His own blood and obtained eternal
redemption for us. Praise God for that !
When you get into this presence of the Lord’s glory, stay there and worship Him.

               ADD TO THIS: “THE PRAYER of JABEZ” (1 Chron.4:10)

   (1) Pray that God will bless you (include your family and friends)
   (2) Pray that God will enlarge your territory (spiritually and finances)
   (3) Pray that the hand of the Lord will always rest upon you by His Spirit
   (4) Also pray that you will be kept from evil and that you will not cause pain

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