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									                    MINUTES OF THE
              4 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the
                                  (Registration No. 2004/006454/08)
              A company not for gain incorporated under Section 21 of the Companies Act
                                 PO Box 650704, Benmore, 2010
                                Thursday, 24 July 2008 at 19h00
                             ‘The One and All’ @ St. Stithians School
1.   Welcome
     Herbie Ellison (HE) opened the meeting at 18.45 and welcomed members of the
     HMNA: Roberto Melo (RM), Daniel Marsay (DM), Bastian Holtes (BH) and Louise
     Geldenhuys (LG), as well as invited guests: Clr. Alison van der Molen; Capt Du Plessis
     of SAPS; and Kevin Jacobson & Bryan Diamond from CSS Tactical. Residents from
     over 60 households were present

2.   Apologies were received from Marion Miller of 43 Woodlands; John and Alison Mills of
     12 Culemborg and Jaco van der Walt of 8 Bellingham.

3.   Minutes of last AGM 29 May 2007
     These minutes were proposed by BH and accepted by LG.

4.   Thank you to the 2007 – 2008 Committee
     HE thanked the current committee for their dedication and attendance of the 15 meetings
     held in past year. Thanks also to our erudite resident legal eagle Peter Howard for his as
     always sound advice. Thanks also to Caroline Berry for providing the sumptuous spread for
     the meeting at a discount to the HMNA.

5.   Report on Ward 102
     Clr. Alison Van der Molen addressed the meeting, and reported back on the issues
     raised at the 2007 AGM. She then outlined several community initiatives and projects
     concerning Hurlingham Manor and encouraged residents to participate. This full
     address will be posted on the Hurlingham Manor website for those residents wanting
     further information.

6.   Initiatives undertaken by the HMNA Committee in 2007/2008:
     HE reported back on the following:
        i.   The HMNA Website has been very successful in keeping residents in touch with
             matters concerning Hurlingham Manor, and as a means of encouraging all
             residents to join the HMNA. Many thanks to Dave Myers for his work on the
             website. DM has also been responsible for SMS’ing residents important
             information regarding the community
       ii.   City Parks has indicated that they will be awarding the Woodlands Park the
             status of Sandton Flagship Park, however, we are still awaiting official
             documentation for this
      iii.   The HMNA has maintained the Eskom Servitude and the timber fence
             surrounding it
      iv.    HMNA has entered into an agreement with Saint Stithians whereby the HMNA
             will remove their objection to the rezoning of the current entrance to the school in
             Goedehoop Crescent, and St Stithians will withdraw their re-zoning of erven 467
             and 374
       v.    HMNA is in the process of negotiating rezoning conditions of the Hurlingham Manor
             Office Park. We want to ensure that access to the suburb is not compromised, and
             that landscaping and traffic calming measures will be implemented
      vi.    The HMNA has been working on traffic calming measures in the suburb, and this
             is now reaching its final stages
     vii.    Upgrading of the electrical systems in both guard huts and the lighting at the
             Pinotage entrance has been completed
     viii.   The implementation of key card access on the pedestrian gates to deter crime on
             foot has been completed
      ix.    The HMNA has dealt with complaints lodged by Mr. Dudley Maddocks of 13
             Culemborg Crescent to the JRA regarding our boom and gate closures. We took
             legal advice relying on Section 36 (1) a-e of the Bill of Rights and the matter is
             now resolved for the time being
       x.    A rapport has been established with Insp Rakobane from JHB Metro in regards
             to traffic compliance in the suburb
      xi.    The HMNA has put in an official request for compulsory billing of residents
             contributions to be levied on municipal accounts, in terms of current municipal

7.   Matters of Concern
     HE raised the following matters:
        i. Speeding and disregard of stop streets and barrier lines within the suburb,
           especially along Woodlands Avenue and Culemborg Crescent
       ii. Traffic congestion and serious vehicular accidents. The HMNA is in the process
           of applying for additional traffic calming interventions
      iii. The dumping of garbage next to the street bins. Residents to please keep their
           garbage and put it out for collection on Fridays. There have been several
           incidents of illegal dumping in the Eskom servitude. The residents at 37
           Culemborg have been dumping their garden refuse in the servitude
      iv.  The HMNA membership contribution level goal of 75% for 2008 was reached,
           however this has now dropped back to 72%. A new goal of 80% contribution
           level for 2009 has been set. Residents to monitor the website and encourage
           their neighbours to join up
       v.  Crime is very low in Hurlingham Manor, however residents are encouraged to
           become more vigilant. We have had isolated incidents of driveway robberies
           where residents have been followed home from shopping centres. Also, a couple
           of house robberies. Residents advised to activate their alarms when going out,
           and to properly screen their staff members, and to change alarm codes and keys
           when staff have left for alternative employment
      vi.  There have also been isolated incidents of vandalism of traffic signs, residents’
           property and the log fencing on the perimeter of parks. Residents are advised to
           report any such incidents they may witness.
     vii.  The tarred surface of Woodlands Avenue has deteriorated and the Committee
           has put in a request to the JRA for this to be attended to.
     viii. Several complaints have been received regarding the MUM Pre-School at 35
           Culemborg Crescent. This has been reported to the relevant authorities.
8.    SAPS Randburg Captain du Plessis
      Capt. Du Plessis addressed the meeting. Hurlingham Manor falls under Sector 1 of the
      Randburg Police Station under the direction of Inspector Swart. Capt. Du Plessis said
      that Hurlingham Manor is very safe compared to our neighbours and that the controls
      and booms we have implemented have been very effective. However, residents were
      advised not to become complacent and to remain vigilant.

      The SAPS is in the process of restructuring police stations into cluster units which
      would be more effective in combating crime prevention, robberies, visible policing, and
      suchlike. Randburg would fall under the Honeydew cluster. Capt. Du Plessis is in
      charge of flexible policing which is responsible for special operations such as night
      patrols with local security companies to known hotspots, parks, etc.

      SAPS also endorsed CSS and would back them up in any justified situation occurring

9.    CSS Tactical
      The HMNA had visited the CSS control room in Sandton City in June and were very
      impressed by their operation. There are now fully operational cameras at both
      entrances to Hurlingham Manor. Kevin Jacobson addressed the meeting about the CSS
      policies i.t.o. security. All CSS vehicles are monitored by GPS and may not be
      stationery for more than 3 minutes when on patrol. All guards employed by them are ex-
      military or ex-policemen. CSS will follow up with the SAPS on any crime occurrences in
      the area

      There are currently 110 residents with house alarms linked to CSS. CSS require 200 to
      sign up to make the full-time patrol vehicle cost-effective. The HMNA encourages
      residents to change over to CSS. There has been a marked improvement in the security
      of the suburb since CSS were contracted. The price difference per month between CSS
      and other alarm companies is small when bearing in mind the quality aspect

      Once sufficient households have signed up, Phase 2 of the security plan, which would
      mean a second full-time patrol vehicle, will be employed. Thereafter Phase 3 may be
      implemented, which would entail identifying weak spots and setting up additional
      camera’s in these areas

10.   Financial Report
      Daniel Marsay presented the financial report for 2007/2008 and the budget for 2009.
      These documents will be posted on the website. There will be no increase in member
      contributions for the upcoming year

11.   Election of Incoming Committee
      The current Committee was re-elected unanimously and Lisa Glanz volunteered her
      services as secretary.
12.   General
         i. Questions were raised about the proposed helipad on Forest Farm – Herbie Ellison
            mentioned that he had requested more relevant information in this regard from the
            Parkmore Residents Association but this had not been forthcoming. Residents were
            encouraged to participate in the public debate
        ii. The matter of changing the status of Hurlingham Manor to a private estate was
            raised. HE said he and the HMNA had investigated this and it was not feasible, as
            amongst other requirements, was 100% community approval, the amendment of all
            title deeds and the purchase of the roads plus the future maintenance thereof
       iii. CSS was requested to get their guards to assist with traffic movement at the
            Woodlands entrance after 18h00 to allowing an even flow both in and out of the
       iv.  Capt. Du Plessis said that the CSS guards were entitled to stop any suspicious
            vehicles at the boom, and could call upon the SAPS to search them before allowing
            them entrance to Hurlingham Manor
        v.  The first meeting of the re-elected committee would be Thursday 31 July @ 18h00 @
            1 Backsberg Lane

            The meeting was closed at 20h30

            H.R.J. ELLISON                                          L. GELDENHUYS

            Chairman                                                Stand-in Secretary

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