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Greetings from the Extreme Team and welcome to this, our second newsletter. As
we sit here, the first proper South Easter of the season is howling outside. This is the
wind we have all been waiting for and if it blows for a few more days we are positive
that reports will start filtering in of the first big Bronze Whalers being hooked in False

There have been some really nice
Cob caught through the last month
and hopefully this is an indication that
we are going to have a good summer
season. There are still quite a few
Cow Sharks being caught around the
coast indicating that the winter
species have not abandoned us yet.

The Extreme Africa range of clothing
has been met with much enthusiasm
and there is already a waiting list for
certain items.

We are also starting our Saturday clinics from this month with the first one taking
place on 13 October. With the start of the new season upon us it will deal with all
aspects of angling for Bronzies.

Both Robbie and Greg have recently been putting silly amounts of braid backing onto
some big reels and have been making some very mean looking traces... we look
forward to the stories that are surely going to materialise when this tackle is put to

Maybe THIS is how Greg plans to beat that PB!!


Greg took a group for a weekend camping trip to Arniston during the month.
                                       Unfortunately neither the weather
                                       nor the fish really played along and
                                       they were plagued by a fair bit of rain
                                       as well as crystal clean water.
                                       However it was once again brought
                                       home just how amazing our coastline
                                       is and how there is no such thing as
                                       a dull trip.

                                                  While the fishing was poor they were
                                                  treated to a sea that was alive with
                                                  Southern Right whales and were
                                                  lucky to get very close sightings of
                                                  both the mothers and their playful
                                                  calves literally at their feet.
Greg did manage to sneak off a few times to do
some social fishing and got 2 Soupfins / Tope and
lost a nice Cow Shark at a west coat location in
VERY big seas.

Robbie also took some R&R with his two sons and
took his boat up to the Breede River for a weekend.
Although no monsters were caught, both Robbie
and the kids had a ball catching a number of
species on light tackle. This once again proves that
it’s not only the huge fish that can put a smile on
your face!!

With the South Easters starting to blow it looks like
the next few months are going to be action packed
and we look forward to telling you all about it...


One thing you should never compromise on is your line. Too many guys try and
squeeze one last trip out of nylon that should be changed or try and turn the line
around to use the undamaged section at the bottom of the spool. This is a big
mistake. It is Murphy’s Law that the day you do this the fish of a lifetime will pick you
up and your damaged line will just not do the job.

The way to combat this is to put a braid backing onto your reel and then just keep
changing your mono top section. This way you have exactly 300m of your mono
topshot meaning you can fill your reel twice from a standard 600m spool.

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