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KwaZulu Natal Mountain Biking


KwaZulu Natal Mountain Biking

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									                          KwaZulu Natal Mountain Biking

     The KZN Schools MTB Series will be run in 2008 for the seventh
consecutive year. The aim of the series is to introduce school children to the
pleasure of Mountain Bike Racing while trying to get more schools to recognize
Mountain Biking as a school sport.

     The age categories have been set to coincide with regular school sport
classes and riders score points for themselves with equal points going to their
schools. Points will accumulate so at the end of the series a champion will be
declared in each age group. The Junior and Senior school with the most points
receive a floating trophy and are declared the Champion Junior or Senior School.

     Courses will be roughly two kilometers, in a “clover leaf” design to ensure
maximum spectator interest, and will be suitable for both entry level and more
advanced mountain bikes. Riders ride a number of laps, dependant on their age
In 2008, the Series will be made up of six events, spread over the year. Events
are run on a Saturday afternoon with practice and registration commencing at
13h00 and racing starting at 14h00.

                                The Calender
      Round One            7/6/2008             Thomas More School Kloof
      Round Two            19/7/2008            Mountain View MTB Park, PMB
      Round Three          2/8/2008             Giba Gorge MTB Park, DBN
      Round Four           23/8/2008            Grace College, Hilton
      Round Five           13/9/2008            Lynford School, Ixopo
      Round Six (Final)    11/10/2008           Highbury School, Hillcrest

      Sam Knox             0825767825 

 Please note our standard way of communicating is by Email. Send your Email
address to Sam to ensure that you are on the mailing list to receive directions to
the venues and other important information.
Riders do not have to hold valid SACF licences, because of the nature of the

   1.1. The courses used will be roughly two kilometres long, with plenty of
        emphasis on spectator interest. Organizers are encouraged to design
        courses in a “clover” leaf pattern so that riders pass the start finish area
        as often as possible on each lap. The course will not be particularly
        technical in nature and will be ridable on the most basic entry-level

   1.2. Courses will be clearly marked with hazard tape and lime.
   2.1. Categories will be determined by the rider’s age as at the 1st January
        2008. This differs from the normal Mountain Biking practice of using the
        rider’s age as at 31st December 2008. This change has been made so
        that the series age categories will be in line with other school sports.

   2.2. Four categories will be offered for Junior Schools riders; Under7, Under 9,
        Under 11 and Under 13. High School Classes will be Under 15, Under 17
        and Open. Girls will be catered for in a separate class if there are three or
        more girl entrants in any age group.
   3.1. The riders age category will dictate the number of laps which each rider
        has to complete.

   3.2. Laps will be as follows: Under 7 and Under 9 – one lap; Under 11 – two
        laps; Under 13 – three laps; Under 15 – four laps; while Under 17 and
        Open will ride five laps.
   4.1. Riders may wear whatever they wish, however, all participants must wear
        recognized cycling helmets while on the course.

   4.2. Riders will be issued with number boards and cable ties when they
        register for the series. The rider has this number for the year and must
        keep his/her number board and display it clearly on the front of his/her
        bike at every event in the series.

  5.1. Points will be awarded to riders depending on their finishing position
       within their category, while an equal number of points will be awarded to
       their school.

  5.2. At the end of the series, the rider with the most points in each category
       will be declared the champion, while the Junior and Senior Schools with
       the most points will also receive recognition in the form of a Floating

  5.3. Points will be awarded to the top ten finishers in each category: 1 st – 10;
       2nd – 8; 3rd – 6; 4th – 5; 5th – 4; 6th – 3; 7th – 2; 8th – 1. As stated earlier,
       the riders’ school will receive equal points.
  6.1. Riders will be expected to participate for the love of the sport,
       comradeship and above all, fun. A high degree of sportsmanship and
       courtesy and consideration for other riders and officials will be demanded
       at all times.

  6.2. In matters of discipline or arbitration, the Race Director’s ruling will be
       final and no discussions will be entered into.
  7.1. Riders will register for the whole series the first time they enter an event.
       They will be issued with a number which they will use for the rest of the
       season. Parents or Guardians will be required to sign a blanket indemnity
       for the entire series. This registration will help to streamline the
       registration and scoring procedures at the events. This initial registration
       is free.

  7.2. Riders may receive assistance in repairing bicycles and receiving food
       and drink. However, riders must finish the event with the same frame and
       wheels and any assistance may only be given in the demarcated
       assistance zone at the start finish area. Riders may not be followed
       during the event by a parent or helper. Younger riders will however be
       accompanied by older riders who will render assistance where necessary.

  7.3. Schools are encouraged to enter as many riders as possible so as to
       engender the inter schools concept of the meeting.

  7.4. The series is made up of six events, held on a Saturday afternoon, with
       practice and registration at 13h00 and racing from 14h00.

  7.5. Entry fees will be R25 per event with all proceeds going toward prizes
       and trophies. The final prize giving takes place at the final venue.

  7.6. Further information and results can be accessed on The contact person is Sam Knox on
       0825767825 and a very big thank you to MONGOOSE for their
involvement and support of this series. Please support those who
support us.

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