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					                         Head Office and Franchise inquiries: Port Elizabeth: Chevonne 0845120151
              Centurion, Pretoria: Adyl or Mervande (012)6440950 ● Durbanville, Cape Town: Melody 0832917070
                      Edenvale, Gauteng: Kim 0761224713 ● Westrand, Gauteng: René 0823262648

                                                       Newsletter Winter 2007
We had such a huge response to our last newsletter regarding domestic worker issues, contracts and UIF registrations that I
was astounded! Obviously people need advice and service in this regard! Please remember that we have a really stunning
contract that covers almost every eventuality, and offers legal protection and clear guidelines to employers. We also handle
your UIF registration and give you clear disciplinary procedures and guidelines, including all forms needed. Don’t delay, often
people only think of the contract when problems or misunderstandings arise, and by then it may already be too late.

                                                                             You have to try this 10 min pudding!
    Did you know? A baby is most receptive                       Here is a really quick, easy microwave pudding: get 3 bowls and a pot:
    to learning during the first 18 months of its                Mix 1:●1 cup cake flour ●1 cup sugar ●1 pinch salt ●4 t B Powder
    life and will learn things very easily up to                 Mix 2:● 2 Eggs● 1 teaspoon Vanilla essence●1/3 cup oil
    the age of three or four. This intense                       Mix 3:● 1 teaspoon each of: coco, Milo and coffee ● 1 cup hot water
    period of brain growth and network building                  Mix 4:● ½ cup cream (or Orley whip) ●2 Tbsp sugar ● 1 Tbsp butter
    happens only once in a lifetime! Take                        Mix the first 3 mixes then pour this into a greased (spray and cook) 2
    advantage of it and encourage brain                          litre ice-cream dish (!) then put this into your micro on high for 7- 9
    development. 80% of brain growth takes                       minutes (depending on wattage). Meanwhile, heat mix 4 until the sugar
    place before the age of 4 years of age.                      melts. When the micro goes ‘ping’ let it stand for 2 min’s, then pour the
       Learn more in our Developmental                           warm mix over the top, then leave to stand for another 2 min’s then
               Stimulation class.                                EAT! You can use th other ½ cup of cream, whipped on top! YUM!!
                                                                     Get a whole lot more wonderful recipes in our cooking course!
Sleep time tips
Babies (0 to 12 months)
   Try raising the mattress at the head – it helps             We are very excited to announce that our housekeeping course
    prevents blocked noses.                                     is almost ready to run! We have worked VERY hard at perfecting
   Try to keep calm – if you get wound up, she’ll pick up on
                                                                it and covering all the important aspects of effectively managing a
    it and it’ll take so much longer for her to go down.
   Use the same sleep music every night. If he wakes up,
                                                                household, with the emphasis on housekeeping for a family. We
    it will soothe him back to sleep.                           have included great tips on laundry skills and stain removal,
   If you’re breastfeeding, drinks that contain caffeine       telephone courtesy, managing kids and housework, time
    stay in baby’s body for more than three days.               management and duty schedules, room-by-room cleaning tips
   Routine, routine, routine! If you try something             and lists, basic food preparation and some excellent cleaning
    different every night, you’ll never establish one!          tips! So get ready to book your domestic on this course and reap
   If he doesn’t nap enough during the day, then he won’t      the rewards of her new skills! Even the most experienced
    sleep at night. Sleep makes sleep!
                                                                housekeeper is sure to learn a thing or two!     Look forward to
   The more attentive and loving you are during the day,
    the less chance your baby will seek attention at night.
                                                                the bookings rolling in!
   Check your baby is totally comfortable!
   Attach black-and-white pictures to the side of the          Let us         find you a         nanny             with a genuine ref!
    cot. They’ll keep him amused, but tire him out quickly.
  Toddlers (1 to 4 years)
   Leave a tape recorder near his bed playing tunes or
                                                                We place                                                     Nannies
                                                                             Please be careful of accepting a
    stories on low volume.                                      housekeepers reference from a current employer as
   The more attention you give during the day, the less                          genuine! We have had so many stories
    she’ll seek at night.                                       We                recently of ‘excellent’ references being
   Recite the same short poem or song every night.             Find              given just to ‘get rid’ of a troublesome        Staff
   Bath time directly before bed! Use calming bath             Nannies           employee without having to go through
    products that contain chamomile and lavender.                                 the disciplinary process! Look out for
   Bribe them to sleep and stay in bed if necessary!                             adverts citing ‘excellent references!’
   Cut morning naps. Once she’s reached 18 months, one
    in the afternoon is fine.
   A dim night-light is a good idea for a scared-of-the-           Au Pairs                                                 Babysitters
    dark waker.
 Our Basic Childcare course covers all you need to know!        We train child minders,                          parents,      teachers,

                              Find us at:                    Mail us at

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