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					POINT DEVELOPMENT---February 2008

This news update is being sent out to all members of the DUC, DSBC, and PYC
The purpose of this communication is to keep you informed of progress and the position
as at 1/2/2008. It sent out by the joint steering committee of all three clubs, and is
endorsed as such.

Who are the people that make up this committee?
Eddie Lahee, Dean Channon, Rob Goulden, Darren Gray, Cuane Hall, Nigel Milne,
Hilton Kidger, Peter Philip, Grant Addison, Campbell Alexander, Tony Ferreria, Tony

Set out below are the major points that will make up the agreement. This summary
tells you where we are in the negotiation.

   1. Launch facility . Agreed on 50 metre wide concrete slip way launch and 100
      metres wide of soft launch. (resolved) Not finalized. 100m may still be 50%
   2. We required 30 holding moorings to “rest” craft against whilst we park cars after
      launching. Provision has been made for this, but not in the form of permanent
      moorings. (resolved)We have also asked that 30 permanent moorings be made
      available on a preferential basis to our members. Still in discussion (unresolved)
   3. An important requirement is parking for vehicles and trailers after launching and
      on return to base. We are still busy, through the DPDC, discussing this with the
      National Ports Authority about land that is situated behind the proposed new club
      area. Still not resolved but progress is being made.(unresolved)
   4. Shore entry access for scuba divers. This access will be just north of Vetches’
      reef. We have agreed that a golf cart be used to transport the dive equipment. We
      have further agreed a thatch gazebo be erected to for the divers to use during dive
      outings This will be positioned at the shore entry point, just to the north of
      Vetches’ pier.(resolved-but subject to municipal approval)
   5. Boat stacking system. The developers are adamant that provision for a tiered boat
      stacking system be provided in the overall design. We are of the opinion that the
      boat stacking system is to be built on the site behind the club, and that we allow
      for a 5 metre wide road access on the south eastern side of our site. Details are
      being discussed. (unresolved)
   6. New site. The overall size of the site is approximately 4535 sq metres. This has
      been agreed at a discounted price of R 872,928.88. (resolved)
   7. Design criteria. Although details are still to be finalised we will fit in with
      requirements of the Durban Point Water sports Management Association
      (DPWMA.) (resolved)
   8. Future rates. This does not fall within the scope of any agreement with the DPDC,
      and we will discuss with the municipality. (resolved subject to agreement with the
   9. We want to ensure we can go about our daily activities in our usual manner. Once
      again this falls outside the agreement with the DPDC, and we will take this up
       with the DPWMA body. (matter resolved subject to agreement with the
       DPWMA). Very long way from resolution
   10. Road access to our launch facility to be wide enough to accommodate larger
       vehicles and boats. (resolved)
   11. Funding. We require an interest free loan over 30 years to help fund the project of
       the new club house. We are in negotiations. (unresolved)
   12. Protection of mussel beds and reef. This will be provided for in the EIA.
   13. On going maintenance of the SCH to be the responsibility of the city---items such
       as dredging, litter collection etc, and general maintenance etc to be for the city’s
       account. Still be discussed. (unresolved)
   14. It was agreed that a wind study be done. We are still awaiting this. (unresolved)

When looking through the above points the major issues outstanding are the parking and
financing issues. Do not neglect operational issues
Our joint committee assures you that they are continuously striving to reach a workable
solution for all concerned and we will keep you informed of any changes.

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