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                                                         TEL: (021) 5722345
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BANK: STANDARD BANK                                                                                      June 2004
                                                                                                   Volume 3, Issue 2
FUND RAISING NO: 08 800368 0030

A MESSAGE FROM OUR                               the organisation. At an                Fairheads and Camphill have
     CHAIRMAN                                    archetypal level, the same             something in common at this
                                                 forces are at play. It makes           moment. They are both marked
[Camphill Village is indeed fortunate to have    sense therefore to form                by a freshness of outlook and a
had Peter Fairhead as our chairman for           organisations around principles,       sense of vitality. Perhaps this is
almost 30 years. We hope that he will            not personalities.                     because they have gained the
continue to lead us, as he is a person who has
the                                                                                     ability to reinvent themselves,
capacity to inspire. He always has a fresh       The second insight is that             move with the times and grow
vision which we will need as we move into the    everything has a core. If an           outwards from a strong core
future that is fraught with challenges. We
humbly re-print the Chairman’s Report that
                                                 organisation moves away from           rooted in a firmly founded
appeared recently in the Fairheads Times.]       its core, things will fall apart. If   tradition.
                                                 it stays true to its core, the
Over the past 28 years or so I                   structures will be                     At a very personal level, I have
have reflected deeply on the                     effective. Camphill                    learnt from Camphill. Whereas life
nature of organisations. Almost                  Village has a core. This is to         nowadays seems to be
in parallel to my life at Fairheads,             ensure that the needs of its           governed by the pace of the
I have been privileged to be part                residents are put first, and that      fastest, at Camphill, the
of Camphill Village on the West                  the organisation                       environment is adapted to the
Coast. Camphill West Coast                       continues to provide care and          pace of its residents. People are
forms part of the international                  employment for people in need          encouraged to explore what they
Camphill movement and is home                    of special care. Leadership            can do, and they are then helped
to some 92 residents with special                dynamics, structures and               to do it. They are
needs. As chairman of both                       politics can detract from this         encouraged to believe in their
Fairheads and Camphill, I have                   focus. If I have made any              contribution. If all organisations
learnt from different                            contribution to Camphill, I            treated their employees,
organisational experiences, and                  believe it is that I stayed the        customers and surrounding
in the course of this I have come                course through some                    communities as though each one
to a few simple insights.                        turbulent times as the                 was in need of special care,
                                                 organisation underwent                 imagine what a different place the
The first is that all organisations,             substantial change. My role as         world would be.
whether profit-based or not,                     I saw it was continually to bring
operate along similar lines. They                the organisation back to its           PETER FAIRHEAD
are made up of individual                        core, back to its basic
relationships, and it is the nature              principles.
of those relationships that drive
  YOU MUST ALL BE                     We will keep you posted on           garnering supplies, to using
   FEELING GOOD!                      developments. Who knows,             everything from the houses own
                                      soon we will have our own web        provisions (Yep! You’re eating out
                                      page?!                               of the house’s larder). All this with
 CRAFT WORKSHOP                                                            the added benefit of zero losses or
                                      PS Could someone help us with        wastage, as the house gladly takes
The problem with receiving is         coat hangers?                        what’s left into its own stomach(s).
always having to say thank you -                                           From the danger of “the same old
and I promise that a soon as I        CHARMAINE DIEPGROND                  same old…”, to the very spice of
find my way out of this                                                    life! There is variety every week.
mountain of bags, I will. At the                                           Each house brings its own ideas,
moment, I want to run with my                                              its own atmosphere, its own
hands flaying when someone             THE VILLAGE CAFÉ
                                                                           music, its own special touch (and
approaches me with yet another        REALLY COMES INTO                    its own waitrons, with their own
bag.                                       IT’S OWN.                       ideas of what service is all about!).
                                                                           The customers can only benefit
Seriously. Thank you!                 The Village Café, long the           from “one-upmanship” now…
                                      traditional meeting spot for all     Equipment, which has always been
You have been very generous,          on a Saturday morning,               an issue, can now be dragged
especially Josephine and Susan.       including visitors attracted to      along from the house, even
I still hyperventilate, when I walk   our Farmstall, is going strong       though we still could do with
into the workshop and trip over       as always.                           coffee-making equipment,
the rolls of fabric and bags of       Behind the scenes, however, a        crockery and cutlery (Teaspoons!
clothes. We've received               major change has occurred –          Why always a lack of teaspoons?
samples, packets of wool, bags        one which we expect will be          Its either the goats or the
of bits and pieces, gadgets and       much for the better!                 gnomes!)
goodies of all descriptions.
                                      While the appetite for cake,         From hot dogs to pap & wors,
Watch out for our new "organic"       coffee, snacks and smalltalk         curry & rice to mince on toast;
range of slippers, mobiles, doggy     has always remained                  pancakes to French toast;
cushions, home decorations and        wholesome, to put it mildly;         burgers to cheese & ham
herb sachets - just to name a         towards the end of last year         baguettes; even spinach & bacon
few.                                  our relatively small contingent      quiches. Every week something
                                      of volunteer workers was             different. Oh! And let’s not forget
The workshop runs four days a         reaching the end of its tether.      those with the sweet tooth:
week, and our numbers have            Week after week they                 chocolate cakes, lemon tarts,
grown from four to almost a           stalwartly did their bit, on top     apple crumble, lavender biscuits,
dozen souls - and counting... The     of their normal weekly activities    milkshakes and bananas splits…
first villager will receive his       – but it was just getting that bit
training on the new sewing            too much…                            What a pleasure the Village Café
machines in June and first off the                                         has become!
belt will be a funky set of           Then came the bright idea: let’s
Camphill-designer P.J.'s - and        have ALL the houses                  HENK WOUTERS
must for winter. Marion is            involved each Saturday, with a
keeping our stock of knitted          different house running the
socks up, and they are getting        café each week! What a                    NEWS FROM OUR
better and better. Brian finished     beautiful example of lateral
two of the four tapestries he
                                      thinking. So many birds with
received and is busy with a           one stone (we’re almost in
beautiful blue sailboat - thank       trouble with Cape Nature             No doubt many of us feel the need
you.                                  Conservation!) From needing          from time to time to retreat
                                      to bring up the energy to make       somewhere quiet in order to come
As you can guess, the next step       things happen, to a wonderful        to ourselves, to come to peace.
in improving your feng shui is to                                          Outer as well as inner quiet we
                                      opportunity for a fun activity for
visit our workshop on market          the whole house, bringing the        seek. For this reason our Chapel
Sunday and exchange your cash         entire Village into the running      here at Camphill Village is always
for our goods.                        of the café. From the                open, people are free to make use
                                      administrative hassle of             of the stillness in there.
Over the years we have               of hands, as “the trees of the       Come on, come on, let’s
celebrated our quiet and             field” do!                           work together!
peaceful “Act of Consecration of
Man”, our communion Service.         This service will, no doubt,         I realised that these resources are
This is a source of real strength    evolve and find its right form of    as follows: People, machinery,
and inner help for many of our       expression. There may be an          manure, water. Our shared needs
residents and co-workers. This       opportunity for deeper study         are processing and marketing. We
way of worshipping offers the        with a smaller group of new          are restructuring our financial
reflective, inner aspect of          people, preparing for                management to reflect and
Christianity: “Be still and know     membership of the Chapel. It         encourage co-operative use of
that I am God” (Psalm 46). It is     is a modest beginning towards        resources, and co-operative food
a way of entering deeply and         building bridges, opening to         processing and marketing. This is
substantially into the mysteries     one another and finding new          going to take a while. In the
of religion, with our feeling,       ways of expressing our faith. It     meantime, we are doing jobs
thinking and will.                   touches that inner place that        together which previously would
                                     needs to be acknowledged. We         have been “us “ or “them”. All
Nonetheless there are other          are very excited about this new      cropping will now be done co-
ways of worshipping; there are       venture!                             operatively, planned in advance,
also, gradually, members of                                               agreed to by the managers of the
other faiths joining our             Rev. Peter Holman                    two “sides”. Manure is one of the
community here. As priest at                                              resources that has to be
Camphill it is part of my task to                                         negotiated, because it is needed to
relate to and help all people,          NEWS FROM THE                     enrich the soil for both pastures
whether or not they are                                                   and vegetable cropping, and it is
members of “The Christian
                                                                          limited by the numbers of livestock
Community”. There are many                                                and the amount of time the
ways of worshipping God, some        “Us and Them”
                                                                          animals spend in places where the
more lively and upbeat than                                               manure is collectable. So we are
what is described above. There       For many years the Camphill
                                     land activities have divided into    studying the quantities generated,
are also more and more people                                             to know in advance how much is
joining the Village who, while       Farm and Gardens, or
                                     Agriculture and Horticulture. At     available – one simply cannot
being open to “religion”, have                                            produce vegetables without
somehow missed out on a lot of       times there has been a rivalry
                                     and lack of co-operation which       manure or compost in an
the Bible stories and the                                                 organic/biodynamic system. We
festivals. They are, perhaps,        has affected our productivity
                                     negatively. We would for             have to decide how much will
searching. What can we offer to                                           produce milk and how much will
meet their needs?                    example argue over who gets
                                     manure, who gets water, who          produce crops. Ultimately, the
                                     gets to use the tractors etc.        intelligent handling of manure will
In trying to find answers to this                                         benefit both productivities,
question, we have made a start.      The fact is that animal
                                     husbandry and plant growing          especially combined with an
We now have a twice monthly                                               intensified application of
Saturday evening “gathering” or      require different skills, so we
                                     have two departments with two        Biodynamic preparations.
“service”, to which all are
welcome. There is always a           managers.
lively atmosphere, a “reverent
                                                                          Everybody goes Tree
buzz” as someone described it.       Whose Vegetables are                 Planting!
The intention is for folk from the   these?
congregation to help with                                                 Over the last few years our old
leading this informal session.       Last year our new (reborn)           pine trees, planted about 45 years
Thus far the priest has guided it.   farmer Christoph Jensen said to      ago have been dying of an insect-
There is plenty of singing of new,   me “the quality of the               borne disease. Finally this year we
Gospel-type choruses, a story (so    vegetables produced here is a        have had whole avenues of them
far from the Old Testament, the      direct reflection of the health of   removed, with the reaction similar
Jewish Scriptures), a New            the whole farm organism”. That       to the debate raging about the
Testament reading, sermon and        set me to thinking “how can we       tree felling around Cape Town.
prayers. It takes half an hour.      best work together, co-              Nearly 2 km of roadside need
People love standing to sing and     operating in sharing resources       planting, and we have completed
even engage in a bit of clapping     for the good of the whole?”          the first section from Fynbos
                                                                          house to the Goeie Hoop road
corner. We have opted to plant
exclusively indigenous trees and
shrubs, except for some herbs
for cropping like Rosemary and
Jojoba. Most of the first trees
planted were Acacias, the Sweet
Thorn, Monkey Thorn, Robust                                                 JANINE
Thorn, and others. Also planted
were the African Wattle, Kei
Apple, and the Num-num bush.
Many other plants were included.
Everybody from both Farm and
Gardens turned up and did their       Janine came to us when she was 19 years old - troubled, very thin
bit – this means that the             and in need of support. Over the past year she has become the
continuing care and success of        "Darling" of the Village. She gained weight, found new friends, and a
this planting venture is the          supportive home and work environment. Everyone has grown to
responsibility of all land workers!   love her. Her beautiful personality began to emerge. She also has
We’re on our way!                     shown a keen understanding of other people's needs and has
                                      become a great helper when young new residents arrive. She is
Anybody interested in                 proudly Camphill and carries herself with such a style and grace.
participating in the forthcoming
plantings, or needing advice on       When you support Camphill Village, by buying our products, donating
indigenous trees and shrubs           goods or money then you are making it possible for us to support
contact me (Brian) on                 people like Janine and her friends, who are part of the future of
073 335 6647                          Camphill Village, West Coast.

Brian Joffin                          Thank you for your support.
May 2004
                                      TERESA JOFFIN

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