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                                                 MAY/JUNE 2008

To all Friends of Leopard’s View:

Greetings from Leopard’s View Game Lodge and from Neil and Ann Kern. There is
much to tell you about in this, the first Leopard’s View newsletter written by us.

The first and most important news is that Leopard’s View is still there, still a busy
place in terms of animal activity and still a tranquil place in terms of human impact.
The transfer (or final stage of the purchase process) that had been scheduled for
early April eventually took place in mid-May. This delay was simply a consequence of
slow bureaucracy but the 13th May finally saw the Lodge and the property move into
our ownership although, given the wildlife aspect, perhaps guardianship is a better

As previously indicated on the website, the Lodge is currently closed for renovation
(more detail below) but the exciting news is that……
                we will reopen on 17th October 2008.
Full details are on the website, so if you fancy some peace and quiet in the bush,
think ahead to October. If you have glanced at the website in recent months you will
have seen various changes. The site is evolving – we don’t plan massive once-off
change but will amend text and photographs, add pages and change pages as time
goes by. In due course we will add an enquiries and booking page, and the Diary
page will become a genuine record of events and activity (especially the wildlife) at
Leopard’s View. This page will start soon. Please keep logging in to see how things

In mid-May, immediately after transfer, Leopard’s View was lucky enough to see Mike
move on site for a few months. Mike is our wonderful caretaker manager who is
looking after everything until we ourselves arrive on a permanent basis on 16th
September (so just three months away.) Already Mike has done much to tidy the
Lodge up: Leopard’s View really needed some care and attention lavished on it and
the place is now getting plenty.      While Mike, assisted by Iris and Lucia, (who are
enjoying a bit more leave than usual,) has been sorting out a range of repairs,
maintenance and clearing issues, we have been working on plans for some renovation
of the Lodge. On the one hand, the layout and scale of the facilities at the Lodge are
about right; on the other hand, they have become tired or have ceased to function
properly. Our plans will not, therefore, change any of the fundamentals but will make
life better and easier for future guests.

The plans include:

   Upgrade and, where required, enlarge the bathroom facilities

   Extend the thatch roof of the bar/dining area over the upper seating deck
       The current lathe and corrugated plastic affords little protections from sun and
       heat and when it rains that section leaks on the furniture and any people
       underneath, even after the rain has stopped.

   Creation of a small reception/office area
      Which will make it easier for guests to find us if required

   Further relaxing and sitting area
       The so-called ‘boma’ area has been cleared, the first step in creating a shady
       area where guests can sit and relax to complement the main decks
       overlooking the waterhole

There are lots of other small changes planned which we won’t list here. However, the
important thing to stress is that these physical changes will not alter the underlying
Leopard’s View ethos and offering. If you enjoyed Leopard’s View in the past you will
find it essentially the same in the future, but undoubtedly enhanced, more
comfortable and with a few more offerings (unobtrusive, of course.)

Mike reports considerable animal activity around the Lodge over the last four weeks.
There are plenty of signs of elephant and lions have been heard regularly. Buffalo,
wildebeest, impala, warthog, kudu, zebra, giraffe, waterbuck and other species are
making frequent use of the water sources, not just the waterhole but also up at the
lodge. Giraffe and zebra in particular have been using the bird bath just below the
splash pool. A grey duiker has a resting place about 10 metres from the deck and
seems as interested in what the humans at the Lodge are doing as they are in it.
Despite it being winter (so the summer migrants are absent) there has also been
plenty of bird activity, including a fish eagle in the vicinity.

Finally, we are very much looking forward to getting out to Balule Reserve and the
Lodge in the near future. We will be there for a short period in July and then again in
August but (with growing impatience) it is really September that we await, and the
chance to settle in once our UK employment contracts finish and get everything ready
for October 17th, after which we hope to meet some of the Leopard’s View
newsletter’s regular readers, should you decide to visit again or for the first time.

Neil and Ann Kern

Leopard’s View Game Lodge
PO Box 1398
South Africa

Cellphone: +27 (0) 71 438 9562

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