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									What to bring
A few things to pack before jumping aboard the bus for Bush Pigs!

Kit list for campers
A soft tog bag is the best way to bring kit and should include:

        Casual clothes suitable for bush whacking: one set of VERY old clothes

        Closed shoes: strong and comfortable for walking

        Rain coat or waterproof cape / jacket

        Toiletries, towel & torch

        Swimming costume

        Warm jacket / jersey

        Sleeping bag, small pillow and an extra blanket in chilly winter months

        Small rucksack or shoulder bag if you have one

        Plastic packet for wet & muddy clothes!

        Mess Kit with unbreakable plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon, drying cloth - all in a drawstring bag
         (no disposable items like paper plates).

Kit list for teachers
We suggest packing a similar range of clothing, toiletries etc. as listed above. There is no need to bring
bedding or mess kit as these will be provided by Bush Pigs.

Bush Pigs Mementos
A small selection of Bush Pigs' mementos is on sale:
        T-shirt @ R50 each
        Recipe book @ R50 each
        Apron @ R35 each

We provide scrumptious meals and top treats; so there’s no need for a tuck shop at Bush Pigs. Any
extra munchies brought on the bus are handed in on arrival and we’ll make sure you get them back for
the bus trip home. No perishable items e.g. sandwiches or fruit can be stored.

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