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									Thank you for your interest in the advertised employment opportunity with AusAID.

Please find attached the:

• job application cover sheet;
• documentation; and
• selection criteria

for the position of Scholarships and Partnerships Manager.

In order to give the selection committee the necessary information to process your
application, you should frame your application taking into account the instructions
contained in this package. If, after reading the attached documentation, you require
further information please email

The closing date for applications is 6 June 2008

Yours sincerely

AusAID, Pretoria

                         Australian High Commission: 292 Orient Street, Arcadia, Pretoria 0083
                   Postal Address: Private Bag X150, Pretoria 0001 REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA
                                               Telephone +27 12 423 6000
                                                  Fax +27 12 342 4201

                Job Description and Selection Documentation

We are looking for people to join our Agency. We aim to get the right person into the right
role. For more information, please visit our website

About AusAID

AusAID advises the Australian Government on international development policy and
manages Australia’s overseas aid program. AusAID’s work contributes to a global
commitment to achieve eight ‘Millennium Development Goals’ to:

   halve the number of people living in extreme poverty and hunger;
   ensure that all children receive primary education;
   promote sexual equality and give women a stronger voice;
   reduce child death rates;
   improve the health of mothers;
   combat HIV & AIDS, malaria and other diseases;
   make sure the environment is protected; and
   build a global partnership for those working in development.

With a head office in Canberra, and strongly complemented by its field offices around the
world, AusAID works in close partnership with Australian and foreign government officials,
international and multilateral organisations (including the United Nations, World Bank and
Asian Development Bank), the private sector, non-government and community organisations,
and civil society. AusAID has working relationships with many more companies and
organisations who help us design and deliver important programs of assistance.

Given Australia’s geographic location, our assistance is primarily provided to the Asia-
Pacific region with large programs of assistance in:

   Papua New Guinea
   Indonesia
   Solomon Islands
   Other Pacific Island Countries (including Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa, Kiribati and other small
    island states)
   East Timor
   Philippines
   South East Asia (including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Burma)

Significant assistance is provided to countries and regions in South Asia, North Asia, Middle
East, and Sub-Saharan Africa. AusAID also responds on behalf of the Australian Government
to emergencies and disasters that occur in developing countries.
About the Africa Program

Africa remains a major development priority for the international community.
Australia plays its part in international efforts to assist Africa’s development
through a strategically targeted aid program focused on southern and eastern Africa.

Australia’s aid to Africa is targeted at governance, health (particularly HIV/AIDS),
food security and emergency relief. The program focuses on nine partner countries:
South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya
and Uganda.

In Zimbabwe, besides providing humanitarian aid, Australia also supports the
human rights work of civil society organisations through the Australia Fund for

Australian aid to Africa is estimated to increase to A$116 million for 2008-09, an
increase of A$22 million or 23 per cent over the 2007-08 Budget figure.

In addition, Australia’s contributions to multilateral organisations whose work has a
strong focus on Africa, such as the World Bank (A$87.5 million in 2008-09 to the
Bank’s concessional lending arm, IDA); the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative
(A$22.7 million in 2008-09); and the Global Environment Facility (A$19.6 million in
2008-09) constitute a significant investment in development on the continent.

A regional scholarships program provides awards for post-graduate (e.g. Masters-
level) and short-term (fellowships) study in priority development fields. Besides the
nine partner countries, Namibia and (from 2008) Botswana and Rwanda also receive
scholarships. Over 3,500 African students have been supported by the Australian
Government to study in Australia since 1960.

Partnerships include cooperation with UNICEF for health and education for children
affected by the spread of HIV/AIDS in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania; a
partnership with the Water and Sanitation Program of the World Bank in southern
and East Africa; and support for the southern Africa Regional Hunger and
Vulnerability Program of the UK Department for International Development.
AusAID also manages a small activities scheme across 15 countries in Africa which
supports community-based development efforts of local partner organisations.
Job Description

The Scholarships and Partnerships Manager will effectively manage a suite of scholarship
and partnership activities for the Australian Government’s Overseas Aid Program in Africa.
In particular the position will:


   Participate in and represent AusAID in various forums and establish and maintain a good
    image for AusAID in the region.
   Contribute to AusAID’s Africa policy and program decisions when and as appropriate.
   Contribute to corporate activities of AusAID such as regional meetings, office
    management, recruitment, and other duties as needed or as directed.
   Establish effective work relationships on program issues with staff of other aid donors;
    multilateral institutions; NGOs; Civil Society organisations; Australian Missions in
    Africa; and AusAID offices in Africa and Canberra.
   Provide policy development and strategy planning advice in relation to program
    responsibilities; and undertake research on policy issues and prepare analytical reports
    and briefing documents.
   Initiate and facilitate media opportunities for the promotion of programs and program
    activities including preparation of media releases and media briefings.

Scholarship program

   Manage the Australian Scholarships for Africa Program including: identification,
    appraisal, monitoring and review of programs/ projects; financial forecasting, planning
    and management of annual expenditure; and management of agreements with service
    providers (e.g. the contract with the scholarships program managing contractor).
   Specific duties will include the following:
    o In consultation with the relevant Australian (e.g. AusAID) and Partner Government
       representatives, oversee and participate in the process of shortlisting, ranking and
       selecting high quality scholarship candidates who are able to achieve the proposed
       Australian post-graduate qualification within the time required
    o Ensure placements are secured for scholarship awardees in an Australian course
       appropriate to their needs and to the identified needs of the Partner Country’s
    o Ensure support is provided to scholarship awardees and accompanying families
       during mobilisation to Australia including through the running of effective pre-
       departure briefings
    o In cooperation with the Australian Scholarship Group in AusAID, manage the
       operation of an Australian Scholarships alumni association in Africa including
       maintenance of an alumni database; implementation of an ongoing alumni tracer
       study; and the design and delivery of innovative activities for alumni including
       functions, workshops and seminars.
    o Maintain effective relationships with scholarship agencies of partner governments in
    o Ensure effective monitoring and evaluation activities and reporting is carried out in
       accordance with AusAID requirements
    o Ensure effective promotion of the program in Africa
    o Manage staff in Pretoria and Nairobi assisting on the scholarships program
Partnerships program

   Manage various partnership activities of AusAID in Africa including identification,
    appraisal, monitoring and review of programs/ projects; financial forecasting, planning
    and management of annual expenditure; and management of agreements with service
   Specific duties will include:
    o Manage the delivery of the Africa Regional Small Activities Scheme (currently
       operating in 15 countries)
    o Maintain effective relationships with staff in Australian missions in Africa who are
       involved in delivery of the program
    o Ensure effective monitoring and evaluation activities and reporting is carried out in
       accordance with AusAID requirements
    o Ensure effective promotion of the program in Africa
    o Manage staff in Pretoria and Nairobi assisting on the program
    o Manage the design and implementation of other activities under the partnerships

Eligibility/Other Requirements

AusAID employees are subject to security assessment.

The position will involve substantial travel throughout East and southern Africa.

The position will ideally be based at the Australian High Commission in Pretoria, South
Africa. However, a Nairobi base may be negotiable provided the successful candidate is
willing to undertake regular travel to Pretoria.
Selection Criteria
Important: The Selection Criteria are used to assess an applicant’s suitability for a position.
Applicants must provide a statement of claims addressing the selection criteria below.
Statements should detail suitability to perform the duties of the position including personal
qualities, experience, skills and knowledge relative to the selection criteria.

    Tertiary qualifications in development studies, economics, social sciences or business

    Demonstrated ability to lead and manage a team to achieve results

    Demonstrated success in leading and managing multiple large scale projects at the same
     time, including managing budgets, timelines, resources, contractors, monitoring and

    Demonstrated ability to undertake high-level networking and manage relationships with
     donors, partner governments, multilateral organisaitons, NGO’s and regional networks

    Demonstrated ability to communicate with influence, to represent Australia’s interests
     with key partners and to undertake high-level bilateral negotiations, representations and

    Demonstrated capacity to monitor, report on and make policy recommendations about
     major and emerging development issues in East and Southern Africa

    Professionalism: sound judgment, a high degree of initiative and self-motivation, and
     commitment to excellence

NB: All AusAID employees demonstrate a commitment to workplace diversity,
occupational health and safety and employee participation principles and have
appropriate cross-cultural sensitivities.

You should read the following information package before submitting an application.

The primary purpose of an application is to provide sufficient relevant information about
your work history, experience and education to allow a Selection Committee to decide
whether you should be further assessed for the position(s). This is the first step of the
selection process.

Although it will not solely determine whether you are successful, an application does convey
important information about you and about your suitability for the position(s). Therefore it
should be an organised information paper written with the requirements of the Selection
Committee in mind.

Preparing your application

You should include in your application:

   the job application cover sheet, fully completed
   a curriculum vitae (resume) of no more than 3 pages
   a statement (no more than half a page per criterion) in support of your application, briefly
    describing how you consider yourself suitable against each of the selection criteria, using
    the Selection Criteria as headings. Applicants should ensure that they address all of the
    prescribed selection criteria (including any specific selection criteria listed on the position
    documentation that are in addition to the generic selection criteria)

When writing your application:
 DO be concise. The Selection Committee will not look favourably on applications which
  are excessive in length and give great detail about duties performed many years ago that
  are not relevant to the position(s) you are applying for. Dot points may be used.
 DO comment on the extent your claims match the selection criteria
 DON’T use third and fourth generation photocopies of previous, or very general
 DON’T bind your application or submit multiple copies

Late applications

Late applications will not be accepted. An expression of interest does not constitute a full
application and will not be considered during the shortlisting process. The Selection
Committee will not normally follow up additional information where an expression of
interest has been lodged and a complete application has not been received.


Shortlisting of applicants would be expected to commence soon after the closing date for
applications. You will only be notified if you have been shortlisted for interview. The
Selection Committee will shortlist applicants against the selection criteria and only those
applicants who demonstrate the strongest claims will be selected for interview. Shortlisting
will be completed by 27 June 2008. If you have not been contacted by that date, you should
assume your application has been unsuccessful.

Applicants should note that your availability to commence with AusAID will not be used for
the purposes of shortlisting.

Availability for interview

As an applicant, you will be considered available for interview from the date applications
close, unless you advise otherwise. It is expected that applicants from outside of South Africa
will be interviewed by telephone in the first instance. The Selection Committee will give you
a minimum of two days notice before your interview. Upon notification of your selection for
interview, you should advise the Selection Committee of any special requirements you may
have e.g. wheelchair access.

After the interview

All applicants interviewed will be advised of the outcome in writing. You may request
feedback from the Selection Committee regarding your candidacy for the position(s).


AusAID’s staff selection process is governed by the merit principle. The merit principle
requires that selections are based on abilities, qualifications, experience and standard of work
performance as reflected in the selection criteria and preclude discrimination on the basis of
age, gender, race or sexual preference.

Security Requirements

The duties of this position will require a security assessment.

Lodging your application

It is essential that you lodge your full application at the address shown in the advertisement
and repeated below. The Job Application Cover Sheet forms part of your application and
therefore you are required to complete the declaration stating that the contents of your
application are true and correct.

Your application should be lodged by email to or faxed
to +27 (0) 12 342 4201:
                                                                                 JOB APPLICATION COVER

Position:                                                                Date Advertised:

                                                        PERSONAL DETAILS
Family Name:                                                             Given Names:

Title (Mr, Ms, Dr, etc)                            Gender (Male or Female)                        Contact Phone Numbers

Address for correspondence


Email address


Have you taken a voluntary retirement package from any Commonwealth of Australia
employer in the past 12 months?

Unless specified to the contrary, the advertised position is to be filled on a full-time basis. Is
there any reason why you are unable to perform the duties of this position on this basis?

Is there any reason why you cannot commence duty in this position immediately upon
notification of your selection? If Yes, please provide reason why.

I, ..................................................……..………………. (Full Name) declare that the
information contained in this application is true and correct and understand that giving false
or misleading information is a serious offence.

......................................................................          ....................................
Signed                                                                          Date

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