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8 April 2009

Director André Cronjé’s Wild Touch celebrates one year on air.

When André Cronjé was little he dreamt of being Indiana Jones and making movies. André is still in hot
pursuit of adventure and is currently directing television series Wild Touch. “I was there when Wild
Touch was born; I helped create it, watched it grow and become one of the most beautiful wildlife shows
produced. Wild Touch creates awareness of our natural world, showing how special and fragile our
immediate environment is and caters for a wide audience of diverse backgrounds. We learn that nature is
not in the Amazon but is in our backyards” says André.

André grew up in Brackenhurst, south of Johannesburg with his parents, two sisters and a brother. He
was a star athlete, fearless rugby player and first team tennis player. He won several eisteddfods for
poetry and spent hours after school on his skateboard, he wishes skate boarding was a school sport. He
studied film and video technology at Allenby. André’s dad, who is always calm, responsible and able to
fix or make almost anything, is his hero; his mother firmly believes he should be an actor.

Good-looking, positive, energetic André lives in Umhloti on the East coast of South Africa, close to nature;
he says “I believe the answers we need to survive lies in the natural world. I find happiness in art, surfing
and appreciating the beauty of this world. Wild Touch is part of making a career out of what I love;
working with great wildlife stuff is a dream come true. A recent career highlight was the great worldwide
response I got for a documentary „Zulu Surf Riders‟ that I directed with two good friends in 2008.”

In his leisure time, André aged thirty enjoys reading, surfing, practicing Kung Fu and hanging out with
friends. His most recent read was „My best friends are white‟ by Ndumiso Ngcobo, he says it was funny
as hell and describes life in South Africa as it is. André is scared of black mambas and high voltage. He
hates people who don’t use indicators in traffic circles, drivers talking on cell phones, corrupt politicians,
crime, murder, rape, mismanagement of the country’s funds and natural resources.

As a director and producer André considers himself a leader in the industry. “I have to lead; I have
trained many people in the last ten years. Training editors in Nigeria was exciting; however, I will always
remain a student of the industry and the many leaders and mentors around me because there is so much
to learn from so many people. I learn something new every day; if I haven‟t learnt something then I‟ve
done nothing.”
André’s vision for the future is to see a film revolution in South Africa. “South Africans need to start
making films; we have wonderful, entertaining stories about our lives to tell. Technology allows us to
make cheap films in our backyards. I see gatherings in townships and shopping malls where people
watch films about themselves and their lives. In this vision, in my spare time, I am working on a little
something, so look out for a revolutionary action packed love story that will rock your socks!”

Wild Touch celebrates one year on air this month, the series, licensed to SABC Education is broadcast
on SABC2 weekdays at 10h30.


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