How to Boost Fuel Economy

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					Boost Your Fuel Economy:
Regular maintenance and proper care will help you reach optimum fuel

Loose gas caps, under inflated tires, faulty thermostats, worn spark plugs,
malfunctioning engine controls, poor wheel alignment, and the list goes on.
These conditions can rob you of fuel mileage and costs consumers millions
of wasted fuel dollars each year.

The top six reasons for poor fuel economy are:

         1.   Under inflated tires
         2.   Incorrect wheel alignment
         3.   Dirty engine oil
         4.   Slippage in the transmission
         5.   Faulty thermostat
         6.   Faulty components of the fuel, ignition, or emission control

Driving your vehicle with one of these conditions can rob up to two miles
per gallon of gasoline. Combining all of these conditions you may loose up
to 8 miles per gallon of gasoline. Driving with just one misfiring spark plug
can cause a two to three mile per gallon loss.

As you can see, proper care and maintenance can keep your vehicle
functioning and operating properly…and keep more of your hard earned
dollar in your pocket.

Let us inspect and properly maintain your vehicle. Your car and wallet will
thank you.

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