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					Dear Sir or Madam

                                                                                          Invitation to Exhibit
CADEK Media invite you to exhibit and sell your products at the first HELDERBERG PICNIC FESTIVAL that will be held on the
weekend of 23 - 25 November 2007 at the Dellrust Wine Farm, Somerset West. The Cape Country Picnic Festival which is
held annually at Bien Donné Farm, in Simondium, attracted 5000 people in February 2007. The festival showed a growth of
more than 50% in both exhibitors and visitors.

The Picnic Festival will run over 3 days, Friday 23, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 November 2007. The festival will be held on
the beautiful Dellrust Farm in Somerset West. Visitors will be accommodated on a large lawn surrounded by food and wine
stalls while listening to live background music performed by local musicians. We will create a relaxing atmosphere where you
can do business with a captive and willing audience. Although it is always difficult to predict numbers, we expect between
4000 – 6000 visitors over the 3 days.

Festival Times

Fri 23 Nov 07 Gates Open at 16:00 - 22:00 Sunset Concert – 60 Something Show
Sat 24 Nov 07 Gates Open at 11:00 – 18:00 Picnic day & live music
Sun 25 Nov 07 Gates Open at 11:00 - 18:00 Picnic day & live music

Visitors are allowed to bring their own picnics. NO alcoholic beverages will be allowed in at the gates. Many visitors will
choose to come empty handed and will buy all their food and beverages from the stall owners. We also invite non-food
exhibitors and wish to attract the following…

       Food – Delicacies, Typical Deli products, Cold Meats, Cheeses, Bakery products, Restaurants, Café’s, Signature
        dishes, Ice Creams and any other items that will be enjoyed by our visitors with their picnic.
       Wineries – Wine tasting and sales can be conducted from your stand. Visitors can buy your wines through the wine
        bar next to the Wine Pavilion.
       Outdoor, Camping & Leisure Products – 4x4’s, Camping & braai equipment, other outdoor equipment and gear.
       Arts, Crafts & Antique Market – The festival will have a dedicated market for NON-FOOD arts, crafts & antiques.
       Picnic Venues / Facilities – The Picnic Festival is a great platform to market your picnic venue or facility to a captive
        "picnic-makers" audience. Let them experience and taste your picnic offering.
       Other related products – Any applications for other related products will be considered and welcomed.

Interested to Exhibit? Kindly complete the attached application form and fax it back to us as soon as possible. Stands will be
allocated in November. Your full payment is due 21 days before the festival.

We look forward to welcome you at the 2007 Helderberg Picnic Festival!

Kind regards


                               Tel: 0861 2 CADEK (22335) or 021 855 4750 Fax: 021 855 4745
                               PO Box 5111, Helderberg, 7135
Tel: 0861 2 CADEK (22335) Fax: 021 855 4745                                                            Booking Form
E-mail: Web:
P.O. Box 5111, Helderberg, 7135, SOUTH AFRICA
Reg No: 2000/063336/23 Member: C.A. de Klerk
Kindly complete all sections of this booking form and fax it to us at the number below. This booking will be followed by a formal confirmation with
stand number. Stands are allocated by the Organisers. Full payment of your stand is required 21 days before the event. PLEASE NOTE: We
do not offer exclusive rights to exhibitors or product types.

SECTION A: Exhibitor Details
Company Name:
Postal Address:
Town / City:                                                                       Postal Code:
Tel Number:                                                                        Fax Number:
Web Address:                                                                       VAT Number:
Your Name:                                                                         Your Cell number:
Your Email address:                                                                Contact Person 2:

SECTION B: In which area would you like to exhibit? What is your space requirements?
AREA                                     Stand Size (please tick)                               Stand Price (Ex VAT)

MAIN ARENA                                   3m x 3m Outdoor = 9m2                              @ R 1,500 + VAT
Outdoor space                                5m x 6m Outdoor = 25m2                             @ R 2,000 + VAT
Space Only. Excluding                        8m x 8m Outdoor = 64m2                             @ R 2,500 + VAT
electricity. See section C.                  70m2+ ____m x _____m = _____m2                     @ R 40/m2 + VAT (for 70+m2 stands)
CRAFT Area (no-food sales)                   3m x 3m Outdoor space only                         @R       500 + VAT
Food Caravan /Traylor in                     I need ____ m x _____m = _____m2                   @ R 165 + VAT per m2
Fast Lane area

SECTION C: Add additional services
     Electrical single-phase plug point @ R 450 + VAT                         Marquee Tent with sides 5m x 6m @ R1,100 + VAT
     Electrical 3-phase plug point @ R600 + VAT                               I am interested in sponsorship options, pls call me
     Gazebo 2.8m x 2.8m @ R 250 + VAT                                         Other, ____________________________________

                 Signature                                    Client (Print Name)                                        DATE

                                                    FAX TO: 021 855 4745

                                    Tel: 0861 2 CADEK (22335) or 021 855 4750 Fax: 021 855 4745
                                    PO Box 5111, Helderberg, 7135

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