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									             LOWVELD ORCHID GROUP
                    NEWS               AUGUST                   2005          NUUS

     MEETING                         About the meeting…
     Thursday 25 August              Lourens and Jolisa will give
     Marula Room
     Lowveld Botanical               an interactive talk on
     Gardens                         primary hybrids. The idea is
     18:30                           to have fun while guessing
                                     the parentage of various
     GROUP 1                         primary hybrids.
     Jolisa & Lourens Grobler
     Erika & Neethling du Toit
                                     Remember that all members
     Christo Grobler
                                     are welcome to bring plants
     Anta Schoeman
                                     to the plant table.
     Daleen & Obie Oberholzer

                                                                                                                Masdevallia Bella Donna
     Michiel & Leonie Ackermann
                                     Kindly contact your group
     Tjaart & Elmarie van der Walt
                                     leader should you be unable
     Jan Wilkens
                                     to help with your tea duty.
     Gay Clark
     Gert Bench
                                     Remember your coffee mug!
     Tina Munnik

                                                                           WHAT WHEN WHERE
                                         SHOW TALK
VERJAARSDAE                                                                LOG Annual Spring Show
                                         It is time again to start pre-
                                                                           RIVERSIDE MALL Game Court
                                         paring for the LOG annual
                                                                           2-4 September 2005
                                         spring show.
     Augustus                                                                 Plant acceptance
                                                                           Thursday 1 September 17:00 – 18:00
                                         As always the show chairman
4        Adri Meyer                      would like to have as many
18       Ramono Short                                                         Judging
                                         plants as possible at his
                                                                           Thursday 1 September from 18:30
20       Christo Grobler                 disposal to create that special
22       Shane Burns                     stall. And of course every
                                                                               Stall building
         Kobus Mulder                    member is allowed to bring
                                                                           Friday 2 September 07:00 to 09:00
23       Chris Wentzel                   plants.
                                         Just remember to fill out an
                                                                                Show open to the public
                                         entry form, which is attached
                                                                           Fri 2 Sept 09:00 – 18:00
                                         with this newsletter. There
                                                                           Sat 3 Sept 09:00 – 18:00
                                         will be security, so rest
     September                                                            Sun 4 Sept 09:00 - 15:00
                                         assured that your plants
                                         would be taken care of.
8        Michiel Ackermann                                                     Break-up
11       Navarre de Villiers             We do not mind seeing new         Sunday 4 Sept after 15:00 only
20       Margaret Solomon                faces at the show either, so
23       Obie Oberholzer                 do join us for a session or       Please note that the show is not in the
                                         two; there’s plenty to do and     Botanical Gardens but in the Riverside
         .                               lots to see.
                                                                           It is month end and we will need many
                                                                           members to help man the stalls during
                                                                           the busy periods. So please come and
AWARD GRANTED                                                ORCHID SHOWS
Epidendrum Joseph Lii                                        TZANEEN           22 – 26 Sept
received an AM 82 from the                                   WITWATERSRAND     18 – 20 Sept
judges recently. The plant                                   TYGERBERG         24 – 28 Sept
belongs to Van Rooyen                                        NATAL             4 – 5 Sept
Orchids.                                                     EPOS              16 – 19 Sept

BOOKS FOR SALE                                               GARDEN FESTIVAL

Neil McCormick is now the                                    Don’t miss the festival

                                                                                                                                     Masdevallia Marguerite
official agent for Umdaus                                    taking place in the
Press, the publishers of very                                Lowveld Botanical
high quality plant related                                   Gardens on 3 –4
books. For a full list of titles                             September. There will be
available and prices contact                                 a lunchtime concert on
him on 013 747 2270                                          the Sunday and a good
                                                             number of vendors of all
                                                             things garden related.

                                                            Visit to Navarre and                     THE COMM T TEE
                                                                                                      THE COMMIITTEE
                                                             June de Villiers’
                                                                                                    PRESIDENT     Jolisa Grobler
IN THE                                                       garden                                         083 395 0245
                                                                                                 VICE-PRESIDENT Lourens Grobler

NEXT FEW                                                    Year end function
                                                                                                            082 373 9916
                                                                                                   PAST-PRESIDENT Shane Burns
                                                                                                              747 2270
MONTHS                                                      Orchid show in the                       SECRETARY Erika du Toit
                                                                                                            083 441 1689
                                                             Riverside Mall                          TREASURER Rina du Plessis
                                                                                                            083 449 8280
                                                                                                   LIBRARIAN Herman Stevenson
                                                                                                            083 310 7553
                                                                                              RAFFLE CO-ORDINATOR Louise Stevenson
                                                              WEBWATCH                                      083 310 7553
                                                        Remember to view photo’s                 SHOW CO-ORDINATOR Leon Kluge
                                                                                                            082 257 3525
                                                        of all the show winners and                 ADVERTISING Sieg Hamman
                                                        stall plants on the website                           750 0325
                                                        at                                           LOGISTICS Johandu Plessis
                            Masdevallia Sunset Jaguar

                                                                          083 449 8280
                                                                                                  CONSERVATION Lourens Grobler
                                                                                                    NEWS LETTER Jolisa Grobler
                                                                                                     2006 PRESIDENT Nitsi Louw
                                                                                                            082 458 2657

                2 – 4 SEPTEMBER 2005

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